I am Not Stephenie Meyer or anything close!! (Some Characters a little Other Character like)


I was sitting in the pilots chair at the front of the plane waiting for the celebs to arrive, we now only had one private Jet and since they were superstars they had to share. On board we had

Rosalie Hale: Worlds Top Supermodel I heard BITCH

Mary Alice Brandon: Top Fashion Designer and what I've heard a real blabber mouth.

Jasper Whitlock: Country Singer of his Time. Woot! Country can't you hear My sarcasm.

Carlisle Cullen: Doctor Extraordinaire, Is said can fix anything wrong with the human body. Which makes him a celeb plus he plays small roles in certain T.V. and Movie dramas.

Esme Platt (okay sry to interrupt its me Kotaxvampire and that is supposedly Esme real Last name Not that I can remember lol SORRY): Female Superstar has stared in almost 35 movies and she's only 24.

Emmett McCarty: Major Boxer, Huge is a word that can describe him or bear also works.

and last but not least Edward Masen: Pianist, has played with all the worlds best symphonies.

The only part that really was not going to be good about this plane ride was that supposedly they all hated each other like everyone was someones cousin and yada yada more tabloid drama then is necessary in a life time. There was also the problem of we were short on flight attendants and planes, I know your wondering why in gods green earth are you short on planes for your an airport.

We know that, but we can't afford to buy more. So here we are flying the one private Jet to Australia for some fun in the sun. Me I'll be sitting in the plane and waiting. I stood after checking all the controls, the course was set over the North Pacific from the William R. Fairchild International Airport in Port Angeles, Washington. Set over to the southern Pacific Ocean Landing in the Sydney Airport. A simple route. I took a step outside of the cockpit to make sure everything looked good for a famous jackasses.

I looked over and we had no ice in the ice box Of course what would be the need of that. Ahhh! Frustrating much it was suppose to be prepared, I walked off the private Jet and into the airplane stock room, and found the freezer to high jack some of there Ice. Which happened to go on without a hitch. I looked out the window almost show time. I saw a group walking toward the plane they were all gorgeous, and they were glaring daggers at each other Except Carlisle you could tell him apart by his white coat and tye, he was pleasantly talking to Esme I was guessing.

She looked enough like a movie star. I opened the door, they filed in and all sat as far away from each other. It felt akward, Emmett kept looking at me.

"At least this year we got a cute flight attendant." His voice I swear shook the plane.

"Is that all you can think about?" Rosalie barked.

"Ummm.." I was interrupted, by Carlisle.

"You know Rosalie he has the right to look at whom ever he wants."

"What do you know about that?" A squeaky voice rang through the cabin.

"Who knows how do you keep coming into the picture?" A southern accent smashed through the others. Jasper, and Alice where those two.

"You shouldn't butt into fights." Esme added.

"Why can't you just shut up?" Edward, it had to be him all the others were taken by the personality, he was rather gorgous his Bronze hair scattered left and right from his face.

"Hey Flight attendant can you get me a drink." Emmett chuckled.

"Ummm, I'm not the flight attendant." I announced, they all looked at me like I didn't belong. "Actually, I'm flying you all to Australia."

"WHAT?!" Rosalie yelled.

"No, I refuse. We want our usual pilot, Charlie." I wanted to crawl under a rock and die.

"Well, Charlie is on vacation." They all glared at me.

"How old are you?" Edward asked, through clenched teeth.

"I'm 22" I answered truthfully.

"What no your pulling our legs right." Alice giggled.

"No, I'm 22, I've had my pilots license since I was 13." Again more glares.

"I will not stand for this." Rosalie yelled standing up.

"Well, you don't have another choice, There are no more flights to Australia till 2 weeks from now." I answered, This is getting ridiculous. "If you don't want to go get the heck off my plane. I'm not stopping you."

"You bitch." Rosalie stomped toward me. It was almost entertaining. "You see here I will not put up with talk like that out of a little girl."

"Whateves, we're taking off in about 20 minutes make your selves comfortable." Rosalie huffed after me. I shoved my hat on my head. I was waiting for the signal from the mechanic Jacob. I looked out the windshield and a thumbs up came my way. I spoke into the intercom.

"Please Buckle your seat belt and get ready for take off, thank you." I started the engine and we started down the runway. We were up in the air in seconds, we were going for about a 2 hours, the controls started jerking. I looked over at all the monitors nothing, this is very odd, more jerking the plane was bobbing. I heard Emmett from the back "Turbulence right?"

"I hope so." I muttered to myself. Then the worst thing happened we were losing altitude, and the service engine light lite itself. I pulled the intercom from its holder.

"BUCKLE UP NOW!" I screamed, I'm sure I could have turned around and told them that, but I was much louder through that.

I pulled up on the steering wheel. I swear I almost yanked the thing out of the control panel.

I got onto the radio.

"May day May day, Bella Swan Reporting, flight number 253 is having Engine failure we are flying flight path 459." My radio cut dead to some person whispering to me "Buh-Bye"

"FUCK." I unbuckled my self, Turned around. "Its getting rougher."

Everyone had a look of desperation on there faces.

"What the hell have you done?!" Rosalie yelled at me.

"Nothing, we're having engine failure and my radio's out." I communicated.

"Are you fucking serious?!" Emmett yelled also.

The engine was turning on and off, in a repeated cycle, wash rinse repeat. "Yes, we're defiantly going to crash."

"WHAT!!" Alice yelled of course she had to be closest t me.

"I need to land this before we die." I yelled back, everyone had a terrified look on there face.

"Where the hell are we going to land we are in the middle of the ocean." Edward yelled.

I looked out we were so close, to the ground I spotted and Island, "Oh THANK GOD!!" I yelled. I pushed out the landing breaks.

"What?" Carlisle searched for my thanks to the lord.

"An Island!!" I cheered. We were about a yard away, The one engine pushing itself. "I hope no one minds palm trees." I laughed smashing the plane into the dense forest. My head slammed against the steering column and my conscience drifted away.