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Waking up on a deserted Island with 7 celebrities is a change of pace I must say, Considering Emmett took up most of the hut, Edward squished next to me, trying to give me as much personal space as possible. It was like a never ending joke. Rosalie bitched of course, because she had to share. La de da. And Alice was stuck next to Jasper and of course, Jasper for some reason still doesn't like her.

Okay so I've fillled everyone in on my brain waves, here we go DAY 3, AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

The sun blazed inside the hut, I went to go adjust the blinds, realizing then, this was not a nightmare, it was reality. It felt early, considering I didn't have a watch I couldn't be sure. I turned slightly, peering over at my survival mates. They were all still out cold. Edward bronze hair was smashed to his forehead. I'm pretty sure mine looked worse. I quietly sat up, rubbing the eye boogers from my eyes. Stretching my back out, my forehead was in pain.

"Urg." I grunted. I touched my forehead. It stung like a mofo! There was movement next to me. I felt bad considering I was the one making all the noise.

"Good morning." Edward whispered next to me. I looked over his emerald green eyes glisten in the sunlight, his bronze hair looked fabulous plastered to his forehead. He had total sex hair. "Fire?"

His question took me a minute after all the oogling I did. "Yes, Fire." I replied quietly and stealthly falling out of the hut onto the sandy beach.

Quiet laughter escaped the tent. "Shut up, Edward." I growled. Standing up storming away.

Sand swooshed behind me. "Bella, I'm sorry. It was just funny." I turned to look at him, his cordoroy suit jacket was covered in sand and his jeans were gross.

"It's fine, We need to change." He replied with the simple head shake.

"We should build a dressing room of sorts, so Rosalie won't complain." Edward rubbed the back of his head, adorabley!

"I agree If I have to hear her complain one more time I'm going to shoot myself." He chuckled quietly.

"You and Me both, now about that fire." We quickly gathered sticks, and dry leaves anything to make a fire possible. I felt like I was back in kindergarten scowering the land for cool fasinating things though that wou;d never happen.

It started the fire making process of course the survival pack had no matches or flint if it did this would have made all this bull shit less difficult.

"Here let me." Edward's hand quietly took over making the fire I put more wet/dry things in there considering the rain we got a couple days ago we had to make a fire it would help signal planes and such. He twisted the stick fast makeing the smoke start I could say it was quite a show to watch the amazing Edward Masen making a fire for our camp. I quietly blew on the smoke ember arose from the tree limp from whch Edward was making the smoke.

"Just a little more." I whispered Edward's pace quickened.

Flames shot frrom the dead wood. I started throwing things in to keep the fire going.

"Amazing job, boy scout." I giggled. Edward's head shook back and forth he looked almost in pain. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing." He smiled standing up ripping off the courderoy jacket. The gray shirt he was wearing fit him snuggly showing off his very toned body. I swear drool was coming out of my mouth. "Are we going to build the changing room?"

"We need to add more to the fire, before we start building anything." He of course agreed and started adding more wood and dead rubbish from the ground. His arm muscles woulf flex everytime he grabbed at something. He wasn't as big as Emmett but he sure as hell was gorgeus. Sooner than later the fire was blzing and The changing room was built, the rest of the crash victims aka pains in my ass were snoozing. "Would you like to change first?"

"Nope ladies first." He smiled extending a hand into the dressing room. My duffel bag slung over my shoulder I entered. I ripped my nasty pilots uniform, and flung it into the bag. God knows I wouldn't need it for awhile. And threw on the jean shorts, blue tank top and sandals that I had packed I mean I was ready for the 3 weel trip to Austraillia and they say pilots don't have fun. I threw the pilot's cap back onto my head and felt better. The clean and new refreshed me was so much better than Pilot Bella. I exited the waiting area finding Edward rummaging through his suit case, everything in there was Summery and perfect for the beach.

"Hey." He jumped starlted at my presence. Once he realized I was there he stared at me. "Is there something on me?"

I spun around, freaking. Thinking I was going to find a snake or something hanging from somewhere. "No your good, sorry, just didn't hear you." He smiled grabbing his clothes and heading off to the changing room.

Once he came back in his other gray t-shirt and Jean shorts. We figured it was time to wake the others.

"Good Morning, My friends." They all groaned even Carlisle who looks like the one who would wake up early.

"Bella, go away." Alice muttered running her hand through her spikey black hair.

"Nope." They all ending up sitting up and glaring at me. Edward was laughing. "And why is this so funny?"

"The glares." Thats when the glares all turned to him. He still continued his giggling. What a great day this is going to be.