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Thank you all of you for supporting me and for not killing me for....undisclosed reasons...XD Thank you for the unlimited patience that this lazy author always fail to answer swiftly the reviews...but, really, I'm really really really happy for all of your reviews! I only take "some" time to answer 'em he he...(sigh)

Dunno what I should think about this fic...I'm kinda glad that it ended, but on the other hand, I no longer have 'stupid' and 'comedy' fanfics to write...XD hahahahahahaha.

Ya know, I think I made a good job on making you guys think that this is a SasuNaru story. I mean, it is a SasuNaru story, Naruto being the bottom, but if we see in the personality perspective, Naruto is the most seme one ever written in a SasuNaru fanfic. Hahahahaha XD So funnnn…:P Did I already mention that I like to twist your minds and I'm a sadist person? (readers: you did, but we're now understanding in what kind of muddy trap we're entering in.) Yep.

But anyways…sorry for the lack of huh…romance? Sexual lust? In this lemon…but really, we're talking about a virginal emotional-constipated Bastard and a mischievous quick tempered Dobe. It can't be helped. On the other hand, I can totally see them discussing all the time even in sex. I mean, man…they're Sasuke and Naruto. The moronic duo. Yep. Oh! It rhymed!

Only Sasuke and Naruto are capable to mess with a 'perfect' sex. Yeah! Cool huh? (readers:…no.)

Yeah…I guess usually when you want a lemon, it was supposed to be a sexy one, not…this humorous thing. I guess I fail in this department then. (laughs) Whatever.

Readers: Hey! They haven't even confessed to each other yet!

They did! Look at the title! See…? (Evil grin) owww…don't throw so violently your PCs, thank you very much…

Yeah, another thing is that they uh…kind of don't need to say the most important three words from classical clichés around the world because…deep down they know about it.

And they are still not used to open up their feelings with words (Valley of the end, my brother and my best friend k, thks, bye) so they didn't say.

However, for being orphans for so long and as they crave so much a 'normal' life with someone by his side, they won't have any need of feeling lonely. I mean, to love someone is a wonderful thing, but for you and your love live constantly side by side is a greater thing, and for them is almost essential.

That's how the title was explained. Well…to Naruto is really the usual title. But for Sasuke, substitute the "Here" to "Home" and everything fits in! (thumbs up :P)

And that was that.

I've placed the response of the Anonymous review here 'cuz I thought that it'd annoying for the readers to read it in the previous chapta. So here we go!

To Mimiru-chan: Thanks for your compliment! :D :D I feel extremely honored for your words of praise and sincere boost of my ego! XD But anyways…my sulking about the long, long length of chapters it's because that after writing them, the chapters got too long and I'm forced to push one more event forward. Let me say that such feelings are not exactly…welcomed, by my part…:S

All the information about Naruto world comes from the website: www . leafninja . com

Let me tell ya, there's a lot of good info to be read, it's a wonderful website! :D

The name of locks, grips, kicks and other things I caught on Wikipedia. The rest I reviewed on Naruto manga and other things. I don't really care taking my time looking for this information (though it takes a lot of my day to do it so…), mostly because, one; I'm a perfectionist bitch and it's also fun seeing some educational videos on how to kick an enemy :P and two; writing action type of Naruto manga without having the minimal examination may show that you really don't care about the characters inside as well as the plot and the work of the mangaka, so it's a form of disregard, huh? Oh, don't mind my type of thought, seriously, I'm a weird person. Err…and I don't mean to offend any author, really.

Nah…I'm not exactly tuned on entering the writing career, I'm most viewing it as a hobby. For now, I'll only stick on writing SasuNaruSasu…:P Drawing manga, on the other hand, I'm fixatedly interested in doing this, and well, I might try my career on Taiwan, who knows…

Right now I'm writing "SoulmateS" and "Turn me off Tune me out" (yay! Advertisement!) which, ironically enough, are older fics than this one. XD Go there and take a look! :P

"SoulmateS" talks about reincarnation and mix our current century with Naruto world…seriously, even me would admit that this thingie is weird. It's a romantic type one, different from…(looks at Naruto mocking the Bastard and Sasuke punching the Dobe) yeah. But it's slightly angsty. Okay, not slightly.

"Turn me off Tune me out" involves…XD Classical music! Hahahaha, but seriously, it also involves about character growth and development of relationship. So, beware, Sasuke and Naruto will take a loooooooong while to even admit being friends. And almost inexistent sexual tension. Practically zero. (though it has their fluffy moments) Currently, (31st one with long chaps) they're good friends. Only. But, if you want to learn about Classical music and hear them all you can try it out. I've already converted at least two reviewers to like Classical music, so let's say that I'm pretty satisfied by the outcome results. (impish grin) Weirdly enough, I feel that of all the SasuNaru that I'm writing, this one is the most IC of all. Even though it's an AU. (and classical music, whathehell?) The start is really rocky (for being the first fanfic after many years of hiatus) but then it'll get better. I believe.

Not to mention that yeah, I'll make a sequel of this thingie. But not now. Like I've said, it takes time to gather necessary information and my current fics also demand the same attention so for now, I won't write it on or it'll take too much conflict with my life. Yeaaaah…

Sure! Let's contact by e-mail! You can see mine in my profile! XD

But…be prepared that I'm a lazy person (lazy and perfectionist…those things doesn't match ya know) so I'll take a while to answer, k?

Small snack of something that I'll develop later:

"Sasuke…to reach my goal of being Hokage, I'm going to use you, your title, your surname as Uchiha, your political position inside Konoha, the power and financial sources as Uchiha, its secrets, abilities, your battle talent and every inch of your time and patience. And sometimes…" The solemn azure eyes closed gravely. "Even your heart. Do you consent it…?"

This…is the preview of the fanfic called: "Hokage" (innovative title, huh? XD)

Summary: "Deception, Jeopardizing and Corruption…Welcome to the inside society of Konoha, Naruto."

Seriously, it wasn't my intention to write this sequel. But as seeing that I've placed a lot of material to be used afterwards, like Naruto's maturity in political world, the "Konoha's Yellow Flash" legacy, Sasuke's reinstating on Konoha, training new jutsus, Naruto's learning to mix two elementals, ANBU life and mission as maaaany others, well…the plot bunny bit me. Hard. I'm still having his rabbies (ew!) so it's kinda difficult to ignore it. (sigh)

Also, as I read from many fics around, either Naruto is Tsunade's apprentice to be a Hokage, either is before or after being that, but it never made a description about the path of succeeding being a Hokage. Yes, sure, Tsunade was pretty quick on becoming a Hokage, but that time was because the Sandaime had recently died and they needed someone to cover up and/or they would suffer another invasion without the proper leadership.

However, this time, the road of becoming Rokudaime is in "peaceful" times, therefore, they will take their sweet time to thwart Naruto's road on becoming Hokage. I mean, Kishimoto already insinuated the political part of ninja world but he didn't dive too deeply (because it's a shounen manga? After all, most of the readers are teenagers who probably won't feel engrossed on this field) Exploring the political part of Konoha looks reaaaaally interesting to me, as I like to learn about strategic issues, diversion tactics, etc etc…so fun!

Yeah, Naruto could probably enter with Tsunade's influence, but I still think that the councils wouldn't let him enter so easily. Not to mention that Naruto probably wouldn't feel so happy with enter with, let's just say huh…contacts and not because from his hard work. He'll want to deserve the title. And that's how Naruto's life work, right?

Everything he achieved was through hard word and his special talent on looking everything without the usual common sense that would block a regular shinobi to grow up. I mean…he learned Rasengan without following Jiraiya's normal way of teaching, he used his already honed ability of bunshin and shaped in his own way. The Rasen Shuriken, even though it had a Kakashi's finger, he learned by using a loooot of bunshins to learn quickly. When he defeated Kakuzu was through deception and using the advantage that all his bunshins look alike as well as using their learned experiences to his advantage.

Well…oh yeah, not to mention that he was the one who made the strategy on making himself look like as a Fuuma Shuriken for Sasuke to use, distracting Zabuza and wounding him. Wow…now this is an old thing.

Of course, I won't guarantee that I'm a good schemer type of person, and I don't know many strategic plans in political sphere, but I'll try to let it become the most interesting way possible.

So…that's that. Well, probably this fic won't have the same playful atmosphere like "Come here and say that you Love me", since we'll talk about political issues, bribing, threatening, venturing, making alliances, etc, but…like I've already mentioned before, I'm completely incapable on staying with that solemn air all the time…so yeah, there'll be crude jokes. Naruto taunting Sasuke, Sasuke taunting back, kicking, punching and everything nice, and everyone staring at those two idiots and wondering where's the love between this crazy couple…

Err…when I'm going to write it…? Let's say that…as soon as I finish the other two monstrosities…'Turn me off Tune me out' or 'SoulmateS', whichever comes first, I'll start writing this one.

That means…no definite date (yeah yeah, I'm evil, bite me!)

And people…huh, please don't deactivate the "Alerts" of this story, because I'm going to post the last (real) chapter of this fic that will be the "bridge" between this fic and "Hokage". Well, this chapter won't be able to put an end in this fic if I posted it now so that's why I decided not to for now. The moment that I post this chapter, it'll mean that I'll start writing the new fic.

Soooo…who knows, after two or three years (just joking…) suddenly, you guys will receive in your e-mail the Story Alert of this fic…lol.

"Bye bye Sasukins! Hate ya! Inside the deepest edges of my soul and my heart!" (Grin)

"Go fuck yourself Dobe!"

"Oh! Was that a suggestion?" (Leer)

"Shut up!" (Uchiha Glare ®)

(Pauses) oh yeah, this fic is going to be rated T.

Readers: Awwww, man! Why!

Don't discuss. See ya!