'Okay. I can understand many things. Really. I'm pretty open-minded here,' Lazard began softly, his tone but a warning that was a bit too clear. 'But there is a thing I will not comprehend without help. Would you please, Sephiroth, explain to me why exactly is Genesis sitting there,' he pointed to the auburn-haired SOLDIER, 'with a silver kitten in his lap and acting like a child in a candy store? He is, I believe, squealing about the kitten's supposed cuteness. Care to share the meaning of this?'

The General could not reply, though. The view of his friend behaving like that was both stunning and rewarding for him. He'd spent a lot of time to choose that kitten. Genesis deserved the best, and what was better than a cute pet that had the hue of Sephiroth's hair to remind him of the man? Nothing, of course.

This was the perfect gift. Adorable and practical, in a way.

'Sephiroth, will you stop grinning in such a stupid way and tell me what's it supposed to mean?'

'It's his birthday,' the silver-haired man explained after a while of heavy silence. He was not about to talk more, engrossed in watching his beautiful friend - oh, he so did not just think of Genesis as "beautiful" like in a cheap romance! - playing with his new furry companion. The auburn-haired man was so easy to please. Give him something nice and cute, and there, you have a happy General Rhapsodos.

Of course, it was not always as easy as that. Not when Genesis would ramble about that dream of his, to be a hero. But now was not the time for that; nor was it time to think about things not pleasant.

'His birthday, you say,' muttered Lazard after a few minutes of silence and something in his voice made Sephiroth want to strangle him. He wasn't jealous, of course. How could he be? There was nothing between him and Genesis. Nothing. 'So, I shall give him something, either. What do you reckon he would like?'

'... he's mine,' the General hissed under his breath, making Lazard frown. But the Director Executive knew better than to anger Sephiroth. So, instead, he just shrugged and tried to look uninterested. He'd find something better to play with, eventually.

Let Genesis just have fun with that stupid cat of his. And let Sephiroth smirk all he wanted. He would show them, one day, how much better he could do.