Harry's and Severus' New Family

Chapter 1 (Prologue 1)

Harry was sitting in his cupboard breathing heavily. He always had problems to breathe, especially if he was in his cupboard; however, today it was especially bad since he had caught a cold above everything else. Due to his breathing problems, he often had a sore throat or a snotty nose, especially as his relatives didn't cuddle him to make him better like he could remember his mummy do when he fell sick once.

He began to whimper silently and as usual nobody heard him, but he could hardly breathe anymore and began to panic – so much that his magic kicked in and he suddenly found himself in the fresh air, noticing in relief that he could breathe again. However, it was very cold and Harry shivered vehemently in the icy winter air.


Arabella Figg was just cooking lunch, when suddenly something blue appeared just in front of her window in the front garden. She hurried outside and picked the small bundle up, frowning when she saw that it was Harry. Only a week ago she had babysat him for a few hours, when the Dursleys had taken Dudley to meet Santa in one of the departments in town.

"Harry, what are you doing here?" she asked astonished, quickly taking him inside when she noticed that his teeth were chattering from the cold and his breathing was laboured. She sat him on the sofa in the living room, covering him with a warm blanket. "What's wrong with you, sweetie?"

"Couldn't bweafe, and den I was in de gawden," Harry answered, very confused and slightly hoarse.

"You were in your room and had problems to breathe?" the old lady enquired.

"In my cupbowd," Harry confirmed.

"And then all of a sudden you found yourself in my front garden?"

Harry gave her a shy nod, knowing that the old lady was much nicer than his aunt, and let out a series of sneezes, continuing to breathe heavily. Mrs. Figg also noticed strange sounds that accompanied his every breath. She carefully placed a hand on the child's forehead, which seemed very warm to the touch, and asked, "Are you feeling sick, sweetie?"

Harry shrugged, giving her a helpless look. 'I'll better call Poppy and let her check on Harry,' the old lady thought. 'He definitely has problems, and with a two-year old it's too dangerous to leave him unchecked.'

She hurried to the fireplace and called Poppy, praying that she was staying at Hogwarts during the Christmas holidays that should have begun the previous day. A minute later, Poppy was at Harry's side, waving her wand over him several times, before she sat down on the edge of the sofa and quietly talked to the child.

"Hello Harry, can you tell me exactly what's wrong? Are you having difficulties to breathe?"

Harry nodded shyly. "I haww aways difficuwties to bweafe, but today it's bad," he whispered.

"All right, Harry; Arabella, I will take Harry with me to Hogwarts. I need to properly check on him. He has a slight lung infection, which probably results from a connection of chronic asthma and a normal cold."

"All right, Poppy, I will speak with the Dursleys," Arabella promised.

Poppy picked up the child and cuddled him close when she stepped into the fireplace, shouting, "Hogwarts hospital wing."

She placed Harry on the bed nearest to her office, putting a charm around the bed, so that Harry couldn't fall off. After waving her wand over the child once more, she magically connected him to a small monitoring device on the window sill behind his bed that automatically displayed his temperature and his oxygen level at all times. Finally, she fetched an asthma spray from her office, adjusted the teddy that was attached to it to his mouth and nose and carefully pressed the button twice, noticing that the child's breathing improved a little.

"Harry, I will get some medicine for you; please wait a short moment, all right?" she softly addressed the child, receiving a shy nod from Harry.

Poppy hurried to the fireplace and called the children's ward of St. Mungo's to retrieve potions, which she could give to an infant. Luckily, her colleagues at the hospital handed her two doses of a fever reducer as well as two doses of a potion against lung infection, so that she'd have enough time to ask the Potions Master to brew more of each potion.

She returned to Harry's side and gently helped him to sit up and swallow the potions, watching as he visibly relaxed when the potions took effect. Remembering that she had noticed a strange smell around the child when she had picked him up earlier, she quickly conjured a changing table including wet tissues and lots of nappies right next to his bed and asked Harry, "Now, sweetie, shall we change your dirty nappy?"

Harry gave her such a delighted look that Poppy couldn't help frowning. 'It's not such an event to get a nappy changed now, is it?' she thought confused and picked Harry up, carefully putting him on the changing table. Taking his nappy off, she stopped dead in her tracks. 'I don't want to know how often they change his nappy; he has a really bad rash,' she thought angrily and summoned a healing cream from her potions shelf. When she carefully applied the healing cream, Harry once more gave her a look of absolute delight and said in a low voice, "Fanku; feels vewy good."

"You're welcome, sweetie," Poppy cooed and quickly put a new nappy on the child before she dressed him in light footie pyjamas with small green dragons on it. "Are you hungry, Harry?" she asked, picking up the child.

Harry quickly shook his head, and his face took on a frightened expression, causing the healer to frown. "Would you like to drink some water then, sweetie?" she questioned him and took him into her office, where she held a glass of water against his lips.

The child greedily drank the water, sighing in relief when he was done. "All right now, I'd like you to go back to bed and sleep for a while, so that you'll feel better afterwards," Poppy told Harry in a soft voice and laid him back into his bed. With a flick of her wand, she conjured a stuffed green teddy bear and handed it to the child, receiving a huge smile and a 'Fanku' in return.

Harry threw the nice lady a grateful smile. Never since his mummy was gone had he felt so cared for. In spite of his sore throat and chest he felt very happy – and tired. He just couldn't keep his eyes open anymore and drifted off to sleep within seconds, his right thumb in his mouth and his teddy carefully tucked under his left arm.

Poppy threw a last glance on the display of the monitoring device and hurried to the fireplace to call Minerva, Albus, and Severus.

"I only know what Arabella told me and what I could observe," she began to explain to the teachers. "The Dursleys obviously keep Harry in a cupboard, which is filled with several kinds of cleaning substances. The boy has only a small mattress and his baby blanket in the cupboard but spends the whole day there. That is what Arabella told me after watching Harry for a day last week. He forgot his blanket and was crying for it, so that they had to go and fetch it, and he showed Arabella where he lived. Probably due to his upbringing, he seems to have developed Asthma, which in this case turned a simple cold into a lung infection."

"How did Arabella know that Harry was ill though?" Minerva asked sternly.

"He seems to have apparated himself into her front garden. He told her that he couldn't breathe and suddenly found himself outside in the cold. Fortunately, Arabella was just in her kitchen and found him immediately."

"I assume that he panicked because of not being able to breathe, and the panic provoked this strong accidental magic," the headmaster spoke up thoughtfully.

Ignoring Minerva's gasp, the healer continued, "When I asked him if I could change his nappy, he gave me a look of pure delight as if Christmas had come early. As soon as I took his nappy off, I knew the reason. He had such a bad rash on his bottom that I have to assume that his nappy wasn't changed frequently to say the least."

Observing the professors' faces, Poppy sighed and said determined, "If you want my advice as a healer, I'd strongly recommend to keep the child here at Hogwarts and let him grow up here. I know about the blood wards Albus explained about, but from the medical point of view he is not safe at his relatives."

"I agree completely and I would be willing to take him in, provided that you all help me," Minerva replied, a determined expression on her face.

"Well, I don't like it," Albus stated. "However, I'm willing to surrender to your opinion. If you all think we should let him grow here at Hogwarts and are willing to help keeping him save, then I won't stand in your way. However, frankly speaking I believe that Minerva and I are too old to raise an infant. Severus, how about you? I'd like to ask you to raise Harry."

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