CH. 1

Raven woke up and the first thing that came to her mind was that she was very comfortable. She looked down and saw Beast Boy in the same position as when they first made love. He had his head resting on her bare breasts and judging by the way he still filled her he either had morning wood or was having a very good dream. She smiled at the closeness of her mate. Her heart fluttered at the word. She had fought her sister for the position and had won. The downside was that she had to kill her sister when she really didn't want to. But ever since her sister caught Beast Boy's scent, she had made it priority number one to kill her and seize Beast Boy for her own sexual pleasure. Slade had died at Robin's hand so his intentions of harming them and the city was gone. Slade and her sister were the only exceptions for killing. The Titans still opposed killing, but could not deny that they had indeed killed already. Raven hoped to never have to do it again. Beast Boy stirred, pulling Raven back to Earth. He raised his head sleepily and smiled his goofy smile.

"Morning love," he said.

"Morning BB," Raven said smiling lovingly at her mate. Beast Boy got up, pulling out of Raven, making her feel empty once again. As he picked up the shredded remains of his clothes he shook his head in sadness.

"Raven… it really turns me on when you rip my clothes off like that, but keep it up and I won't have any clothes left," he said. Raven smiled coyly.

"I'm not complaining," she said with a smirk.

"Well I'm sure the others would. And I can't fight crime in only my birthday suit," he said as he threw what was left of his spandex clothing in the trash bin in Raven's bathroom.

"Now that sounds very interesting. Probably useful. You could make the boys blind and the girls drool. The perfect distraction," Raven said with an innocent voice and face. Beast Boy snorted.

"Perv," he said with a chuckle. Raven got up and stretched. Beast Boy found himself watching closely as she bent over to stretch her back. She smirked as she came back up.

"Sorry BB, but the day has started and if we're late, the others will be demanding you get off me. I know you will be cranky to. So tell your friend to heel," she said playfully. Beast Boy blushed slightly.

"Just teleport me to my room," he said softly. Raven laughed and sent him back to change. She herself took a shower. As she let the hot water run down her body, she let her mind wander. Would there have been a way to keep her sister alive and away from Beast Boy? No… there was no way. Once her sister set her mind on something, anything in the way got run over and stomped into the ground till she got what she was after. Why did her family have to be so messed up? When she was finished, she walked out in her towel with her hair still dripping wet. She rummaged through her closet for something to wear. The crime rate had been down since Crow had gotten here and was still low when she had been killed. She felt like wearing normal clothes. She let the towel fall and put on a black thong and a pushup bra with black lace. She threw on a forest green tank top and a pair of form hugging black jeans. She viewed herself in the mirror and smiled.

"He'll love it," she commented with a flip of her hair.

"I certainly do," came a low cold voice. Raven felt the room temperature drop to low for it to be normal for the summer heat outside. She knew that cold voice. She whirled around to see someone leaning against her wall. He had on a tight black wife beater, showing his muscular chest. His arms were folded over his chest and his left leg was over his right. His gothic baggy pants were covering leather boots that had sharp spikes on the toe and heel. His skin was paler than snow; it made him glow in Raven's dark colored room. His shoulder length jet black hair covered his face as his head hung. Then he slowly raised it. A pearly white smile was on his face, but it was not full of warmth. His cold eyes were sapphire blue and his nose distinct and pointed. He was quite a handsome figure. But his heart as black as his hair and covered in a layer of ice so thick even the sun could not melt it if it were left on its surface.

"Hello Raven," he said.

"What are you doing here Ice?" she asked in shock. He pushed himself off the wall and walked toward her slowly, his eyes never leaving hers.

"I came back for the wife that Trigon promised me," he said softly. Raven's look of shock turned to her famous death glare.

"I am no longer Trigon's to give away," she snarled.

"Such anger," he said softly. Raven felt the wall at her back. She had not been aware of backing up. He pressed his ice cold body to her warm one. He inhaled her scent loudly.

"Ahhh, I've missed that scent so much Raven," he said in his soft voice still, "But what's this?" he no longer had his soft voice. It was a tiny bit louder and monotone.

"No longer a virgin?" he asked, his voice rising with each word. Raven fully felt afraid. Ice was much stronger than her. Stronger than she liked to think. He backed away. His smile no longer there; his pale lips were a thin line. His eyes bore into Raven's, filled with rage.

"Who has taken what is rightfully mine!?" he shouted. Compared to his chilly soft voice, his voice of anger could make a Siberian Tiger quail with fear.

"My mate," she said, "I have chosen a mate and marked him." Ice's narrowed eyes grew large at this news. He took a determined step forward and Raven flinched as he slowly ran his fingers through her hair. Then he gripped hard, making her whimper. He looked into her eyes and aggressively pressed his lips to hers. She tried to yell and push him away, but he was to strong. Suddenly, her door flew open and Beast Boy ran in.

"Raven what's-" he stopped talking when he saw Ice. His eyes narrowed and he growled a tiger-like growl. Ice broke away and Raven spit in his face. He backed away and slowly wiped it away. He glanced at Beast Boy's neck and saw the mark.

"We will meet again," he said coldly to Beast Boy. And without further words, he disappeared. He didn't poof in smoke, open a portal, or walk through the air, he just wasn't there. Beast Boy ran to Raven and held her close.

"Raven what's going on," he asked intently, holding her head and gazing into her eyes.

"We need to form a meeting," Raven said. In minutes, every Titan was seated on the couch with Raven standing in front of them.

"Ok, here is what's going on," Raven started. She took a deep breath.

"It all started back on Azarath. I was a toddler, maybe five or six years old. Trigon made a deal with Satan, also known as Lucifer. Lucifer had two sons. One was well known as Damien. But the one who was not known well was Ice. He sent Ice to spend the rest of my training days with me. We grew up together and I grew to love him. He was the only one who didn't flinch when seeing me or curse me behind my back. I thought it was destiny, until he let slip that Trigon had arranged the whole thing. My love for him died. He had been using me to try and inherit Trigon's throne. You see, Damien was the favorite because he had all the powers of Hell itself; fire, earth, immortality. But Ice was not favored at all by his father. He was colder than the arctic, paler than snow, mortality, and has the powers of the very ice his father and brother feared. So Satan and Trigon decided to let him marry me and gain a throne that way Both Satan's sons could be rulers and Trigon would have someone to hand the kingdom over to. I ran from Azarath first chance I got and ended up in Earth. When Azarath was destroyed, Trigon must have spared him and sent him to another planet to await my coming of age to marry. And now he's back. He wants me and Trigon's kingdom." Everyone looked at her open mouthed and wide eyed.

"Exactly how powerful is he?" Robin asked.

"To powerful. If he harnessed his power to energy, he could keep the whole world's power supply lit for eight years straight," she said. Cyborg whistled.

"How old is he?" Beast Boy asked.

"To old," Raven said with a shudder, "He was born right after Satan fell to Hell."

"Wow," Robin said.

"And Trigon's throne is…?" Starfire asked.

"Well, you know why he tried taking over Earth? It was because his kingdom was taken by Satan himself. He tried taking Earth because apparently, it's my kingdom and female demons aren't allowed to rule. So if Ice marries me, my powers go to him, as well as Earth," Raven said. The Titans had no idea how to respond. Even if they did, they wouldn't be able to for the lump of fear in their throats.

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