New one-shot! Centered around Yamato's roll as a big brother and from Takeru's point of view.

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Takeru had never seen his brother like this.


Growing up, he had practically thought of Yamato as an adult; he was twice or ever three times as tall as he, that was enough reason. Other than that, his brother acted and thought like an adult, and definitely treated Takeru as if he were his son. He nagged, he worried, he took care and spoiled, but most of all he comforted.

The memory of being lifted onto his brother's lap and held close was as familiar as eating, dressing, or even going to the bathroom. He had grown up with it, even when they lived separately Takeru would regularly come back to that familiar place between his older brother's arms and frame.

Yamato was the perfect person to calm you; although he wasn't always alright and sometimes even depressed, he was equable and stable like a tree. Even at the young age of six he used to hold his difficult and energetic three year old sibling still until he stopped crying or fell asleep.

Though their parents tried not to, Yamato was sometimes used as a calmer for his brother, when they didn't manage.

Takeru was the happy one of the two boys, but being a careless kid he often hurt himself, and easily cried. To be fair, he soon smiled again, after being consoled by Yamato.

Said boy, however, didn't cry very often. Though neither did he smile. He was careful and still and therefore most of the time managed to avoid getting hurt, but there was often pain carried somewhere inside him, especially after their parents' divorce.

Somehow, his monotone behaviour (compared to his brother's ups and downs) left him with almost no comfort from anyone. Since he was never feeling great and never feeling awful, he was always okay. So he didn't need to be checked upon.

Being his little brother, Takeru naturally noticed the tiny changes in his sibling's mood, and if Yamato was sad one day, he saw it.

The younger boy never comforted his big brother, but when that face was frowning, his mouth would instantly open and he'd babble about his day, about his thoughts and what he had seen and heard. If that didn't help, he would tell him funny stories and crack jokes (that he always managed to destroy in the effort of explaining) make faces, dance, anything to make his brother laugh. Or at least smile a little.

Next to their father, Takeru could grasp that Yamato was smaller, and not the one in charge. But Mr Ishida never treated Yamato like he treated Takeru; he didn't ruff his hair or lift him up into the air or pet his cheek. He was kind to him of course, but hardly ever affectionate or protective.

Come to think of it, there had only been one time in his childhood, where he had witnessed the shocking image of his older sibling for once acting by his age, and their parents treating him by his age.

It really hadn't been Yamato's fault. No one had ever even hinted that since it happened. Of course, if the blond nine-year-old hadn't climbed up that three just to answer Takeru's question, he wouldn't have broken his leg.

But it was practically the only inconsiderate thing he had ever done as a kid, and their parents forgave him for it before he even fell.

That doesn't mean they weren't shocked. Everyone was. Most of all Takeru.

The image of Yamato being picked up by their father, crying his eyes out as though he had completely forgotten his whole identity (Takeru still has a hard time picturing his brother crying without holding back) and not letting anything comfort him, was just as shocking as what was now taking place right before his eyes. Maybe this wasn't as shocking... or just in a different way, not exactly easy to compare...

Ishida-san's expression hadn't eased the six-year-old's shock either -it had been the first time Takeru had ever seen his father look scared.

He had never felt so small and distant as then, as if watching from another planet. Kind of like the feeling you get when watching thunder, or disasters in other countries. One second you're thinking about your stupid shoe-lace that never wants to stay in the knot, and the next you realise that there's a giant world around you.

Everything isn't from your point of view any longer.

Yamato isn't just a big brother who will always wait for Takeru to trip and fall, or worry about everything he does, and just console him and guide.

Suddenly he's a thousand of different things.

Most of all, he's not the character Takeru is used to. Apparently that only exists when he is in Yamato's thoughts... weird.

At first it hadn't been very extraordinary. Yamato looked tired. Weak, even. Takeru had seen that before, when Yamato's spirit had dipped just a little lower, barely crossing the line between "okay" and "not okay". Sure it had been shocking the first time, but it had happened often enough for the younger brother to recognize it and not unnecessarily freak.

Here, he would have finished the last distance and approached him, but Yamato's best friend Yagami Taichi was standing there with him, so it was fine. Takeru remained where he stood, observing as he tried to analyse whether he should join them or just leave. Right now, they looked a bit too serious for him to just drop in.

Well, at least his brother did.

Taichi never seemed to get the whole frowning-thing.

Obviously he was trying to cheer him up, not with the usual clown-tactic however, but with the calmer one he used when he knew that Yamato needed him to understand. That was why Takeru hesitated; they never talked about serious stuff in front of people. He didn't exactly worry about his brother hiding something from him; they shared most things with each other. It was rather the interaction between the two friends that wasn't supposed to be disturbed by someone else.

The two nineteen-year-old males continued to exchange words silently (Takeru was standing too far to actually hear), Taichi listened as Yamato let his heart out, gave some suggestions, and nodded in surrender as the other added more negativism. In more serious conversations like this Taichi didn't seem to persist on cheering him up; he rather listened and let Yamato sort it out himself by talking about it, and simply offered support and company.

The brunet sighed as Takeru's brother continued to look miserable, gazing at the ground with troubled eyes. He then took a step forward, hooking his arms under the hunched over Yamato's frame, and lifted him up to let him rest his taller body against his. Then he pulled Yamato's waist strangely close, and Yamato in turn wrapped his arms around the other's shoulders, burying his face into Taichi's neck.

The last said actions were what sent Takeru beyond the limit of blissful ignorance into heart-jumping shock.

His big brother looked so small in the brunets arms, which was very weird because he wasn't physically smaller than him. But without Taichi there, Yamato would've fallen to the ground.

The fact that it wasn't an x-hug annoyed Takeru; the fact that Yamato's arms were clinging around Taichi's neck while said male's arms were holding that small waist. The fact Yamato's hair was suddenly so long and pretty annoyed him. That he was always so quiet and careful, and sad. That he was burying his face into Taichi neck, probably sobbing quietly. That his eyes were so pretty, and his skin was so fair, and his limbs so long and thin and graceful.

That they were kissing.


Shock returns and replaces his irritation for a few seconds.

Takeru had never considered his brother as anyone's boyfriend or lover. Girls drooled over him, that was obvious, but Yamato always despised and avoided fans like that. He had never blushed around anyone, or glanced a little to long, or stuttered.

Now suddenly, he is someone's. He is loving someone, and not in a brother type of way. Not the way he loves music. Or their childhood memories. Or his so called "friend" over there. A romantic way.

And it's guy.

And Yamato is the fucking girl...

The possibility that Yamagi has topped his brother crosses his mind and Takeru starts to get dizzy. This is too much to take.

Taichi has spotted him, regret written across his eyes, knowing that this will kill Yamato, especially in state that he's in right now. A second later blue eyes meet blue.

All Takeru can think of is that time when he sneaked up to take a sneak peak at the horror movie that Yamato and Taichi were watching. As the monster popped up on the screen Takeru cried out in fear, Yamato had turned his head, already knowing, and stared at him with the same eyes as now.

Takeru's anger runs off as he sees the look on his brother's face. He wants to erase it, convince him that he hasn't seen anything, that nothing is wrong. He absolutely hates that look.

Neither of them can stop the older Ishida from getting the hell away from there, and in just a few seconds only Takeru and Taichi are left.

Looking at the younger boy, Taichi can tell that there's accusation towards him. But he waltzes over casually, grateful that the blond doesn't leave -chasing would be useless.

"I'm sorry you had to see that"

Takeru glares. "Just because you were the leader in the Digi-world doesn't mean you can treat him like some fucking..." he trails off, lacking words. Or perhaps too embarrassed to use them. Thinking is awkward enough.

Taichi holds his gaze. "You know I respect him" he replies critically, making Takeru look away, slightly shameful. But he can't give up to that only.

"Doesn't mean you haven't fucked him" he retorts loudly, not backing down. He stares intently into the brunet's eyes, knowing he can't hide what he's feeling.

He looks caught off guard, but recovers, sighing. "I don't think I'm better than him. We're different, but we're still equal. That there was him letting me share the burden, alright, he's having a hard time right now. Trust me, Yamato's not afraid to punch me if I act like an idiot."

Takeru shifts, suddenly feeling very stupid. Almost like Daisuke.

He cringes at the mere thought.

"It's just... I've never wished he was different. I've always looked up to him and seen him as my hero, even when other's say stupid things, I never saw it. Until now."


"It's not that he's gay," Takeru protests, shaking his head. "Just... that he lets you take care of him. Looked like he's given up. Yamato has always managed on his own. He's not weak!"

"He's human, Takeru. He's got problems to deal with -everyone does. Sometimes he can't do it on his own, or as fast as he'd like to."

He didn't expect to accept the speech, but when Taichi's finished Takeru has nothing left to say.

"So he's not... " Takeru already regrets the question, but Taichi smiles welcomingly, listening. "... like, the woman then," he manage to mutter.

Taichi looks more disturbed than he had feared he would. "I absolutely hate that expression" he exclaims, narrowing his eyes at something above Takeru's head, as though the one inventing said expression was standing there.

"Well, I mean... " Takeru adds, scratching his head miserably, wishing he'd never asked. "Submissive, or whatever. I mean I know I see him as a hero cuz he's my big brother and everything, but I guess he can be pretty... laid back."



"He's not submissive. And I am not dominant, thank you very much"


"We do rock paper scissors."

Takeru stares at him in disbelief. "You do?"

Taichi nods convincingly. "Yep. Or we just take turns, if we feel mature enough."

The young teen chuckles, shaking his head.

"You like my brother," he suddenly reflects, as if finally acknowledging that.

Taichi's eyes widens and he gives an offended snort. "No." Then he grins as the younger teen laughs easily. He hopes the boy won't grow up too fast, or simply stay this way even if he does.

"And Matt likes you...?" Takeru half-asks, finding that a bit weirder.

"He whorships me," the brunet assures, smiling as Takeru rolls his eyes, unawarily imitating his sibling.

"I guess that's fine. I mean at least he didn't choose some sleazy jock"

Taichi's smile fades, and he looks at him warily. "You can be even scarier than Matt, you know that?"

Takeru just smiles. He's glad that it is Taichi that Yamato has chosen. If he has to go out with a dude, at least he's picked the right one.

He just hopes that his big brother still kickes ass in rock paper scissors.

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