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As I lay in the hospital bed, my deepest regret was that my daughter hadn't outlived me, like she should have.

She was an amazing, capable young woman, and I had let her run away with that boy, that boy who I should have known wouldn't take care of her. I blamed myself entirely for her death. Couldn't I have just persuaded her to not marry him so young? Why couldn't I convince her to just wait another year?

So what if he was her life? I knew that the marriage idea was a bad one from the start.

And afterwards, it scarred me so that they just skipped off to live their own lives; and I never saw her again.

My only wish, as I lay dying, was to have my only daughter here with me.

As the room around me dimmed, and my life slowly slipped away, I saw a shadow in the corner. The girl stepped from the shadows, and quickly to my side. I was shocked.

Standing there, close enough to touch, was Bella – my Bella – looking exactly as she had the last time I saw her: beautiful, but her brow furrowed, the expression on her face concerned.

She was ghostly pale, topaz eyes piercing into mine. She knelt down gracefully at my bedside, and took my hand.

I took a quick breath in, surprised at how icy cold her touch was.

"Mom," she said, her voice far away, mystifying and musical. "I'm sorry."

"It's ok, sweetie," I tried to console her, taking rasping breaths. "It was my fault."

Her golden eyes suddenly had a look of regret in them, but they never broke my gaze.

I drew a last shuddering breath, letting my eyes gently close.

I let blackness surround me, but I felt myself smile as I slipped into oblivion: I had been touched by an angel.