Hey guys it's me Julie, this is my 3rdstory but I don' have them on my account. I wrote Untitled about Annie Black. Bella and Jacob's daughter and another about Harry potter. Well anyway this is a story about Embry and Alayna.

There were times in my life that I wanted to kill my friend Alicia and the time is now. Ever since I had a crush on Embry Call she wanted him too and I know I shouldn't try to get him because she always won. She will point that out everyday when I look at him pass with his buddies in the hall way.

Oh and she always mentions he will never look my way because I was plain; black hair, blue eyes and white. You will never know anyone who was whiter than me. It really is annoying to hear people talk about the only girl with white skin in a native school.

I'm in this school because my mom teaches here. I'm not all white, I'm a half breed or so people call me. My black straight raven hair tells everyone that. My mom is native from makah reservation. My father is an explorer, he was originally from Ireland.

Because of him I can speak Gaelic and a little bit of native language. Not much though. Everyone says I have an American accent but when I'm pissed it turns into an Irish one.

My mother and I do not get along at all, but my dad and I are closer. Maybe it's because I can't see him everyday like my mom or it's probably I'm jealous of him making himself known around the world and I have to stay here and get picked on everyday.

Embry graduated a year ago with his friends Jacob and Quil. Right now he was with Quil and Claire. She was in the same class as me but we never talked or looked at each other. To tell you the truth we hated each other along with Kim. Though Claire and Kim are best friends they liked to gang up on people and I was one of them.

Claire looked over at me and glared like she knew I was thinking about her and the rest of the tribe. I looked away and slammed my locker shut and left to go to my mother's class room to get ready to leave the school. I couldn't stand being in this school anymore. Today was the day to switch to Forks.

My mother was sitting at her desk reading papers as her students were doing their work. They all looked up when the door opened and immediately made me blush. I looked down at my feet and walked towards my mom. She put down the paper work and said no immediately.

"But mom, why. I don't even like this school; I want to go to Forks." I whispered to her.

"I told you no. Any way how are you supposed to get there, you don't have a car and there isn't a bus to get you there." She whispered back angrily.

"I'll walk if I have to. And besides I have enough money to buy a used car. Dad mailed it to me for my birthday." I said getting louder.

"Dammit Alayna." I heard some of the kids gasp in shock.

"I said no and if you use that money to buy a use car you can start looking for a new house as well." She yelled.

I stood shocked but was over it quickly and turned to leave the classroom. Before I grabbed the door I turned around.

"And you ask yourself why dad left your ass behind." She looked up and tears started to form in her eyes and the student's mouths were open in shook. I opened the door and rolled my eyes when I saw the tribe standing by the door not looking happy to see me either.

"So you're leaving to Forks." Claire said. And she laughed without humor.

"It will be better this way; you can be with those Cullens." She said their name with disgust and I turned around and looked toward them.

"Yes because they are so much more civilized than any of you combined." They all looked shocked and walked away smirking all the way to my class that I was 20 minutes late to.

When school ended I was the first out the door. Immediately I ran to the dealer to get myself a new car. I haven't told my mom everything, my dad was fifthly rich and gave me enough to buy a brand new car and a house and food to last me a year.

I went to Forks dealership for a car and I left driving out of the dealership with a new 2008 FJ Cruiser, a blue one. Next I went home to get my shit together before mom came home. I know it sounds like a chicken shit but I can't face her now.

Everything was packed and ready and I put it all in the cruiser and left. I had to find a real-estate and hope I can get a house today but sleeping in here wouldn't be a problem to me.

I found a house and the dealer looked at me with doubt because of my age but when I showed her cash she wanted to be best friends. The house cost 125,000 and the monthly payment was 609. I loved it. It had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The walls were a light blue and everything was gas. Which I loved. There is an upstairs and a downstairs. Then a basement. There was an attic too. I decided to stay up here. I had a thing for attics.

I unpacked everything and decided to go outside and draw. I loved to draw. Everything about this place made me safe. I was happy that this house was in the woods and away from everyone.

I decided to go inside and change into my night clothes and I slept on the couch that the people decided to leave behind. I closed my eyes and I opened my eyes to se it day light. I looked around confused for awhile and everything came back and I jumped up and ran to the bathroom and took a shower, I got ready to sign myself up for classes.

Forks High School was the tiniest school I had ever seen. It was tinier than La push school. I walked into one of the buildings that said front office and a woman named Mrs. Cope was sitting there reading a book. She looked up and eyed me suspiciously.

"Hi my name is Alayna Kennedy. I want to sign up for this school." I told her softly.

"Of course, um… Where is your mother or father?" She asked

"Oh um my mom doesn't live around here and my father is a traveler." I told her, not exactly lying to her.

"Okay well you just have to fill out these forms and I'll try and look up your transcript." She said.

I nodded my head and started filling out the forms. Last and first name, date of birth, social security, grade level, Excreta. I filled it all out and handed it to her and an hour later she handed me my schedule and headed home. She said it was no use going today, we only had one more class left and besides it was Friday.

I took the time to shop for furniture, pots and pans, and food. Everything was coming later today so I decided to stay home and clean before anyone came.

After four hours there was a knock on the door and my furniture came. They placed and hooked up everything before they left and I gave them a generous tip and they thanked me and left. I went up to the attic to fix my kind sized bed. It was a sleep master bed. My screen T.V. was hooked up as well as the one downstairs.

This house was beginning to feel like a home. I decided to go to town for some movies and books to keep me busy. The book store and the movie store were badly stacked that I didn't bother to get anything. I just went back home and found two police cars parked in the drive way.

My heart started beating fast when I parked and both policemen came where my car parked. As I got out they had sympathetic expression on their faces. I looked at them when they came to a stop.

"Ms. Kennedy I am sorry to say that your father was killed by a drive by shooting."

Everything went black.

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