I will explain about Alayna and her father in this chapter

It cost 900 dollars to fix my wall and my door. Today I was not happy. I haven't seen Embry since that day; it has been two weeks since that happened. I was irritated, indigent, and most of all dejected. I hated feeling this way and most importantly toward Embry.

I didn't want to feel anything for him. The way he treated me in school and especially when I was walking home from school. He was a jerk but I couldn't help myself from wanting him. I felt dense every time I was around him.

I wanted to go up to him and ask what the matter with him was and demand that he tell me now but I know I never will. The more and more I thought about it the more I made the mouse sound tougher than a lion.

Before my mother left that day we talked as a mother and daughter should. The topic about dad was still tense between us, but neither of us brought up the subject. I still wonder if she knew about my dad's 'business' or so people called it.

I wanted out the moment I knew what he was doing to get money but I knew my life was on the line if I did. The truth about my dad being shot, he sells and makes drugs. I always wondered how he had that money.

The nightmares I couldn't handle, knowing my dad was the one selling kids drugs and killing them as well. I didn't know anything about my father and this was too much. I ran back to Forks a place they knew nothing about.

I was safe.

Looking now in the past, saying this is wrong but I wouldn't change anything I have done. I wasn't blind or forced to do this. I chose to do it myself and I do regret some things.

Meeting Joe was the best part of my life. He was my first for everything. He was there for everything but I couldn't stay there.

I saw Embry sitting at my dinning table. Surprised I didn't hear him at all.

"What the hell do you think you are doing here? I fixed everything up and you better not mess anything up." I told him.

"I just wanted to say sorry." He mumbled out.

I looked at him and saw the way his eyes looked at me and I stepped back, he took a step forward. Not again. I thought.

A car approaching the house stopped everything from happening. I didn't know if I was relived or thankful. I turned toward the door and answered it before they could knock. I glared at the two girls standing there.

They didn't look to thrilled either to be here.

"Good you're here, grab your boyfriend and leave. I have things I need to do." I said.

They both looked surprised and I rolled my eyes. I left the door open to walk up to my room, everything was set. I lie down on the bed and fell asleep.

The next morning I walked down to the store. I didn't feel like driving to the store, it was just ten minuets away. Waist of gas if you ask me. I sucked in a breath of air and the coldness of the air hurt my lungs and I coughed out loud. I finally cought my breath. I'm sure I had a red face now. Great, I'll look great now. I said to myself and laughed.

"Do you always laugh to yourself?"

I jumped and squealed. Embry was behind me with a satisfied look upon his face.

I glared at him.

"Why do you always follow me?" Was I flirting?

"I'm not I was going to the store when I saw you wallking the same way."


I opened my mouth to talk back but he leaned down and kissed me. I lost my balance and fell backward with him falling too. He landed right on me and I lost my breath. His hands went up my shirt and I was expecting his hands to be frezzing cold because mine were freezing from the weather, but they hot.

It felt good but he jerked back when I put my hands on him. I got out from under him.

"You need to stop doing that." I told him trying to be scary but it didn't work.

"You know you liked it." He said

I glared at him and turned around to walk to the store. I didn't look back. My paces were fast but he kept up with me like it was no big deal.

I glance up every once in awhile to see him looking at my face and my hair blowing in the wind. It was down to by back with some blue streaks. They were natural promise. My blue eyes were bright almost clear blue now.

Embry... He was perfect all over.

I looked at him and he smiled. Right then I ran right into the brick wall of the store. Knocked me out completely.

I want to die...

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