It occurred to Lavi that, at one time or another, he'd had sex with every person in this room.

He turned to look at Linali and Allen, both chatting with one another at a table near one of the giant arch windows lining the library walls.

He remembered the way Linali's long, graceful raven hair laid sprawled upon his sheets, sparkling with an almost emerald tint from the light that shines from his bedroom window every morning. The way her thighs; soft and firm, feel in his grasp as he pushed them above his shoulders and thrusts into her warm and ever-consuming tightness. The way soft sounds slip past plump and pink lips as long lashes bat from her struggles to keep her eyes open.

A shiver runs down Lavi's spine as he focused on Allen this time.

Lavi thought on how shy the white haired boy could be over his arm but also how that naïve personality and those embarrassed looks sent Lavi into a frenzy trying to convince the boy he was beautiful. How pale and soft the boy's skin felt under Lavi's rough and calloused fingers when he ran them down his chest, earning whimpers along the way. Thought how similar Allen and Linali were when it came to being delicate with Lavi even though it was never necessary.

Then Lavi turned his gaze to the far end of the library where Kanda sat in a meditative state.

Kanda was different from Linali and Allen. Complete opposites infact. Kanda didn't like taking it slow. He hated when Lavi tried to be gentle. The way the samurai looked with his hair down, dark as sin, curtaining over his shoulders and back, those cold and dark eyes looking at Lavi with the stoic sense only Kanda could show, made it almost impossible for Lavi to be gentle. He knows what buttons to push on Kanda to make the samurai break down into a heap of passion. He knows what buttons to push on all of them.

It's then that Lavi notices Kanda's eyes have opened and are directed at him with annoyance and the lust that always drifts not far behind under the other emotions.

He turns his head and notices Linali looking shyly at him while Allen's head drops and his cheeks flush. Lavi grins as he realizes something else.

He's had sex with every person in this room at some time or another, and he would probably have sex with them again at some time or another.