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The day was finally there. After the failed Wedding, Soun Tendo though that his little girl would never get married, but now, seeing her in her wedding gown, her short hair pulled back by the veil and flowers, he knew it was for real.

"Go Akane and Ranma" he yelled, as Akane stood next to her husband to be, with tears in his eyes. 'GO, GO!' said the sign hold by the panda bear next to him.

"This is so embarrassing" mutter Akane to her husband to be, who was as red ad the Chinese shirt he used to wear, which was replaced today by a white suit.

"Well… it was YOU who wanted an occidental wedding" mutter back Ranma, as the priest continued with the ceremony.

Akane felt the irritation build up as she glanced at him with angry eyes "What I MEANT, was that it is embarrassing having to have two weddings just to get us married"

"Oh" answered Ranma in a low voice, still evading any kind of visual contact.

"Do you?" asked the priest suddenly looking at Ranma. "Uh?" asked smartly the pig tailed boy. "Raaanmmaaa…." Said the bride, looking as pissed off as ever, while eyeing him with red eyes.

"What? Oh, right, er… yeah, sure" said the groom, finally realizing what the priest meant. "And you, Akane Tendou, accept Ranma Saotome as you beloved husband?"

Akane took an extra second to answer, in which lots of thoughts came to Ranma, who was deciding if he would run away if she said no. 'Maybe I'll go off to the mountains for a couple months...' he was thinking as the girl answered "I do"

'So… we'll be married, uh?' Ranma thought as he heard her. It wasn't like he didn't see it coming. It was just, that after everything that happened, he didn't think their parents would get them to agree so easily. He still asked himself why would Akane agree to this crazy idea.

"Ranma!" Akane murmured with urgency next to him. When he realized where he was again, everybody was looking at him.

"I said… You may now kiss the bride" the priest said with tone of exasperation.

"Woah.. Nobody said I HAD to kiss her" he answered with a face of disgust.

"You JERK!" Akane yelled to him slapping his face with the hand that still held the white lilies.

"I'll kiss you, little Akane" yelled master Happosai, jumping to get to her. "What do you think you're doing, you old pervert!" yelled the groom. Soon the entire room was full with the noise that had been missing during the ceremony.

"Oh my" "I should have seen this coming" "Oh Ranma, you look so manly" "Kiss me, Dear Akane!" "Get off me!" "My precious girl is married, waahhh" "Hmmnnnpp"

The priest watched scared as he watched both Broom and Bride kick the poor old man in the floor. "Um… Aren't you going to kiss…" he started, but he was suddenly interrupted by the bride.

"Oh for heaven's sake!" she yelled, while grabbing her broom's face with both hands and pull him into a short kiss. His eyes open wide as he realized what was happening.

"There, happy?" asked the irritated girl, cleaning her mouth with her sleeve, and throwing her shocked husband to the ground.

It was indeed… the noisiest wedding the priest, had ever attended… But then again, he had lived in the neighborhood for so long that he knew that at the Tendo's, nothing was normal…


"So… we are married" started Ranma that night. He and Akane had been sitting in her room, which now had a paper sign on the door which said "and Ranma" over the usually alone wooden duck that said "Akane"

"Yup" said Akane, still in her wedding gown, from the bed. They were both looking anywhere but the other, both red in the face.

"So… now what?" said Ranma. He knew what was next. But they had barely kissed before, so sex was out of the question. At least he thought so.

"Ranma… you must KNOW what happens at wedding nights, right?" answered Akane, finally looking at him.

"Guh" was the bright answer her husband provided. He didn't know Akane was expecting something, but then again… he wouldn't refuse… "You... you mean.. you wanna… uh… you want to… ah… well, then… okay, I mean… it's not like… we're married so…" he continued, making no sense what so ever, his face red, as he stared at Akane, with his eyes wide.

Akane couldn't stop it anymore. She started laughing at his face, while he blinked at her with still wide eyes, his mouth doing a good impression of a fish out of the water.

"I'm sorry" she said between laughs, "I was only joking. The look on your face…"

When she looked at him next, he was in his knees, his back to her, and even if she couldn't see his face, she was sure he was pouting. "Oh, come on Ranma… cheer up"

She approached him from the back, kneeling behind him. She caressed his shoulders, until her arms were around him. She felt him stiff.

"You idiot… Don't get mad. We're married right?" she said, closing her eyes and resting her forehead against his hair.

Ranma sighed at the feeling of her embrace. He wasn't used to touch her yet, since they had just told each other how they feel, 'And now we are married' he thought.

It had been two and a half days since they told each other… without realizing their entire family was listening intently to everything they said.

Of course their parents would marry them off as soon as possible. He was thankful though that this time, there was only the family involved.

He took her hands in his and sighed again. He wasn't used to be touched but he liked it.

"So," she continued "I think we should talk about it". Ranma knew they should, but he didn't want to… he wasn't sure she was ready for anything yet, but he wouldn't say anything.

"Do you want to?" she asked bluntly. Makin him turn around so fast that she had to take her arms off him "Wha.. WHAT?!" He asked, almost yelling. "Do you want to do it?" she asked again, her voice showing the lack of patience she had.

He stared at her, not believing his hears. "Well?" she asked again "Don't you?" this time, he could detect a little anger in her voice.

"I… I dunno… I mean.. If you don't mind… then I guess… I.. don't… mind…" He finished lamely, not sure if she had understood what he wanted to say.

And by the looks of it, she didn't. "Fine" she said in a harsh tone. "I'll go change" and with that she stood up, and left the room, closing the door loudly after her.

'Are we going to do it?' asked himself Ranma as he stared at the closed door.

When Akane came back, Ranma was already in bed, his tuxedo laid on her chair next to the window. She eyed the mess he'd made, thinking of how neatly she had put her own wedding gown into the closet.

Ranma sat up fast after he heard the door open. He half expected Akane to be in some kind of sexy lingerie, but all he found was his new wife in her usual yellow pajamas, that now seemed too big for her.

"Um… I didn't know if I should…" he started, not sure of what he should say. "Move over" Akane said, pushing him further to the bed, making space for herself. She pulled the covers and laid down, her back to Ranma.

He stared at her back, without knowing what he should do. 'Is she angry?' he asked himself as he laid back down, turning his back to her.

And that is how they spent their wedding night. Neither of them could sleep.


Next morning, Ranma woke up, finding that Akane had already left. "Stupid Tomboy" he muttered, as he got out of bed. Still, he had slept well, considering that he had never slept in a real bed before. And the pillows carried Akane's smell.

"Mornin'" he said as he entered the dining room. "Good Morning, Ranma" greeted Kasumi, offering him a bowl of rice. He took his usual seat, when he noticed the absence of his wife. "Where's Akane?" he asked, trying to sound casual.

The entire family stared at him. "Wha?" he asked, his mouth full of rice. "You mean to tell us, that she isn't in her bed, happily sleeping in, after a good night full with passion?" asked Nabiki.

Ranma blushed, but ignored what she said "You don't know?" he asked again at the family.

"Where is my daughter, Ranmaaaa?!" asked Soun Tendo, his face big and scary, while Ranma constantly said "I dunno, I dunno!"

"Did you have a fight last night dear?" asked his mother, looking at him with harsh eyes, while reaching for her katana. Ranma gulped. He didn't know who he feared more, Soun's big head or his mom's katana.

"Morning" said a voice behind them, and they all turned to see who had spoken. "Akane!" Kasumi said "Good Morning, where were you?"

"I just thought I should go run around the park" Akane answered, sitting down next to Ranma, taking the bowl full of rice from Kasumi.

"Oh, didn't have enough exercise last night?" asked Nabiki, with a coy smile.

Both Ranma and Akane blushed deeply. "None of your business" answered Akane.

"Oh, How great" said Nodoka, with a big smile in her face "It won't be long when we have the house full of little grand children. I can't wait until our first grandchild is born, don't you agree Genma?" The panda at the end of the table showed a sign that said 'Yes, dear' while still eating as fast as he could.

"Auntie… I think they are still young to have any children" said Kasumi. "I think they should wait at least a couple of years till they start having babies"

The conversation continued like this, everybody giving their opinion about the future of the couple, except the couple itself.

"I'm done" said Akane, "Excuse me" and she got up from the table, leaving Ranma to stare after her. Was she still mad?


Ranma watched from the door, as Akane sliced a brick with her hand. He winced thinking she imagined the brick to be him.

"Yo" he announced himself, as he entered the Dojo. Akane just looked at him, and then sliced another brick.

"Um… Are you mad?" he asked, thinking it was best to just answer it straight. After all, he wanted a straight answer.

Akane sighed. Her husband was really slow, but sometimes she wondered if he did it on purpose, just to spite her.

"Ranma," she called him, walking to him. When she was in front of him she continued, asking the question she had been asking herself even since last night, "Do you love me?"

Ranma blushed at the question. "I… I married you, didn't I?" he answered. She lowered her face, making her hair hide her eyes.

"Yes…" she said, "But… you wouldn't have married me if our fathers hadn't force us… would you?"

'Problably not' Ranma thought immediately. But he couldn't say that. He knew for sure that wasn't what Akane wanted to hear.

"Akane… I'm not… I don't know" he said. He didn't want to lie. She deserved more than that. But the truth was that he wasn't sure. He always thought he would marry her, but when they were a lot older and he had at least finished High School. But now, they still had a year left and they were already married.

They stayed quiet for a long time, he staring at her, and she staring at the floor, hiding her eyes.

"Do you want me?" she asked, so quietly that if she weren't standing right in front of him, he wouldn't have heard.

Ranma blushed at her question. Of course he wanted her. He had wanted her longer than he had loved her. But that didn't mean that he would act on it. Half of the male population of Nerima wanted Akane, it was just… normal, that he wanted her.

"Do you?" she asked again, this time looking at him. She had teary eyes and a slight blush across her cheeks that made her look… "Cute" Ranma muttered looking at her.

Akane's eyes widened as he said that. He hadn't told her that ever since the incident with Armie. She smiled widely at him, and that broke any resistance he had left.

He lowered his head, closed the distance, and kissed her.

He felt her sigh against his lips as he kissed her. It wasn't like the kiss they had the day before. This was slow, sweet, almost seductive. He pulled her a bit so he could embrace her. She felt so small against him, yet so full.

He broke the kiss slowly, with a sudden need to see her. She kept her eyes closed, a small satisfied smile on her lips. That made him smile too.

Finally she opened her eyes and stared at him, her smile never leaving but only widening.

"Does that answer your question?" he asked softly, his eyes never leaving hers.

"I don't know. I may need some reminding…" she said teasingly. And he obliged.

"Ew… Isn't it too early for PDA?" asked a voice behind them. They broke apart quickly, turning to see who was talking.

Nabiki was leaning against the door frame, with a bag of fries in her hand, chewing the fried potato that she had in her other hand.

"Nabiki!" yelped Akane, blushing and pushing Ranma so she could get out of his hug.

Nabiki sniggered a bit. "What's wrong sister? You're married now, remember? No need to hide like when you were just engaged"

"We never hid anything" Ranma said hotly. This made Nabiki only to laugh more.

"Yes, yes. It's okay, little brother. I won't tell anybody" She said, winking her right eye, and leaving before either of them could answer.

"Just don't do it in the dojo!" That made them both blush even more.


"I think we should keep it a secret"

Ranma looked up from the magazine to look at Akane. She was already in her yellow PJ's, and she looked rather cute sitting with her legs tucked under her on the bed.

It was already nighttime and, after an embarrassing dinner with the whole family thinking about names for the future babies, and Nabiki making references as to where not to have sex, they could finally go to bed.

"Why?" Ranma asked, "It's not like they can do anything now that we're married."

Akane averted her eyes, and that's when Ranma saw it. She was afraid. "You know I would never let them hurt you, right?" he asked her, turning so he was sitting on the floor, in front of her.

"It's not me I'm worried about silly. It's you!" she said. "Me?" "Yes! How do I know there is no freaky amazon law that says you can have mistresses? Or how do I know there won't be a funny spice in the Okonomiyaki?" Akane said quickly, waving her arms for effect.

Ranma stared at her. He didn't know she was worried about that kind of thing. "Well… if you want it then, I guess it's okay."

"Thank you" she said, letting a breath out in relief. He felt her breath in his face. It smelt like peppermint since she just brushed her teeth. He pulled himself up and pressed her lips with his.

Akane answered his kiss immediately, putting her hands in his hair, pushing him closer.

This was the second time he kissed her today, and she couldn't get enough of it. She was enjoying herself, until she felt wetness on her lips. This shocked her and she pushed him hard. So hard that he fell on his back.

"Hey! What's the big idea?" he said, rubbing his head and sitting up. She stared at him shocked, putting her fingers on her lips, a look of disbelief on her face.

"Akane?" he asked, looking a little concerned.

"You licked my lips" she said, her expression never changing. Ranma blushed "Am I not allowed to kiss you like that?" he asked slowly.

"You licked my lips" Akane repeated.

"You don't like it?" asked Ranma, averting his eyes this time. The last thing he needed was his wife telling him he was a bad kisser.

She didn't answer though. "Akane? Seriously, Are you okay?"

But Akane just stared at him. He was starting to get scared, so he crawled to her, till he was in front of her again.

"Do that again" she said suddenly.


"Do that again!" she commanded now. And she pulled his head until they were kissing again.

He closed his eyes and enjoyed the kiss. If she wanted to kiss, then who was he to refuse? He licked her lips again asking for entrance and, this time, she opened her mouth.

A small moan left Akane's mouth and he pulled himself up so he could kneel in front of her. They parted, not because they wanted, but because the lack of air was making them both dizzy.

"Wow" breathed Akane, a lazy smile adorning her lips. "Yeah" answered Ranma as he stared at her lips.

They stared at each other for a little while, till Akane broke the silence.

"Well we should go to bed" said Akane lightly. "Wait.. What?!" Ranma asked, with the face of an abandoned puppy, which made Akane giggle.

"Come on, it's late. We can kiss more tomorrow." And with that she pulled the covers and laid down bed, with her back to Ranma.

Ranma eyed her wearily while he took off his shirt, and threw it to the chair in front of her window. 'Aren't we doing anything?' he asked himself. She had allowed him to kiss her like that and she still just went to sleep. His heart was still pounding fast because of the kiss and he felt like he wanted more.

'Well… I'm not getting it tonight' he thought, as he laid down next to Akane on the bed. He turned so he could stare at her back. He could hear her deep breath.


He had been like this for two hours now. He couldn't sleep and Akane's tossing hadn't been much help. She had already kicked him, pushed him out of bed, and punched him on the face.

He turned so he could look at her, and was shocked to see her so close. 'She's really cute when she's asleep' he thought, looking at her face. She had a little pout, and her eyelids fluttered every now and then.

Suddenly she threw her arm over Ranma and he closed his eyes waiting for the impact. When it didn't come, he opened his eyes and blushed. Akane was snuggling to him. Not only that, but she had thrown her leg over him, pressing them together.

'Well, it's not like it's wrong' Though Ranma, after all, they were married. He closed his eyes taking a deep breath, trying to calm himself, but that only made Akane to press herself against him.

Ranma bit back a moan, not wanting to wake her and yell at him for being a pervert.

They stayed like that for a long time, until Ranma felt his eyes closing. "Ranma…" he heard her sigh, and he smiled. He hugged her closer, and smelled her hair. 'I could get used to this' was his last thought before he fell asleep.


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