Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

DISCLAIMER:  All unrecognized characters are original.  The characters from Moulin Rouge belong to Baz Luhrmann and 20th Century Fox.  Also the songs Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves and It's in his Kiss belong to Cher.   The song Only Time belongs to Enya.  By no way is this work being used for profit.

Author's Note:  I know some things in here may sound absurd, like certain numerical figures I have placed in the context.  I meant them to sound that way so don't burn me for it.  It is also beneficial to read Il Rinascimento del Moulin Rouge before this one to understand the basic story line.  I would like to thank Cageruler9697 and LazarusBlackblade for their help and inspiration with this work.

Chapter 1

            Life has changed in the Moulin Rouge.  In the past few months, so much has happened.  The Moulin Rouge had come to life again with the help of a memory from across the ocean and this memory also healed a broken heart.  She gave him his life back and renewed his capacity to love.

            Several months have gone by since Diana Barrister staged "Il Rinascimento del Moulin Rouge."  So much had changed for her since her return to Montmartre.  Besides for being the owner of a nightclub and its renowned star, she had found love again.  Christian had changed her life in so many ways.  Diana was still getting used to being his wife after three months of marriage.  Diana Barrister was now Diana Barrister-Andrews.  She loved him now even more than ever.  She adored every moment she spent with him, whether it is at rehearsal for the new show at the Moulin Rouge or lying in each other's arms in post-ecstasy's bliss.  She never wanted her life to change.

            Christian in turn felt her presence in his life.  Everyone has noticed that he had never been happier.  She was his muse as well as his love and his writing jumped in leaps and bounds.  Diana had even managed to convince him to star opposite her in the new show, in addition to being writer and director.

            The Moulin Rouge was now a self-created utopia, but they still remembered Satine's untimely end nearly two years ago.  At times, you could still feel her presence in the air.

            Every day, the Moulin Rouge was in a frenzy.  The new show, Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves was set to open in a little more than a month and Christian and Diana wanted it to be perfect.  They rehearsed constantly, fine tuning every detail.  Christian may have been the creative genius behind it, but it was Diana's baby.  This show was the story of a poor gypsy fortuneteller who was taken out of her den of street performers and thieves and placed in the court of a superstitious, cursed prince.  The prince relied on her to help him plan everything he did.  The prince gains a new look on life and opens his heart to the gypsy, eventually making her his bride and ridding himself of the curse.

            Diana wanted Christian as "her prince."  It took a lot of persuading on her part to get him to give in.

            One day while Diana was rehearsing one of the dance numbers, a dark messenger walked into the Moulin Rouge.  He waked silently over to Christian, who was lying between two chairs rereading the script.  When Christian saw him, he was very leery of him.  Even when Christian thanked him for the note, the figure never said a word, just nodded and left.

            The letter was addressed to Diana.  Christian really didn't think much of it until he noticed the seal on the back, the Duke of Monroth.  Christian read it and a wave of concern swept over him.

            "Diana… I think you should see this." Christian said, handing the letter to his wife.  Diana noticed the seal right away and a look of fear washed over her face.

                                    "Ms Barrister,

I feel that a grave mistake has been made and the Moulin Rouge should revert back to me.

 You are to bring the deed back to the Gothic Tower tomorrow night.  I will gladly pay you what

 you saw as compensation for me, $1 Million."

            Diana sunk into a chair as she read this.  When she finished, she let the letter fall to the floor as she placed her head in her hands.  Christian rushed to her side and embraced her.

            "What's wrong?"

            "I thought I was rid of him.  Damn it he swore to me that he would stay away.  I knew he was a bastard but I at least thought he would hold to a contract." Diana cried.  Christian had never seen his wife in such anguish.

            "Shit!  Now I'm actually going to have to see him again.  Not now!  I'm not going through this now!" Diana screamed as she ran off to the confines of her dressing room.  Christian picked up the letter that she had dropped earlier and started up the stairs after Diana.

            Christian opened her door and found her sitting on the couch on the far side of the room, staring out the window.

            "A million dollars?" Christian started.

            "Not now Christian.  I'm not in the mood to be lectured."

            "That's a lot of money."

            "Not for me.  A million is nothing."

            "What?"  By now, Christian was sitting next to his distraught wife.

            "I'm worth a lot more than you think." Diana said as she threw her bankbook at him.

            "Diana, please…" Christian pleaded.

"Look…" she said bitingly.

"$200 million?"

"And that's only part.  Last time I checked, my worth was about $500 million."

"I don't care Diana." Christian said as he embraced her.  Diana buried her face in his chest and started crying.

"I fought so hard to get this.  The Moulin Rouge is part of me now.  At first, I was doing this for everyone else, for Satine, for Zidler, for you.  I put my heart and soul into this place and now I'm going to lose it."

"Everything will be fine.  Don't worry." Christian told her soothingly.

"If he couldn't have me, he wanted my money…" she cried out.

"What are you talking about?"

Diana looked up and wiped the tears from her face.  "The reason why the price was so high.  I could have gotten it for a lot less, hell, even free, if I slept with the Duke.  I was not going to disgrace myself and lower myself to his level by doing that.  When I refused, he wanted to take me for everything I had.  His plan was to leave me with so little money; I would be forced to sell it back to him when I couldn't afford to keep it.  Obviously, he didn't know how much I truly had.  Now tomorrow night, he's going to try to take more from me."

"I don't want you to go."

"I have to."

"Then at least not alone." Christian insisted, knowing that he was losing this battle.

"No Christian.  If I don't go alone, he will kill anyone that comes with me.  I'm sorry but I have to do this alone."

Christian felt powerless.  His wife was knowingly putting herself in danger and he could do nothing.

Later that night, Diana's mind was still spinning with thoughts.  Her mind was working so much; she became restless.  Diana did not want to wake Christian, who was sound asleep next to her, so she quietly got up from the bed and went out on to the balcony.  Diana sat there, staring out into the starless night.  Everything seemed dead to her.  Montmartre was silent, still, peaceful, only her alone had chaos.

Christian rolled over in his sleep and awoke quickly; he did not feel Diana next to him. He quickly looked around the room before he saw her form sitting outside the window.

"Diana?" he whispered.  She just looked over to him propped up in bed and smiled.  "Are you all right?" Christian said as he walked over to the window.

"I'm fine.  I couldn't sleep.  I have too much on my mind."

Christian came outside and sat down beside her.  He took the blanket from the bed and wrapped it around the both of them.  He said nothing as he pulled her closer to him.  All he wanted to do was relax her.  He hated seeing her like this.  For the rest of the night, they sat in each other's arms.

The next day, the mood had severely changed within the walls of the Moulin Rouge.  Rehearsal was not a possibility due to the previous day's events.  Everyone noticed that Diana and Christian's minds were somewhere else.

Diana sat in the back corner of the hall, going over some papers while Christian was nowhere to be found.  Toulouse was concerned for both of them especially after yesterday.

"What are ywou playing arwound with?" Toulouse asked pulling up a chair next to Diana.

"Nothing of consequence." She said putting the papers down.  "What is it Toulouse?"

"Nowthing.  I was jwust sweeing how you were.  Where's Chwistian?"

"He's up in my dressing room but…" she said and Toulouse was already heading up there before she could finish.

Toulouse knocked quietly on the door and didn't wait for an answer.  When he opened the door, all he found was a darkened room, no Christian.  He walked across the room to open the curtains to let some light into the room so he could see better.  Toulouse flung them open and the bright sunlight came flooding in the room.

Christian, who had been asleep, bolted upright in bed…startled and wondering who opened the blinds.  He looked around and found Toulouse standing by the window.

"What are you doing here Toulouse?" Christian said tiredly.

"How cwould you swee in here?  It was too dark."

"I didn't need to.  I was taking a nap."

Toulouse finally turned around to see Christian on the bed, looking like he had just woke up.

"I didn't know.  Diana didn't twell me.  I jwust wanted to swee how you two were doing."

"Fine with the exception of being exhausted.  I didn't get much sleep last night.  Diana was up all night thinking about what happened."

Toulouse now understood why his friend was so tired.  He apologized and quietly let himself back out to let Christian go back to sleep.

When he returned to the main hall, Diana was giving him death looks.

"You woke him up, didn't you?"

"I really didn't mean to."

"If you had let me finish before, you would have known that he was asleep up there."

After that, everyone kept to themselves for the rest of the day.  The remainder of the day seemed to go in slow motion.  Everyone was anticipating that night's events.

~~~~MORE TO COME~~~~