Several months later, a letter arrived at the Moulin Rouge without a return address on it.  Zidler and Toulouse excitedly opened it to see whom it was from.

Harold read it aloud for all at the Moulin Rouge to hear.

"                                                                                   November 5, 1901

Dearest Moulin Rouge,

            I felt it was near time for Christian and I to do a bit of explaining about our hasty departure a few months ago.  We are perfectly safe but we cannot tell you where we are yet.  It's still too dangerous.

            Harold, the Moulin Rouge is yours again.  My name may still be on the deed but she is yours and really always has been.  You don't need to worry about finances though.  Whenever you need money for a show or anything else, wire my bank and I'll authorize the money.  Take care of it because it holds a very special place in my heart.

            Christian and I are sorry about our abrupt exit a few months ago.  One day we will tell you where we are but not yet.  The threat from the Duke still strikes fear in our minds and with the impending birth of our first child in a few months, we quite frankly have more on our minds to be concerned with.

            You all will always remain in our hearts.  There of course is a special place for you Harold and you Toulouse and all the Bohemians.  We miss you terribly and savor our memories of the Moulin Rouge.

                                                            Love Always,

                                                            Diana & Christian"

            " Well at leawst we know they're safe and together." Toulouse said as he looked over the letter.

            "I guess that's a comfort for now."  Zidler replied with a hint of sadness in his voice.  He knew it would be a while before they saw Diana and Christian again.

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