This is my first fan fiction.

beep beep beep
I groaned and rolled on my side, peaking at the alarm clock from beneath the covers. 6:30 A.M. I felt like I was in high school again. All my college classes took place atleast after noon. On the weekends, i had to wake up early for work.

I stumbled across the apartment half asleep. If i didn't wake up this early, I'd never get in the shower. Three girls and one bathroom always spelled trouble. The water was exilerating. I was quickly awake and singing to myself as i rubbed shampoo in my hair. I took a deep breath. Strawberry. My favorite.

After i got out of the shower, I dressed for work. Our work shirts were black t-shirts that had a white eight note in the corner on the front, and read Cullen's Music Shop on the back. Other than the shirt, there wasn't much of a uniform. I slid on a pair of old jeans and sneakers and inspected my room. The walls were a deep red with tan trim. My carpet was also tan. The comforter on my bed matched the walls. I didn't want my room gaudy or overly girly, so Alice had to deal-- Alice!

I ran from my room to the only other bedroom in the apartment, the one Alice and Tanya shared. I flicked on their bedroom light. "Time to wake up!"

I saw Alices head pop out from under the covers. "Ten more minutes, Bella!"

"Alice! It's already seven. We have to be to be there for eight. I'm not going to be late again because you can't decide on what to wear."

Alice scowled and crawled out of her bed. Alice was rich. She didn't even need to work, but she decided she'd find a job with me. Alice should rightfully have the one bedroom because her parents bought the apartment. Alice decided she'd share when Tanya gave her free reign of design.

I shuddered as i looked around their room. The walls were hot pink with yellow stripes of varying thickness. The carpet was yellow with a large hot pink rug, kind of like the carpet in my room. Besides the colors, everything was covered in sparkles.
I thank god i gave Alice limits. I don't know how they slept without inhaling glitter.

Tanya was still deep asleep, so i gave her a nudge. Her eyes slowly opened.
"Alice and I need to be at the music shop for eight. You need to be at Java Joe's for eight-thirty." I told her.

" Okay." she answered and began to get out of bed.

At first the three of us tried to get a job together, but it proved to be difficult. In the end, Alice and I got a job at a music store and Tanya found one at a coffee shop. I looked at Tanya's work uniform hanging on a fluffy pink chair. She had to wear a brown collared shirt, black pants, and flat black shoes. Lucky for Tanya, it didn't matter what she wore. She was absolutely beautiful. Tanya had long strawberry blonde hair that went almost all the way down her back. Her face was round, but cute. She had high cheek bones and bright grey eyes with long eyelashes. She was tall, about five ten and had killer abs.

Alice was gorgeous too. A lot about her was tiny, everything except her personality. Her black, spikey hair made her deep blue eyes and pale skin stand out. Alice was in college for design, and nothing could suit her more perfectly. She was in a long term relationship with a boy named Jasper. He didn't really say much, but there was no doubt in my mind that he loved Alice. I never met a guy more worthy of her.

Tanya switched boyfriends like she changed underwear. Her relationships almost never reached a week. There were only a few guys that ever made the week list. Alice and I call them The Weekers. Tanya just knows what she wants, and knows fast wether or not they can give that to her.

I haven't dated anybody in a while. I can't find anybody I want to be with. Besides, there will be plenty of time after college.

"So, what do you think?" Alice asked, shaking a denim skirt and a pair of tan Bermuda shorts in front of me.

I pointed to the tan shorts. She smiled. "I thought so too."

She ran out of our kitchen. She returned a little while later wearing the shorts and a pair of black wedges.

I glanced at my watch, 7:58. "Alice, please say you're ready."

She grabbed her keys off the counter and we left the apartment. She ran across the hallway and pressed the elevator button. Our apartment was only on the second floor, so i didn't see a need to use the elevator. But, I had to use it when I went anywhere with Alice.

Alice looked great in her outfit. I examined my jeans and sneakers. Oh well, I thought, I don't need to impress anybody.

We got out of the elevator and got in Alice's yellow Porche. I closed my eyes as it went to 80 mph. I didn't open my eyes til i felt the car come to a final halt. I glanced at my watch, once again as we got out of the car. It was 8:10.

"Great." I grumbled. "Late again!".

We were late for the third time, and we just started working a week ago. We opened the front door and walked into the shop.

We glanced around nervously. Thankfully, there was no one there except us.
Alice smiled at me."We are safe!"

I sighed in relief.

That's when I noticed a door open across the room. "Or not..." Alice whispered.

I scowled at Alice. My eyes glared from her across the room where they met a pair of emerald ones.