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Welcome to part two of BEMB. There will be love potions, cyber-nins, new missions, the first Naruto movie, Silver's plot, bloodline hunters, and the Dark Tournament. I can only hope that this will be as big of a hit as part one was.

Since this is the first chapter it will be a little short.

Let's rock!


It was just another day in Konohagakure, a shinobi village. The sun was just beginning to rise to what promised to be another sunny day. It was still early, but people were already up and getting their shops ready for the new day. Some shinobi were either just getting back from missions or on guard duty. It had been two weeks since the council's failed take over and things had gotten back to normal. Or what could be qualified as normal in a village with shinobi.

In one part of the village, Rock Lee was still asleep along with his squirrel that was sleeping on his desk. The previous day, Gai had put him through a tough training routine that had included climbing a mountain upside down with weights on his legs and arms. When he had gotten home the previous night he had been so tired that he forgot to lock the door to his apartment. He was now resting comfortably. Then the special alarm lock next to his bed went off, singing the theme song to his favorite TV show.

Teenage Mutant Samurai Squirrels

Teenage Mutant Samurai Squirrels

Teenage Mutant Samurai Squirrels

Hero's with a bushy tail, Squirrel POWER!

The song was then cut short as Lee hit the head of the squirrel samurai clock, putting it back on snooze. He then rolled over to face the opposite direction.

"Good morning," said a soft voice right in front of him. Lee quickly opened his eyes and saw the blue skin of the shark girl Hisame sleeping right next to him. "Did you sleep well?" Lee quickly jumped out of his bed to reveal that he wore whitey tighties.

"W-What are you doing here?" demanded Lee. Hisame smiled as she got out from under the covers to reveal that she was only wearing a black bra and panties. And it wasn't a training bra like Sakura's.

"Isn't it obvious?" asked Hisame. "I'm here to make you mine." Lee's jaw dropped. "And I'll start by having your child."

"That is unyouthful!" yelled Lee. Hisame giggled.

"I think it's so kawaii that you think you have a choice," said Hisame slyly as she got out of the bed. However, Lee charged forward and ran through the wall on the other side of the room leaving a hole in his shape. "Oh poo," the shark girl said disappointedly.


Elsewhere in the village, Kiba and Shino were walking down the street with Akamaru on Kiba's head.

"How are you two feeling?" asked Shino.

"Fine," said Kiba. "Tsunade-sama patched me up pretty good and Hana-neesan healed Akamaru."

Hmm, thought Shino. Inuzuka Hana is hot!

"So," said Kiba. "What kind of mission do you think Kurenai-sensei has for us today?" Shino shrugged.

"I would not know," he said. "I can not read minds or see the future." Kiba was about to say something when Lee ran right past them, dressed only in his underwear. Both boys stopped in their tracks as Lee ran past them. Then, after several moments, Kiba spoke.

"I think I'm going to be sick."


"Would you go home?!" yelled Hanabi. It was early in the morning and already she was yelling. The reason for this was the green haired girl who seemed to follow her wherever she went. This had been going on since the council tried to take over the village. Hanabi had tried everything to ditch her, but Nel would always find her. Now, Hanabi had woken up and found Nel sleeping in her bed.

"Don wanna," said a sleepy Nel as she slowly got up. "I wanna stay with my new friend."

"Why you little!" yelled Hanabi.

"What's going on in here?" asked Hinata as she entered the room. She looked at her sister and then at Nel and then back at Hanabi. "Ah, Hanabi-chan. What are you doing with a little girl in your bed?"

"I slept heze," said Nel. Hinata's eyes widened.

"You mean that you and my imouto are…" Hinata stopped there. She then turned to Hanabi. "Don't worry Hanabi-chan, I'll still love you. But I don't think we should let tou-san know about this. At least not for a while."

Hanabi blinked as she tried to figure out what was going on in her older sister's head. What was the big deal? Nel had just snuck into her room and slept in her… It was then that Hanabi realized what her sister had thought.

"No wait, Oneesan!" cried Hanabi. "You got it all wrong. This isn't what it looks like!"

"There's no need to deny it," said Hinata. "I had suspected it for a while. I'm just a little shocked since you are so young. You really should have waited longer before you began to sleep with her." Hinata then turned and left with a smile on her face. Now she knew why Naruto liked to play pranks on people, it was so much fun. Plus it was the perfect payback for all those years her sister had bullied her.

Hinata continued to walk within the compound and headed for Michi's room to wake up the clay user. She knocked several times before she gave up and walked in to find two things. One was the room was a mess with clay smeared all over the walls. The other was that Michi wasn't there.

Back in Hanabi's room…

"Wait Oneesan!" cried out Hanabi. But it was no use, Hinata had already walked away. Dark clouds appeared above Hanabi's head as she feared that her life as the favorite child would soon be over.

"Wanna play?" asked Nel who had no idea what was going on.

"Yeah," said Hanabi. "Let's play a game. How about tag and I'll be it." Hanabi just her head towards Nel and sent all her bloodlust at her. A moment later, Nel was running away from Hanabi while crying her eyes out.


Rin was standing out in a training field as she waited for Naruto to show up. Last night she had found a note on her pillow from Naruto to meet her here to pick up where they had left off about two weeks ago. Finally, thought Rin. Ever since that day we have been doing missions non-stop and there has been no 'us' time. I wonder what Naruto-kun has planned for us?

Rin continued to wait and soon got tired of standing. She spotted a log and walked over to sit on hit. However, after taking a few steps, the ground beneath her exploded and launched Rin backwards several yards.

"Not enough chakra," said Michi as she deactivated her Meisai Gakure no Jutsu.

"What the hell was that?!" demanded Rin as she got up. "And how did you know I was going to be here?"

"Simple," said Michi. "I'm the one who sent you that note. I did it so I could lure you here so I could kill you and get Naruto-kun all to myself. You see, I spent all night putting my clay bombs into the ground. Basically, we are in the middle of a landmine field."

"You mean that Naruto-kun didn't have something planned for us today?" asked Rin.

"That's right," said Michi. "But I'll make sure he spends plenty of time with me once you are dead." With that, Michi threw back her head and began to laugh.

"You are going down, mesuinu!" yelled Rin. Michi stopped laughing and glared at her opponent. The two then lunged at each other and became covered in a cloud of smoke. Sometimes a head would pop out and a person could see them pulling each others hair and scratching each other. Soon the cloud began to move around until it landed on a mine and the two were thrown back.

"Shit," cried Michi as she got back up. "I forgot where I placed all the mines."

"You baka," growled Rin.

"Don't call me a baka, Baka," yelled Michi as she pointed at Rin who was now standing as well.

"Fine mesuinu!" yelled Rin. Michi growled like a dog and reached for some clay. However, she found none. "Looking for this?" asked Rin as she held up Michi's missing clay. Before Michi could do anything else, Rin yelled "Sen'eijashu!" and sent several snakes at her. In moments, the snakes wrapped around her body and she fell to the ground. Rin then jumped away fast far and as fast as she could after that.


Meanwhile, Naruto was with his mother in the dojo. Momiji was expecting in just a few more months. However, that didn't stop her from making sure her son got the training that he needed. Today, she was going to help Naruto move more gracefully when he fought. Therefore, she had him move a machine from the basement to the dojo that would help him with that. Naruto, however, didn't seem to agree.

"So how will this old Dance Revolution game help me again?" asked Naruto.

"Simple," said Momiji. "One flaw in your fighting style is that your moves are too bulky and easy to read. Also, you waste more energy than is needed."

"So what," said Naruto. "My stamina is higher than a normal shinobi's."

"That is true," said Momiji. "In a one on one fight you can outlast almost anyone out there. But what if you had to fight two or three or seventeen shinobi all by yourself? Do you think you could outlast them all?"

"Well maybe," said Naruto. "If I could figure out how to activate the second level to the Shikotsumyaku I could do it."

"Naruto," said Momiji sternly. "One day you might have to face Sasuke again. Only next time he will be ready for you. He will be training hard to surpass you."

"Yeah but…" began Naruto. But Momiji silenced him by placing her hand on his shoulder.

"I can not begin to imagine the power you gain when you activate the second level," she said. "We also don't know its full potential. And I agree that finding out how to active it at will would be an important step forward. But you still need to work on other things so your overall fighting ability can be improved. You must learn how to flow into each step and not miss a beat. That is one of the things you will need to know in order to take the jonin exam. Do you understand?"

"I guess," said Naruto.

"Good," said Momiji with a smile. Then she pointed at the machine. "Now dance until you can get a perfect score!"


"This is impressive," said Jiraiya as he walked down the ruined streets of the city that was under the village. He had decided to check it out after Naruto had told him about their origins. Jiraiya was looking for things that they could use in the village that their more technically advanced ancestors had left behind. Then he stopped when he saw a shop. His eyes widened and he forgot the reason he came here. The sign on the building said Adult Bookstore.

Not wasting a second, Jiraiya entered the building. Once inside, Jiraiya was overwhelmed by the amount of porn he saw. It seemed to him that his ancestors where more perverted than he was. And that was just from looking on the back of one DVD.

"I have found the holy grail of porn!" yelled Jiraiya.

Yes, it was just your average day in a village that was not so average.


Mesuinu: bitch


Omake series: The mirror

Naruto, Sakura, and Sai had just returned from a mission in the cannon universe. Their mission had been to get a mirror for their client. The mirror was covered by a cloth and had been guarded by fifty men armed to the teeth. In other words, it had not been easy.

"So Oba-chan, what's with the mirror?" asked Naruto as they stood before Tsunade.

"Don't call me that!" growled Tsunade. Scared, Naruto ran and hid behind the mirror.

"I'm a bit curious myself," said Sakura. "Why was this old mirror guarded so well?"

"Alright I'll tell you," said Tsunade. "This mirror is magical. However looks in it will see him or her self in several different ways."

"What does that mean?" asked Sai.

"I have no idea," said Tsunade. Tsunade began to tell them what she knew, but Naruto wasn't listening. Instead, he had removed the veil and looked at the mirror. At that moment, Tsunade noticed this. "Don't Naru…" Before she could finish, a bright light shot out of the mirror and out the window. The light then broke into several pieces and separated into different parts of the village. Everyone then turned their heads to looks at Naruto.

"Oops," was all the blonde said.