AN: I've actually decided to write a Quogan... SPOOF!

So Quinn and Logan are making out in the bushes. Zoey pops up out of no where, yelling to all the PCA campous that Dana's coming back.

"Dana's coming back!?" Logan screams breaking the kiss with Quinn so she falls forward onto the grass.

"Baby, you're with me now. Remember?" Quinn pleaded. Logan stands up and runs away. Quinn gets mad. She chases after Logan and stunns him with her arm lazer thingy. Logan falls to the ground, and Quinn gets some football players to help her drag him to her room.


"Dana! I cant believe your back!" Mike and Chase yell. They all hug and Zoey comes back over and hugs Dana.

"Do you guys know whats up with Logan getting carried away by Quinn and some football players?" She asked.

"Logan? Where is he?"

"Thats what I'm wondering." Zoey said.

"We should go check your dorm Zoe." Chase said. They all walk over there.

Dana opens the door to see Quinn trying to kiss Logan, but he keeps turning away. She has him tied up in a chair, there screaming at each other.

"But Logan! I love you!" Quinn screams in her annoying voice.

"I dont love you, I love Dana!"

Quinn let out a frustrated growl and tried to stick him with a needel, but he kept moving away, as much as he could. As she's doing this Dana brusts into the room.

"Hands off my man you Geek!" She screamed as she kicked the needle out of Quinns hand.

"Dana! Your actually back? I don't believe this!" Logan said with a yell.

"Neither can I, Logan's mine now. Go away." Quinn said in a stuck up voice. "Ask him. I know he'll say me."

"Oh yeah? Logan who do you love?" Dana asked, already knowing the answer.

"I love you Dana. Quinn, I hate you." Logan said looking right at Dana.

"Oh... oh no... what's happening to me?" Quinn yelled. She was slowly spazzing out. "Dose not compute."

She was twitching like crazy when the rest of the gang came into the room.

"Dose not register... restart the hard drive..." Quinn said in a mono tone voice. Her head started to move back and forth in a super fast motion. Her neck started smoking and her head blew off! Her neck was filled with wires and chips and stuff that was all electronic.

"See! I told you she was a robot!" Michael yelled as Dana got Logan out of the bindings. They made out, then got married, and never mentioned Quinn again.

The end.

I know I'm going to get bashed for this. I could have made it way harsher if I wanted to. I was bored and my friend gave me the idea. Bash away. Tell me you hate me. Make me famous.