IMPORTANT: Dude, what's up with everyone thinking there's a war going on? Seriously. It's called having fun. I don't care about all the QL stuff going on, other then the fact that it's killing the other couples in the process. Even the CZ has died down. Isn't that the couple that Zoey 101 was all about in the first place? Thank you to everyone who actually took this as a joke, and had a sense of humor. Here's the next chapter, this one isn't actually bashing Quinn at all, it's more about bashing Logan and sort of Quinn, too.:

Once upon a time. Logan was on the beach, waiting for his new girlfriend Quinn. She had just got done doing some really dangerous experiment and said that she would meet him there after. Logan's watch started to vibrate, freaking him out. He pressed the side button to make sure that it really was his watch. He screamed like a little sissy man when Quinn's face popped up in the watch.

"There you are!" Quinn said.

"Quinn!? What are you doing in my watch?" Logan yelled. He took the watch off and looked under it. "How do you fit in here?"

"Logan, I'm in my room."

"Your room is in my watch? How is that possible, I've been in your room with my watch on and it real-"

"I'm not in your watch, Logan. I'm in my room and sending you a video link. Come to my room, hurry up. I'll know if you don't come strait here." Quinn warned. She blinked off the video. Logan shook his head. Quinn was like obsessed with Logan. She was trying to make him be her test dummy on the side too.

Logan was walking to Quinn's dorm when he, literally, ran into Dana and knocked her on her butt.

"Oh crap, Dana. Sorry."

"You should be." Dana said, she looked down because she felt something cold on her body. "Fuck."

"Oh shit. I'm Really sorry for that Dana." Logan said wincing. She was carrying a smoothie back to her table when he ran into her. It was now all down the front of her shirt. Logan decided it would be best if he ran away before he got attacked. When he turned to run, Dana pulled him back by the collar of his shirt.

"Oh, no you don't. You owe me a new shirt," She looked down. "And new shorts."

Dana dragged Logan off campus and next door to the local mall. She picked out clothes and made Logan pay for everything. They had an awesome day. (To lazy to put in details).

"Dana, I had an amazing time today, even though I had to buy you 3 new outfits and lunch. I'm just glad I got to help pick your clothes." Logan said with a wink. Dana blushed. He picked 2 outfits of insanely revealing clothes.

"I did, too." Dana said. She moved closer to Logan. He hesitated, but knew that he wanted DANA. Their lip's were so close, they could feel each other's heated breath on the other's lips. Logan was about to kiss her when his watch shocked him. The electricity shook his body and made him fall. "Logan! What's wrong?"

"Quinn!" He yelled. She popped up on the screen with a red face.

"Logan! I'm going to hurt you for doing that." Quinn screeched. Logan held the watch away from him and quickly kissed Dana, it was hot and passionate. Suddenly, Logan's head started to shake like crazy. He was done with it The next thing they knew Quinn was next to them.

"Quinn, I've come to a realization. That I do not under any circumstances want to be with you. The one my heart has chosen is Dana Isabella Cruz." Logan said smartly.

"Logan! Your smart!" Dana and Quinn yelled together. Quinn was especially happy.

"Now I have a smart boyfriend!"

"Psych, now I have a smart boyfriend. Logan loves me, did you not just hear him?" Dana gloated.

Quinn screeched again, this time lunging at Dana. EPIC BATTLE! First it was Dana punching Quinn, then Quinn zapping Dana and then Dana running away. Then Quinn screaming and jumping away. And then they were both on a cliff with Jagged rocks on the end.

"Quinn! I don't want him anymore. He is so not worth dying over." Dana surrendered.

"Huh? After all of that?" Quinn said losing her breath's. They were both panting like crazy.

"You can have him, the dumb Logan was way better." Dana said walking away from Quinn. Her body battered and bruised.

Quinn thought about it. She didn't want Logan like this. Dana's kiss had made him like this. She also didn't want Logan now that she thought about it. She broke up with Logan and became a world famous person and married Bill Gates, and got all of his money after he died.

The End.