Hey everyone!

I know it has been a really, really long time since I've written anything, but I just wanted to announce that I have a new one-shot! It's entered in the TLS Lyrics and Lemons Contest. Unfortunately, the contest is anonymous, so I can't tell you which entry is mine. But, I can tell you go read all of the entries! There are a lot of really great ones. Voting starts July 16th and ends July 23rd. There is a People's Choice award, so make sure you read all of the entries and vote for your favorite! Winners will be announced sometime between July 30th and August 1st. After winners are announced and the contest is over, I will post my entry, so you can see which one is mine. I'll also post a playlist I made while writing it. So, go read and vote!

Contest page (remove spaces): http :/ www. fanfiction. net/u/2942359/

~ Kelsey