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Luke and Leia: 10

Kimberly: 8

Mara: 9

Jayden, Jenna, and Natalie: 6

Nightmare on Coruscant: A Forever Destined Vignette

Part 1/?

Chancellor Bail Organa stood, as his scheduled appointee arrived in his office. He was currently serving his final year of what would be his final term as Chancellor. Campaigning would begin soon and the candidates that were planning to pursue the office would announce their names soon.

"Chancellor Organa, it is a pleasure to finally meet you in person," Prince Xizor said, as he entered.

"Likewise, your majesty," Bail lied, as they shook hands.

"Please sit and be comfortable," Bail offered, as he sat down behind his desk.

"As you know from our conversation over the comm a few days ago, your petition for Falleen to join the Republic has been granted," Bail stated.

"Yes and when the news broke, my people were ecstatic. For many years we have wished to join the Republic, but our timing has never been feasible, due to accusations against us," Xizor replied.

"Your petition has been denied before, because there was evidence of your involvement with the separatists and speculation about possible involvement with the Imperial Underground," Bail stated.

"Yes and I assure you that speculation is all it is. Our involvement with the Separatists was forced by Darth Sidious. I assure you that I have absolutely nothing to do with this so called Imperial Underground. There has been no evidence to prove otherwise," Xizor said.

"Yes, well your entrance is purely on a probationary basis. The Jedi will conduct bi-annual investigations into your government operations on Falleen. Your full cooperation will be mandatory or your contract is void," Bail said.

"I understand," Xizor replied.

"Good. Now, have you appointed a representative to serve in the Senate for your people?" Bail questioned.

"Yes, I have decided that I will take on this task myself," the Prince said.

"You?" Bail asked.

"Yes, I have always found politics thrilling and there is really no one in my cabinet more qualified for this position than me," Xizor boasted.

"Very well. You will be instated as Senator of Falleen immediately. I will see you at tomorrow morning's session," Bail said.

"Excellent. I am assuming that I will be renting my apartment in the magnificent Republica 500," Xizor said. Bail was silent for a moment.

"If you so wish. I will tell the staff that you and your entourage will be arriving shortly. They will show you what vacant apartments they have available and you may choose one that it is to your liking," Bail said shortly.

"Thank you Chancellor," Xizor said, as he rose and exited with a smug smirk on his face. Bail sighed.

"Allowing Xizor's home planet acceptance to the Republic was the last thing he wanted. But they no longer had any evidence to reject the planet Falleen and Bail had no choice to grant their petition. Somehow, he knew this would not bode well in the future, but there was little he could do. Had he rejected the petition on his own and select others skepticism, Xizor could have taken his petition to the courts and likely won. But he was not overly worried, for he knew the Jedi would be keeping a very close eye on the slimy prince.

"So, can I count on your support if I run?" Mon asked Padme, as she sat in her office. Padme looked across her desk to Mon's expectant face.

"Mon, you know that I consider you a friend, but you know I can't form any opinions until the campaigning begins. I form all my opinions upon the debates which will take place," Padme replied.

"Of course Padme. I'm sorry if it seems like I am pressuring you. I guess I've already got caught up in the process," Mon replied. Padme smiled kindly.

"You are a good woman and I'm confident that you will probably be my choice, but I don't want to commit to anything prematurely," Padme answered.

"You are very wise, Padme. Some are asking why you are not considering your own name for candidacy," Padme smiled.

"I may someday. But my children still have a lot of growing to do. When they are a bit older, I may consider it. At this time, it's just not something I want," Padme replied. Mon smiled.

"You amaze me at times. I don't know how you balance a career and a family," Mon said.

"Well, I love serving my people. But my family is everything to me. I suppose you could say that I do what I do, so my children will grow up in peaceful and free galaxy. It's the same for Anakin," Padme replied.

"You are both to be admired," Mon said, as she rose.

"Good day Mon," Padme said. As the office door opened, Mon exited and four of her children bounded in.

"Mommy!" they called.

"Hi babies!" she said, as she accepted hugs from each of them. Neela smiled, as she followed them in.

"Were you all good for Neela today?" Padme asked.

"They were great, as usual. After their lessons at the Temple, we went and played at the park," Neela said.

"We had fun mommy!" Jenna said.

"I bet you did. Way more fun than mommy is having here, I'm sure," Padme replied.

"Mommy, is daddy and Lukie coming home today?" Kimberly asked. Padme smiled.

"They should be home in time for dinner, so what do you say we go home and make their favorites?" Padme suggested.

"Okay!" Jayden said enthusiastically. Padme closed things up for the day and smiled, as she walked out with Neela, with the children scampering ahead of them, except Leia, who walked maturely next to her mother.

"So, are you excited for your big date tonight?" Padme asked, with a sly grin. Neela blushed.

"Yes, but I'm so nervous too," Neela replied.

"That's normal, but everything will go fine," Padme replied.

"I hope so. I really like him...but Tyler is twenty one and I'm twenty-eight," Neela fretted.

"So? Ani and I are five years apart," Padme replied.

"Yes, but you two were made for each other," she said.

"Well, in my opinion, so were you and Tyler. I know the real thing when I see it. Besides, there are some major benefits to dating a younger man, if you know what I mean," Padme replied, with another sly grin.

"Eww mom...I'm right here," Leia complained. Padme and Neela giggled, as they met up with Tyler and Captain Typho, before entering the lift.

Tyler dropped them off at the door and went to park the speeder in the garage at Republica 500. Padme, Neela, and the children filed into the lobby of the ritzy, upscale apartment complex, which housed most of the Republic's Senators. But there was an unwelcome surprise in the lobby in the form of Prince Xizor and his entourage of several male Falleen subordinates. Two looked to be aides and the other two were definitely bodyguards.

"Oh no, what is he doing here?" Padme mumbled, hoping they would make it to the lift without being noticed. But they had no such luck.

"Senator Skywalker, I'm so glad I ran into you," the Prince said smoothly, as he approached. Padme cursed under her breath, before turning.

"Prince Xizor, I heard about Falleen's induction into the Republic. Congratulations," Padme replied stoically. Xizor smirked at her, carefully undressing the beautiful Senator with his eyes.

"Thank you Senator. I very much look forward to working with you. You are one of the most brilliant political minds in the galaxy," Xizor said smoothly. Padme felt queasy, as a wave of his pheromones hit her. Her stare turned icy to him and his smirk widened.

"Pardon?" Padme questioned, confused by what he meant.

"Oh I suppose you have not heard. I will be representing my people in the Senate. Perhaps you'll share a cocktail with me later," he said, taking another step toward her.

"I'm a happily married woman, as if you didn't know. And I wouldn't share a drink or anything else with you even if you were the last man in the galaxy," Padme spat. Xizor chuckled.

"You are so feisty. It is quite exhilarating, you know. I don't often find such a challenging woman, but I do always find a way to...conquer," Xizor leered, as he thought about all the things he wanted to do to her. The four Force sensitive children sensed danger from this man and clung close to their mother. Poor Neela was already in Xizor's trance, but young Jayden could clearly sense this man's dangerous intentions for his mother. As Xizor stepped even closer, a fairly light weight lobby chair ploughed into Xizor, knocking him over. Padme's eyes widened in surprise, as the horrible prince went sprawling to the ground. Jayden tugged on his mother's dress and Padme lifted him up, surprised when he wrapped his little arms around her neck, clinging to her for dear life.

"You're a bad man! You wanna hurt my mommy!" Jayden cried, drawing Xizor some very unwanted attention from the other patrons and the Republica 500 security staff.

"Yeah...you're a bad man!" Jenna echoed, as she kicked Xizor in the shin, before scrambling behind her mother and peeking out at him from behind her mother's skirt.

"You little brats!" Xizor screamed, as his guards started toward Padme and the children. Fortunately, Tyler was sprinting toward them, having finished parking the speeder.

"Hold it right there, pal," Tyler said, as he got between him and Padme.

"Move out of the way, kid. I'm going to see that those brats are punished for humiliating me," Xizor growled. Tyler drew his blaster and leveled it at him.

"You're too close. Step back now," Tyler ordered. Xizor put his hands up and slowly back away.

"This isn't over, Senator. I will expect an apology for your rotten little brat's disrespect toward me," Xizor demanded.

"Keep dreaming, Prince Slimy. And it is over. Stay away from us," Padme spat.

"Prince Slimy? How dare you!" Xizor growled. Tyler smirked.

"Oh, I don't know. I think she's right on. You're green, slime is green. I see the connection," Tyler said. Xizor chuckled.

"Oh you're very funny. This is far from over, I assure you. I'll see you tomorrow during session. We can talk afterward...alone..." Xizor leered.

"I'd keep my distance if I were you. I'll be reporting this incident to Master Skywalker, who returns in just a few hours, by the way. I'm sure he'll be considering you a security threat," Tyler warned.

"Well, you win this round, Senator. But I am not a man you want as an enemy. Revenge is a dish best served cold, you know," he leered.

"You best keep walking, your majesty or I'll take that as a threat," Tyler growled. Xizor smirked.

"You, nor that Jedi Golden Boy don't scare me. Good day Senator Skywalker. I will see you tomorrow," Xizor said, as he left for the lift in the other direction. Padme sighed in relief, as he finally left. He had been far more menacing this time, than he had been on Bespin, but she guessed that was due to the absence of her husband. Allowing Falleen admission to the Republic was something she knew they would regret, but it was done. And she had no say in the matter.

"Who was that?" Neela asked, as she snapped out of her trance.

"A very bad man," Padme said, as they headed for the lift.

"HA! Read 'em and weep losers!" Garen Muln said, as he slapped his cards down on the table. Anakin was barely paying attention to the game of Sabaac and laid his cards down, not bothering to look and see if his hand could beat anyone else. They were currently in hyperspace aboard one of his grandfather's cruisers, returning from Ansion. They had been overseeing another political dispute, as the planet changed leaders, following a close and volatile election. It ended peacefully and Anakin couldn't wait to get home to his family after two weeks. And neither could Obi-Wan for that matter. Ryoo and Luke were with them. Luke was watching them and Ryoo was on the sofa, reading a book. The other two Knights with them were Garen Muln and Davin Darklighter. Garen was a good friend of Obi-Wan's, as the two used to prowl Coruscant together. Obi-Wan had grown up, but Garen had not. Davin was also commitment challenged and usually prowled the night clubs with Garen. Garen was nice enough, but Anakin didn't care for him. He always was calling him by some nickname. When he was little, it had been squirt or sport. As a teen, it was kid or boy. And now, much to his annoyance, he used one of the names the Holonet always dubbed him with. Today it had been hero boy and sometimes it was golden boy. Anakin wasn't even sure if Garen knew his real name. He was a good Jedi, but his lifestyle off duty left much to be desired. Padme despised him, because of his bad influence and Anakin sighed, as Garen lit a death stick, in front of the kids no less. He took a long puff.

"Hey Ben, you got any more of that scotch?" he asked.

"You've had enough to drink, my friend. You're already three sheets to the wind as it is," Obi-Wan replied.

"Aw...come on, don't be a killjoy. I'm on leave now and once we get home, we're going out to the clubs. There's this hot babe I've been working on and tonight might be the might I get..." Garen started.

"Garen...if you utter another word in front of my daughter and my nephew, you're going to be in a lot of trouble," Obi-Wan warned.

"Yeah...yeah. You used to be so much fun back in the day. I miss those days," Garen said.

"I don't. Married life and fatherhood suits me," Obi-Wan replied.

"Whatever you say. Hey!" Garen cried, as his death stick was plucked from his hand. Anakin caught it and put it out.

"What did you do that for?" he asked.

"I've asked you not to smoke in front of the kids," Anakin warned.

"Man, golden boy. You need to lighten up," Garen griped. Anakin rolled his eyes.

"I'm going to comm Padme since we're only a couple hours out," Anakin said, as he stood.

"You guys should really blow off the wives and come out with us tonight," Garen suggested. Anakin rolled his eyes again.

"Sleazy clubs or my beautiful wife?" Anakin questioned, pretending to weigh the two options.

"Thanks, but no thanks. I'll take my beautiful angel over that kind of life any day," Anakin replied.

"Geez...the Senator has him whipped," Davin commented. Garen nodded in agreement

"It's called love and it's a wonderful thing. Not that you losers would know anything about that. Now, prepare to lose all your credits," Ben said, as he laid his hand down.

"Ah...damn..." Garen said, as he and Davin tossed their cards down, as Obi-Wan scooped all the chips toward him. Ryoo smiled at her father and then went back to reading.

Padme breathed a sigh of relief, as they arrived inside their spacious two story penthouse apartment. Padme smiled, as Sola came to greet them along with Jobal. Sola held her and Obi-Wan's three-month old son, Will Kenobi. They had named him after their grandfather, William Winama. His full name was William Ben Kenobi. Sola had initially be worried about having another baby, being that she was in her forties. But little Will was born healthy, with no complications. His head was covered with light brown fuzz and he had inherited his father's soft, hazel colored eyes.

"You look a little stressed, baby sister," Sola said.

"Just a rather unpleasant encounter with a new, slimy Senator we have to contend with, but nothing to worry about," Padme replied.

"Well good, because we've been busy making a welcome home dinner. But we need someone to make their famous shurra cookies," Sola said. Kimberly's eyes lit up.

"Mommy, can I help make cookies for daddy?" Kimberly asked.

"Of course. We can all help. Let's go wash our hands and get to work in the kitchen.. Mommy is going to go change and I'll be right there," Padme said, as she ascended the spiral staircase to the second floor.

Padme entered her bedroom and unzipped her bulky Senatorial gown. She undressed and put on a pair of knee length black leggings and a flattering blue wrapped top, which had a v-neck and left just a sliver of her toned stomach visible. She let her hair down from the bun it was in and pulled in back into a low ponytail, fastening it with a large barrette. She heard the comm chime and looked toward it. It blinked with an incoming call and she smiled. There was only a handful of people that would call the comm in their bedroom and she had a feeling it was her husband. She answered it and her husband's handsome face appeared on the screen.

"You are without a doubt the most beautiful sight I've ever seen," he said, with a warm captivating smile.

"Hi sweetheart. And you are a very welcome sight yourself, handsome," she replied.

"I just thought I'd call and tell you that we're only about two hours from Coruscant," Anakin said.

"Good. Because we're making you a welcome home dinner," she replied. He smiled.

"Fantastic. I'm starved and if I have to eat Garen's cooking again, it's not going to be pretty. There's nothing like yours and Sola's cooking," he said.

"Did the mission go well?" she asked.

"I guess. It was pretty boring. There was nothing but boring old negotiating. I didn't even get to use my light saber once," he complained. Padme giggled at the pout on her husband's face

"Baby, I think that's a good thing," Padme replied.

"I guess. Luke and I have missed all of you so much, so it will be good to get home. If I have to spend another minute with Garen and Davin, I'm going to Force choke them both," Anakin said darkly.

"They're not my favorite either, but you'll be home soon," Padme reminded him.

"I know and I can't wait to hold you in my arms again. These last two weeks seemed like a lifetime," he said.

"It did for me too and I can't wait either. But I'll see you in just two short hours," she replied. He smiled.

"I love you," he said.

"I love you too," Padme replied, as the transmission blinked out. She smiled and exited her bedroom, heading for the kitchen.

The young, teenage girl sobbed uncontrollably. The sharp manacles around her wrists and ankles cut into her fair skin, causing them to bleed. A gag was stuffed between her teeth, stifling her breathing, making it shallow. She was barely sixteen and her captor had stripped her of all her clothes. She could barely process what was happening to her. She was very pretty, petite, and brunette. Her captor liked her type. That is why he had chosen her, he had told her. The lower half of her body was on fire, as her masked abuser raped her brutally for the ninth time in the last thirty-six hours, though she had lost all concept of time. This last thirty-six hours had been a lifetime of hell. One minute, she had been at a club with her friends and the next, she had been grabbed in the alley and found herself being stuffed into the trunk of a speeder. It had all happened so fast. She whimpered, as her captor loomed over her. She trembled, as he caressed her face.

"You're so beautiful...just like my Erika," he said, as he got up and pulled his pants back on, buckling the belt. He pulled his shirt on over his lanky physique. He took off the black cloth face mask for the first time. He wasn't much to look at, though he was not ugly, but yet could not really be considered handsome either. He was pale, like he spent a lot of time indoors and had short dark brown hair, parted evenly and combed neatly. He pulled a black case up onto the desk and unlocked it. Inside was a sharp, pointed hand sized dagger, with a silver hilt that looked very similar to the hilt design of a light saber. Also pinned inside the case was a holo of a beautiful young woman. She was brunette, with doe brown eyes and petite in stature.

"Erika...I could have loved you better than he could. But you rejected me and married him anyway. You ripped my heart out," he spat, as he slammed the case shut. He clutched the dagger, as he slowly approached his victim. She pulled on her restraints and screamed through the gag.

"I loved her...but she wouldn't love me back. He seduced her away from me and it ripped my heart out," he snarled, as he held her legs down by straddling her.

"She was so beautiful...just like you. But she left me...and so would you if I gave you the chance," he hissed. The girl shook her head, whimpering in fear.

"Liar! You would leave! They all leave...so I make sure they can't leave me. A part of you will always belong to me..." he ranted psychotically, as he raised the dagger. Her eyes widened in fear.

"N..mmmmm..." she screamed through the gag. He drew the dagger back and plunged it into her heart. Her screaming bled through the gag, as blood pooled everywhere. He twisted the blade viciously and she made a choking noise through the gag, drawing her last breath. Her eyes glazed over, death settling in and her head fell to the side. Her murderer moved the blade up, carefully cutting around her heart. When he was finished, he extracted the bloody organ from her chest and placed it in a clear bag, before tying it up. He wrapped the dead body in the bloodied sheet, which he had laid her on and threw her over his shoulder. He took her outside in the back of his small, dingy hovel, which existed in the lowest, dirtiest and most deserted area of Coruscant. His ship sat in a small, rickety hanger garage and he placed the body in there. He went back inside and shed his bloodied clothes, meticulously gathering every shred of cloth the girl had come in contact with. He took the contents outside and threw them in a barrel. He doused them with a ignitor and set them on fire. He returned inside to shower. Once he was finished cleaning up, he dressed in fresh clothes and went back to the room where he kept his victims. It was a very small room, with no windows, a cot, a small desk, and a fresher. He plucked the bag that contained her heart and took it out into the garage. He opened the large freezer chest and tossed it in. It was the newest addition to his collection. Number thirty nine to be exact. He closed the freezer and locked it up, before pocketing the keys. He left for his ship to now take care of the body. That's when the fun would begin. He had watched the authorities and investigators be baffled by the previous thirty-eight murders and number thirty-nine would be no different. It was easy to get away with murder when you didn't even exist in anyone's database...

In the next chapter, Riley and Zia find the next body and are at a loss as they were with the first thirty eight murders. They take the case to the floor of the Jedi Council chambers. Meanwhile, the Holonet is rampant with talk of the serial rapist and killer that preys on beautiful, young brunettes. When Anakin Skywalker is assigned to the case, the people see a ray of hope. But this killer suddenly takes an avid, unhealthy interest in his new pursuer...and his family...