Captivation: Lux Hall

Captivation: Lux Hall

WARNING: Sexual content.

Part Two: A Fateful Enchantment

In the few days that followed, Harry remained at Hermione and Lucas' place. He hadn't started searching for a new place, but considering that Hermione's wedding was soon he figured he could search for one after. He hadn't had much of an appetite and stayed in the guest room quite frequently or just went flying around. He was too afraid to go to Quidditch practice so he sent an Owl to his captain telling him that he needed a few days off because he wasn't feeling well. There was still time before the match and Harry knew he would be ready. Hermione's wedding was the next day, August 30th, and the championships weren't until September 15th. But he needed a mental break and seeing Draco would completely ruin him.

At least until after Hermione's wedding, Harry wouldn't have to worry about seeing Draco. So that day Harry went off and bought Hermione a wedding gift, just from him. He figured putting Draco's name on it would be pointless now. It was a beautiful magically charmed drink maker, only about as big as a small nightstand. It could make anything magically from foreign coffee, like from Spain or other areas, to ancient herbal teas, hot chocolate and even some flavors of Butterbeer. Since Hermione loved tea and loved serving drinks to people and having a variety, Harry thought that would be a good present especially because the machine was magically charmed to refill itself by cloning the materials necessary magically so Hermione would never have to go out and buy another one or fill it up with anything. Harry knew both she and Lucas would enjoy it.

The next day was the wedding day. Harry had already gotten his tuxedo long ago when he found out the date of their wedding and he had brought it with him in his trunk. He and Lucas got ready together talking about trivial things. Lucas didn't bring up anything related to Quidditch or relationships or Draco. The wedding was being held at a famous historical garden. It was a place where Queen Maeve, a famous queen known for being the first fully trained female sorceress who trained sorcerers long before Hogwarts existed, supposedly practiced her sorcery privately. It was in a peaceful place, now made as a sanctuary to protect it from being bought or changed in any way.

There was a beautiful arch covered in Lotus flowers of all colors that was in the center of the garden. They were surrounded by rows of various flowers and shrubbery. Everyone sat facing the arch and there were beautiful phoenixes flying around singing melodies. The sun was shining brightly down on them. Harry sat next to Ron and Lillian as Lucas stood up with his father waiting for Hermione. Hermione wanted a traditional muggle wedding, but she wasn't against having magic involved. There were floating roses around the guests and in rows down the isle that she would walk down. When music began playing, Hermione came into sight with her father.

She wore a beautiful strapless white dress that had pink silk weaved in it in a flowery design that went around her waist and down to the train of the dress, which trailed elegantly behind her. She had pearls around her neck and her hair was curled in ringlets with some hair up in a fancy bun and some ringlets cascading on her shoulders. She didn't wear a veil, but her dress had a silk shawl to it that wrapped around her shoulders. There was also a belt of pearls around her waist that draped down the front of the dress. And she held violet lilacs in her hands as she came down.

Harry smiled at her as she walked down. And every time she took a step a rose would suddenly emerge from the ground, another magical charm that Mrs. Weasley had suggested. Harry watched the ceremony, trying so hard not to think about Draco. It was only months ago that Harry mentioned to Draco about getting married. He had played it off as a joke and so had Draco at the time, but recently Harry had been thinking about it. That's why he had wanted their relationship to be permanent.

Swallowing, Harry forced his feelings back down and watched as Hermione and Lucas said their vows and kissed. The Lotus flowers at the top of the archway suddenly curled closed then opened and released a couple of doves that flew off. And then showers of rose petals fell from the sky all around them but disappearing before they touched the ground. Everyone cheered and clapped and Hermione blushed so brightly. Harry could see tears at the corner of her eyes and was happy that her wish had come true.

At the reception, a huge feast appeared in the garden and everyone ate and drank to their heart's content. Harry couldn't really eat much, but he did dance with Hermione a little. Afterwards, he watched his friends celebrating and sat down to slowly sip a special tropical wizard drink that fizzed in his mouth.

"Oy mate!" Ron said grinning. "Have you seen the cake? Mum went all out! I wonder what she'll do if Lillian and I got married!"

Harry forced a smile and shrugged. "Probably make more layers."

Ron noticed his quiet behavior and cocked his head. "You alright? Did you eat something that didn't agree with you?"

"No, I'm fine. Really," Harry said. He hadn't told Ron about what had happened. He and Lillian had recently come back from vacation and Harry wasn't in the mood to relive what had happened. Eventually, Ron would find out.

"Ok, well I'm going to see what kind of Butterrum they have!"

Harry smiled and nodded and watched him go. Lucas and Hermione were dancing together as rose petals were still circling them and Harry wished that he could know that sort of happiness. Not once in his life had he known true happiness. Maybe that was the curse of being a powerful wizard. That's what people didn't understand; it was definitely better to be ordinary than special, because being special meant having certain sacrifices that were hard to live without.

"Harry, dear, why aren't you dancing?"

He turned to see Mrs. Weasley grinning at him.

"I'm just tired that's all. Er, from Quidditch practice."

Mrs. Weasley shook her head. "It's such a shame that it takes up so much of your time. But I hope you like the cake!"

"Looks delicious," Harry said.

Mrs. Weasley smiled cheerfully and then gave him a quick hug and went on her way.

"You're such a liar."

Harry turned to see Ginny standing behind him with her arms crossed. Harry felt his stomach churn as she came around the table with all the drinks, such as fizzing punch, Butterbeer, Butterrum, magical tropical drinks, and more.

"What do you mean?"

"I've known you long enough to know when you're faking," Ginny said. "I could probably tell a mile away."

Harry shrugged. "It's nothing."

Ginny cocked her head and stepped closer. "So if it's not Quidditch, would it have anything to do with Draco?"

Harry almost dropped his drink and he jerked his head around to stare at her.

"It's really none of your business," Harry said coolly.

Ginny opened her mouth then closed it. She sighed and then stepped closer. "I'm sorry, Harry. I didn't mean to make you mad. I just could tell someone was wrong so I just figured it might be that. I mean, if you want to talk…"

"Why do you care?" Harry retorted. "For a while you hated me for not being with you at all and you also hate Draco. Ron does too. That's why no one's noticed that he's not here."

"I did."

Harry glanced up at her surprised. There was a maturity in her eyes. Her hair was down to her shoulders; straight, red hair and her face had thinned out a little, but there was something about her features that made her look older. As she stared at him calmly, Harry definitely saw that she had changed.

"I'd rather not talk about it," Harry said, looking down at his glass.

Ginny nodded, crossing her arms casually.

Harry glanced back up at her. "But thanks for offering."

Giving him a smile, she nodded. "Anytime."

Harry watched her go and felt his chest ache. It hurt to even think about it let alone talk about it. He didn't want to ruin everyone's time by sulking so he figured he should busy himself with eating and drinking. After all, Hermione's wedding was a one-time thing. He could pretend to be happy for just one day. They danced and celebrated for a while. Lucas came over to visit with him and Harry could tell he looked concerned. But after a few drinks, Harry could enjoy himself enough. He would laugh and joke with Ron and the others, especially about the other Quidditch teams that Harry's team was going to face. Lucas and Hermione had their honeymoon set up for the next day. When they finally got back to Hermione's place, she expressed concern in leaving Harry alone but Harry told her he needed some peace and quiet to himself to think and to look for his own place. So the next day, Lucas and Hermione left for their honeymoon, due to be back the day before the championships and Harry was left to his thoughts.

He sat on the couch in the living room by the fireplace drinking tea. He couldn't drink Butterbeer while alone. It was something he and Draco used to do almost every night when they'd get home from Quidditch practice: just sit in their bedroom suite and drink Butterbeer by the fireplace. So Harry drank tea. Hermione had loved the present that Harry got for them so much that she wanted to take it with her, but Lucas had told her their honeymoon resort had plenty of drinks and managed to convince her to leave it home. So Harry made himself some herbal tea with it and put an extra magical fizz to it to calm his nerves.

The days passed by slowly. Harry spent more time cooped up in the house just reading or going over Quidditch strategies. The whole situation with losing Draco had hurt so much that Harry still couldn't go back to practice. So he managed to convince his captain that he would practice privately on the field and that he would be well prepared. He also agreed to have a couple private meetings with the captain so he could check on Harry's flying moves, but Harry had lied and said that he had lost a very good friend and was just not in the mood to be around a lot of people. So the captain agreed. At first, Harry was a little shaky, but being back on a broom in the cool night air with just himself or just the captain watching relaxed him a bit. He hadn't gotten rusty and Harry was proud of that despite everything that had happened.

And then the championships were there. Harry hoped he would be too focused on the game to notice Draco. All of his friends were there to watch and they went up against ten different teams. All the while, Harry stayed clear out of Draco's way. He didn't even bother looking for anything except the snitch. Surprisingly, the championships were so stressful and difficult that he really couldn't concentrate on anything else.

The first two teams they beat, but the next two they had trouble with and nearly lost. And when it finally came to them and the Australian team, Harry was exhausted and didn't know what other moves he could pull that they hadn't witnessed. He was relying on the Chasers to come up with something. The game went off to a rough start and Harry had almost gotten the snitch but the other team's seeker had made him lose it. And just when he thought they might lose, Draco dashes toward one of the other players who wasn't even holding the Quaffle. It was his special tactic—the one he had been practicing on and the one that he had been so certain he had to get the timing and speed right on.

Harry watched in amazement as he faked out the other Chaser, zooming around him and suddenly spun around and whipped toward the Chaser with the Quaffle. Their other Chaser, the girl Adrianne, did a spinning move as well and the Australian Chaser lost the Quaffle and in a heart beat Draco snatched it up and in record time, just like he practiced, threw it in the air, spun around on his broom and the tail end of the broom hit it in so fast the other team couldn't stop it. They had won the championship. Harry was so thrilled he actually screamed in joy with the other players. It wasn't until he and Draco locked eyes that Harry's heart sank again. He looked away and flew over to Adrianne patting her on the back. She gave him a quick hug, screaming wildly.

The announcements were made, and Harry could hear Ron screaming because he magnified his voice with his wand and could see that Lillian and Hermione were trying to get him to stop jumping up and down. And then the party was decided for the following evening to celebrate their victory. Their team had the choice of going into the Quidditch chambers to shower and such or stay outside and watch the finale show, which was like muggle fireworks only magic made them sizzle and change shape. There were dragons and other figures in the sky. It was, per usual, a twenty minute show and the team stayed outside to watch, but Harry decided to go into the Quidditch chambers. He still couldn't be near to Draco.

After the show was over, he'd go with his friends, they'd congratulate him and probably have a celebration that night and then he could tell Hermione that he found a possible place to live by himself. He'd probably be able to move in the place in the next few days. And he had already decided that it'd be too hard for him to stay on the team so in the next day or two Harry would have to send an Owl to the captain telling him that he was going to quit. And he definitely wouldn't be going to celebrate with the team, as much as he wanted to, because he knew Draco would be there.

Harry's shoulders were slumped as he walked into the empty Quidditch chambers. He rubbed his sore shoulder, having nearly been injured by a bludger from the fifth team they faced. Harry figured maybe a hot shower would do him some good. He had some time. He took off his cloak and then his shirt, leaving him clad in only his pants.

"You know, you should be acting happier than this."

Harry's head jolted up and his heart lifted. He wheeled around and saw Adon standing nearby. His heart sank again and he just shrugged, not really forgiving him for still being around Draco more than Harry could (even if Draco wasn't cheating on him, which was still uncertain).

"I'm just exhausted," Harry said, turning back around.

He heard footsteps but didn't bother to turn around. He wasn't in the mood to talk. Suddenly, there were hands on his shoulder and Harry winced as Adon pressed down on his sore shoulder.

"Adon, stop!" Harry said, turning around.

"I was just trying to relax you," Adon said, smiling widely. "Your shoulder seems injured. I could rub it for you."

"No thanks. It's fine," Harry said, trying to walk away.

Adon put a hand out to stop Harry from leaving and then put his other hand out. Both Adon's hands were on either side of his head and Harry suddenly wasn't feeling very comfortable.

"Adon, what are you doing?" Harry asked, hoping that he didn't need his wand. It was in his cloak, which was at least five feet away.

"Come on, Harry. We've got plenty of time before the show's over outside. Let's have a little fun," he said smiling.

Harry's eyes widened slightly. "I'm not interested. Now let me go."

Harry tried to push him away but Adon grasped his sore shoulder and Harry clenched his jaw in pain. Adon then pushed him back up against the wall. The other boy kept a firm hold on Harry's sore shoulder even as he let his other hand trail down Harry's chest.

"What're you…"

"Isn't it obvious, Potter? I see something I want and I go for it," Adon said, smirking.

"But…I thought you liked Draco," Harry blurted out.

Adon's eyebrows rose and then he laughed. "I don't know who told you that, but that's certainly not the case. I've always had my eye on you. The only thing I ever did with Draco was admire his skills and give him some illegal potions. Not that he has a bad body, but blonds aren't really my thing."

Harry stared at him in surprise. "Wait…illegal potions?"

Adon shrugged. "I have contacts that have some rare and illegal items and he was willing to pay me nicely for some illegal instant healing potions. The best potion I gave him was the very rare anti-detection potion."

Anti-Detection…Wait, that potion is similar to the protections on Grimwald place. Draco was using it to protect our house! He must've been doing that so that Pansy and them wouldn't find out where we lived! He was…I mean, in a way, he was also protecting me, but…

"Now how about we stop talking and start doing some more fun things," Adon said huskily.

Suddenly his free hand dipped down and grabbed Harry's crotch.

"Stop!" Harry exclaimed attempting to kick him.

Adon was barely shoved and intensified his grip on Harry's arm. Harry winced and shut his eyes from the pain. Harry was too weak and exhausted to fight. And his loss of spirit and contentment didn't help either. It made him less confident, but most of all it was that all his strength had gone into the Quidditch championships. How could he fight Adon off? If only he was closer to his wand…

Harry hissed in pain. "Stop…Would you stop squeezing my shoulder?"

"If you want to do things the easy way and stop fighting me, maybe I will," Adon said teasingly. "But you don't seem to want to cooperate with me."

"That's because I said I'm not interested," Harry said, wincing again.

"I'm afraid I don't accept not getting what I want," Adon said, leaning forward.

Harry tried to push him back with his free arm, but Adon squeezed his shoulder again and Harry hissed with pain. Then with his other hand Adon grabbed his chin and forced his lips upon Harry's. When he finally broke away, Harry turned his head away not liking it one bit.

"Adon, I'm serious! Stop!"

"Or you'll what? You're too injured and tired to fight me physically and I don't want to have to hurt you Harry. Trust me. You'll enjoy it."

His grip tightened on Harry's shoulder and Harry leaned his head back against the wall, his face scrunching up in pain. Adon used his other hand to trail down Harry's body again and this time he went for his pants. Adon unbuttoned them and started sliding them off his hips. Harry hissed every time Adon applied pressure to his shoulder and he couldn't find a way to fight him back.

"Now let's get down to business, Potter," Adon grinned as he trailed his fingers along Harry's boxers. Then he began to pull them down. "Let's see what the famous Harry Potter has for—UUUGH!"

Adon's eyes seemed to bulge out of his head and Harry stared at him confused and still in pain. The boy's fingers had barely pulled his boxers down and suddenly Adon started tilting backward. His face was pale and his body suddenly motionless and then he collapsed. Harry stared down at him, reaching up a hand instinctively to clutch at his sore shoulder. Harry's eyes moved from Adon's still body up and he saw Draco standing only a few feet away with his wand pointed forward. There was a grim expression on his face. Harry's breath caught in his throat and he finally managed to swallow.

"Thank you," he said quietly.

Draco slipped his wand back inside his robe and nodded. Harry slowly bent down to reach for his wand in his cloak. He was too sore now to put his clothes on normally so he just waved his wand. Harry didn't want to look back up at Draco, but he knew it'd be obvious he was looking away on purpose if he didn't. So Harry gazed at him. He saw his pale cheeks flushed with red because of the hot sweaty game and his blond bangs plastered to his forehead. And Harry tried not to show anything.

"Well, thanks again."

"Potter," Draco said, before Harry could move. Harry glanced at him nervously. "I got your letter."

Harry's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "My letter?"

Draco seemed to look uncomfortable as he crossed his arms casually. "The one you left on the bed with the gift."

Harry's heart began to pound in his chest and he tried to breathe normally. "Oh…yeah…er, it's ok. I mean…you can just forget about it. I'm not mad about you missing our dinner or anything," Harry said, looking away as Draco stared at him. "Adon told me about the potions."

Draco's eyes widened slightly and he gazed down at Adon's motionless body briefly before locking eyes with Harry again.

"I know you didn't miss my birthday or anything on purpose so I'm not mad. So…we can just forget any of it ever happened," Harry said, gesturing with his good arm. "And…er, I've found my own place so I can get my stuff moved out whenever. So really, it's not big deal."

Harry really wanted to scream at Draco for being so stubborn and show how he was really feeling. Draco glanced away and Harry moved toward the exit. His heart was pounding so heart now and he just took that as an opportunity to escape.

"Potter, I didn't mean it."

Harry stopped and turned around to look at him. "What?"

Draco slowly turned to face him. "I didn't mean what I said about it being a never ending cycle."

Harry shrugged slightly, wincing. "It's ok…you're kind of right. I just have to accept that being me, with the scar and everything, means that people around me are in danger and—"

"That's not what I mean," Draco said.

Harry gazed up at him, holding his shoulder loosely. Draco was silent for a minute and Harry heard him inhale deeply.

"I mean that I wasn't always worried about looking over my shoulder. I…," he trailed off. "You were right that it was that only time. And I tried to handle the problem on my own when Pansy found me. I thought I could take care of her myself, but I didn't know that damn bitch Cliodene was in on it too."

Harry was silent as he felt his stomach churn violently. Draco was apologizing, but what did it mean?

"Look…it's not fair that you have to get your own place because I freaked out about what happened. So you can stay if you want," Draco said, looking away briefly before staring back at him.

Harry stared at him silently and finally took a step forward. "Draco…I don't understand."

The blond glanced at him and Harry saw he was looking uneasy.

"If you didn't mind me staying, why didn't you say anything before? Why didn't you come to Hermione's wedding?"

Draco shook his head slightly and then turned around. He breathed deeply and Harry approached closer.


"It wasn't easy!" Draco exclaimed, turning back around. "After I read your letter and you said…," Draco trailed off and Harry felt his cheeks heat up. "I didn't know what to do! I didn't want to face you because I didn't know how to react, ok? I just…panicked!"

Harry glanced down. "I understand. I know it's a lot to take in. You know, I've never told anyone I've loved them either. But…I thought it was time. You chose to live with me, right?"

"Yeah, it's not about that…," Draco sighed, pushing his hair back. "I've never heard it in my life and after that whole argument we had and after what Cliodene tried to do…and then I saw that letter…," he said, gesturing with his hands.

"So…?" Harry trailed off, approaching him. He was trying to understand what Draco was saying.

"Potter…," Draco said softly, as Harry came within a few feet. "I just couldn't accept that…that you saved me again. Just like you did with my father."

Harry's eyebrows furrowed. "Why?"

"I know that you're famous and all, but I just felt…like I wasn't a man because you had to come rescue me again. And it was like I was facing my parents all over again. But then I read that letter and I felt angry because I had panicked and I thought if I went after you to Hermione's, I'd just look like an idiot so I thought I'd see you at practice and when I didn't I thought…maybe you had really left. And then the captain told me you were sick so I just waited. And I couldn't get any sleep!" Draco exclaimed, gesturing with his hands. "And every day I thought about what to say if I ever saw you and I just kept putting it off because I was afraid!"

"About what?"

"That I couldn't say it back!"

Harry stared at him and Draco glanced away embarrassed.

"I've never heard it, and I've never said it…and I was afraid that if I couldn't say it then you and your friends would think I've used you this whole time and…I tried to say it, in the mirror and…"

Harry went up to him and put a hand over Draco's. "It's ok…if you're not ready, Draco. I'm sorry you felt pressured. I only needed to know if you wanted to stay together."

Draco gazed at him and Harry could clearly see the circles under his eyes. He really hadn't gotten any sleep. Harry suddenly realized something about what Draco had said. Draco said he hadn't felt like a man because Harry had rescued him. Perhaps the same applied to every day life. Harry had been so focused on the future and just keeping their relationship progressing that he didn't live in the moment enough. He kept planning things to ensure them being together and never thought that by initiating things again, that would make Draco defensive because he would feel Harry was doing all the work. Harry hadn't even thought about that. He had been so caught up in the fear of losing Draco that he wasn't allowing Draco enough of his own space to work in the relationship. And then Draco probably used Quidditch as a means to escape whenever he felt frustrated.

"Hermione's right," Harry said softly.

Draco stared at him with a confused expression at the change of subject.

"I am too reckless. I always jump into things and make decisions without thinking. I'm sorry that I tried to take our relationship into my own hands. I realize that I was doing everything without asking your opinion, like planning things with Ron and Hermione and I didn't even think…I mean, it's like I was subconsciously convincing myself that our relationship was in danger just because I expected it to be, you know?" Harry said, staring into his eyes.

Draco gazed back silently and Harry noticed Draco's eyes didn't seem distant at all.

"I guess I'm so used to having danger that it was almost like I was creating the danger in our relationship because I was preparing for it and I'm sure that made you feel horrible. And that's why you went off to Quidditch so much, right?"

Draco's lips parted in surprise and then he closed them. Harry knew he was right.

"You're not the only one at fault here, Draco. I need to work on some things too. And you know what, I think you were partly right when you used to tell me back at Hogwarts that I always tried to 'play the hero.' I think that's what I was doing. I was trying to save our relationship from peril when it really wasn't in danger, it was just me doing everything and making you feel like you contributed nothing. And then when it was really in danger…I guess we both panicked."

Draco shrugged his shoulders. And then a sly grin came onto his face. "So you admit you did like to play the hero then?"

Harry smiled back and gave a slight shrug, looking away briefly. "Maybe a little."

He gazed into Draco's eyes feeling such relief. Now that the real danger was over, Harry was going to make sure that he stepped back and allowed Draco more space. If he did that, Draco was sure to initiate more things and become more comfortable. That was why Draco had gotten so upset when Harry had set up all the plans with the blond's birthday and it was once again only with Harry's friends. He hadn't even considered to ask Draco if he wanted to invite others. Harry had taken matters into his own hands like he used to recklessly back at Hogwarts when Voldemort was after him.

Both of them had some things to work out, but this time Harry was going to let Draco take the lead. So Harry remained silent and just smiled softly up at him. Draco eventually cleared his throat.

"So, Potter…are you going to stay or…?"

Harry smiled. "I'll stay."

Draco nodded and Harry could see the blond's muscles loosen a bit. It made him feel so much better. Harry promised himself he wouldn't ever get carried away again. Harry really wanted to kiss him, but he also wanted to keep his promise about letting Draco lead more often. But just to show what he wanted, Harry moved his hand from atop Draco's and wrapped his good arm around Draco's back and pulled his body up against the blond's. Draco's hands slowly wound around Harry's back. Harry thought he saw Draco's neck move and his heart pounded. Harry made sure not to look away from Draco's eyes.

"I can't believe it…"

Harry's excitement dwindled as he jerked his head to the side to see Adon shakily getting to his feet. Draco looked at him too.

"You two were a couple the entire time?" he asked with narrowed eyes.

"Yeah, so?" Harry retorted.

Adon smirked widely. "I wonder what the captain would think about that. Maybe that you two would be too distracted with each other to play accurately."

"Seeing as how we won the championship, I doubt that," Draco drawled nastily.

Harry wanted to hex Adon and his hand almost instinctively went to his wand, but Harry thankfully fought the urge. He'd let Draco handle this.

"But I'm sure the captain would love to know what you were about to do to Harry," Draco said coldly, staring at him with an intense gaze.

Adon's smirk disappeared and Harry saw it coming. His good hand grabbed the back of Draco's cloak in anticipation, but he didn't budge. Adon whipped out his wand, but Draco already had his pointed. Harry heard the shouting of both hexes but because Adon was slower with reflexes Draco's hex hit him first, causing Adon's body to jerk around chaotically before he finally collapsed. They were able to move out of the way of Adon's hex in enough time and Harry nearly fell over on top of Draco in the process. The blond gripped him tightly and the hex hit the wall and vanished.

Harry saw Draco gaze at Adon and smile smugly. Grinning, Harry adjusted his arm around Draco.

"Wow. Quite impressive. You know, I think that turned me on."

Draco glanced down at him and Harry smiled up at him. They gazed at one another silently for a moment. Draco bent his head down and Harry reached up to meet him. Their lips touched and Harry felt his stomach flutter in response. He had missed this feeling. Harry tilted his head and reached his hand up toward Draco's hair as their kiss deepened. Harry felt his desire grow as he moved his lips over Draco's, feeling the soft intimate warmth. Draco's hands moved up Harry's back and pushed him closer.

Harry ignored the slight throb of pain in his shoulder and tilted his head again. He felt Draco's lips part beneath his and Harry pushed his body closer as he felt Draco's tongue slide into his mouth. Harry opened his mouth as they kissed deeply and allowed his tongue to slide over Draco's. Harry's fingers raked through Draco's fine blond hair as their mouths continued to move against one another's passionately with tongues intertwined.

It wasn't until Harry heard loud cheering that he opened his eyes. He heard the sound of their intense kiss break apart and Draco stared at him. His lips were a bit red from their kissing and Harry turned his head.

"Does that mean it's over?"

"Yeah. They must be doing the grand finale," Draco said.

Harry licked his lips, missing the blond's touch already. "I guess we should go out there…"

Draco nodded but before he unwound his arms, Harry tightened his grip around him. The blond stared down at him.

"So…I can get my stuff from Hermione's and I can just meet you back at our place later."

Draco's eyes glimmered and he nodded in agreement. Harry's desire was still there even as they both walked out of the Quidditch chambers. Most of all, he felt like a huge burden had been lifted. Most of his fears and suspicions had been false and he and Draco were going to stay together.

The team all got together, minus Adon, for one last cheer, holding the Quidditch World Cup in their hands. Harry stood next to Draco with a big grin on his face and he could see the victorious expression on Draco's. After the cheering died down and everyone began to leave the big stadium, Harry told Draco he'd meet him at their place. In excitement, Harry ran off to find his friends and when he spotted them, Ron charged at him and lifted him in a huge bear hug.

"HARRY YOU DID IT! Bloody hell that was awesome! I swear I almost had a heart-attack when you nearly lost that one round!"

Harry laughed. "Ok, Ron. Put me down."

His friend dropped him, red in the face from screaming and cheering and Harry smiled.

"Oh Harry, we're so proud of you," Hermione said.

Lucas nodded and gave him a smile. "You were awesome, Harry."

"Er, thanks. It was really Draco who gave the winning shot though."

Hermione and Lucas' smile faded a bit and they exchanged looks.

"So he's the one to really thank," Harry said, looking at Ron who just shrugged.

"Yeah, I guess it was a wicked move," Ron admitted reluctantly.

"It was great," Lillian said, elbowing Ron in the side.

Harry smiled and nodded. "I agree. Oh, and Hermione, Lucas, thank you for everything but I'm going to need to pick up my things from your house."

Hermione's face lit up and she leaped on him, squeezing him a little too tightly. Harry winced and patted her back.

"Er, Hermione, my arm's a little sore."

"Oh, sorry, sorry! Oh Harry, I'm so happy! I was so worried!" she exclaimed, wiping at her eyes.

Harry smiled and shook his head. "Don't worry. Everything's fine."

Ron looked back and forth between them utterly confused. "What's fine? What'd I miss?"

Harry laughed. "Nothing, Ron. It's nothing. We'll all have to get together to celebrate. You all are welcome to come to the team's celebration in Opaleye tomorrow evening."

"Really?" Ron asked, rubbing his hands together in excitement. "Bloody awesome!"

"Yeah. But tonight I think I'm just going to go home and rest a little."

Hermione blushed, knowing that Harry was going back with Draco and they probably weren't going to just take an innocent rest. Lucas wrapped an arm around Hermione's shoulders and gave Harry a smile.

"Well, you did great, Harry."

Harry could tell Lucas was also congratulating him on making up with Draco. Ron and Lillian went home and Harry tailed along in Hermione and Lucas' wizard car that had taken them there. He grabbed his belongings and gave both Hermione and Lucas a hug.

"Thanks for letting me stay."

"I'm just so happy everything's better!" Hermione exclaimed, giving him another hug.

Harry smiled and then said goodbye. He used Floo powder from their fireplace because he couldn't wait another moment to see Draco. He appeared in their bedroom to see that everything had been fixed. Harry looked around, noticing Draco wasn't there yet or perhaps he was just downstairs. Harry caught sight of something on Draco's nightstand and as he came closer he noticed it was the letter Harry had written to him. Aside it was the gift Harry had given him—it was a traditional wizard anniversary gift. It was a beautiful large opal about the size of one's fist and whenever one touched it, all the good memories of the relationship appeared in a whirl of white mist inside the opal. The opal had been placed on the nightstand and Draco had bought a box with a silk cushion inside to hold it.

Harry smiled as he went up to the opal and touched it. There was a swirl of mist and he saw him and Draco kissing in the Quidditch chambers. Harry had one arm wrapped around the blond as Draco's hands trailed up Harry's back. Their heads were tilted and Draco was moving his lips intimately across Harry's, opening his mouth to slip his tongue inside. Watching it all and remembering how it felt, Harry began to get aroused. He pulled away from it, smiling and took off his Quidditch cloak. The door opened and Draco walked inside.

Draco had taken off his cloak and uniform and was clad in his comfortable night pants. They weren't his favorite silky black ones, but they were a soft loose material and a light grey color.

"Hey," Harry said as he set his cloak down.

"Hi," Draco said, coming further into the room.

He had two Butterbeers in hand and Harry glanced at them.

"Want one?" Draco asked, shrugging his shoulders.

Harry smiled and nodded. Draco levitated the drink to him and then he shut their door. Draco walked over to the couch and Harry followed. They both sat down comfortable, opening their drinks. Draco waved his wand and the fireplace burst to life, warming the room even as the Butterbeer warmed Harry's stomach. They both stared into the fireplace and Harry soon turned to look at Draco, who was taking a sip of his drink.


The blond turned to him. "What is it?"

"I…don't mean to bring this up, you know, to ruin the nice mood of our victory and everything, but there's just something I couldn't figure out," Harry said.

Draco lowered his Butterbeer and Harry licked his lips.

"Er, when Cliodene had you under that love potion…she kissed you, like I told you, but…it was like the potion didn't work on you and I didn't understand how it happened. Not that I'm complaining, of course, I just…I don't know I was thinking about it."

Draco turned back to stare into the fire and adjusted his position on the couch. "I don't know. Maybe she did it wrong, or it wore off."

"That's what I was thinking, but if it had worn off you would've been back to normal right away and…oh."

Draco turned to face him. "Oh, what?"

"I forgot. When she was about to kiss you I panicked and I put a spell on you that sent you flying away from her," Harry said, sitting up as he thought back to it. "Your head accidentally hit the floor when you fell so you must've been knocked unconscious. That's why we both thought you were still under the effects of the potion!"

"You knocked me unconscious?" Draco drawled.

Harry gave him a small smile and shrugged. "Sorry. I was just trying to make sure you weren't married against your will."

Draco snorted and leaned back against the couch. "Yeah. Being married to her would be a nightmare even if I was a zombie. How the hell did you find me anyway?"

Harry felt his stomach quiver nervously and he took a deep breath. "I…used your shirt to trace where you were and…I have to be honest, I did some terrible things."

He glanced at the blond and Draco gazed back. His eyebrow rose slightly in curiosity.

"Like what?"

"I…tortured Pansy," Harry said reluctantly. "And used that spell that I used against you during our sixth year that really injured you. I used that on Crabbe and Goyle."

Harry sat in the silence, hoping that Draco didn't think less of him for what he did. When he glanced up, Draco just stared at him with raised eyebrows.

"Perhaps you're not completely a Gryffindor, Potter," Draco said.

Harry felt relieved and gave him a smile. "Maybe. I guess I should've known your parents were more resilient. Somehow your mom even under House Arrest told Cliodene everything. I sent a letter to the Ministry and I think they're working it out to make sure nothing like that happens again."

Draco nodded wordlessly. Harry's eyebrows furrowed as his thoughts began to wander.

"You know…I wonder if Luna was really trying to warn me."

"Luna, as in Looney Luna?" Draco said raising his eyebrows.

"She's not really that crazy, Draco," Harry said, rolling his eyes. "Anyway, she told me to beware of the Serpent Priestess. Maybe she was talking about Cliodene."

"She could've been talking about anything, Potter," Draco said, snorting.

Harry shook his head and glanced at him. "I don't think so. The secret passage that Cliodene protected with a password was only opened by the word 'Ashwinder' and that's a type of serpent right? And a priestess is someone with powers, like a witch. And they can be good or bad. So Serpent Priestess could've meant Cliodene."

Draco shrugged. "Even if she somehow sensed it, she speaks so strangely that no one can figure her out."

Harry leaned back and smiled. "You're right. Sorry. I didn't mean to bring that all up again."

"It's fine," Draco said, taking another sip.

Harry scooted closer to him until their shoulders were brushing together. Harry felt content as he stared into the fire and took another sip of his Butterbeer.

"How's your shoulder?"

Harry turned his head to look into Draco's face. "It's still sore, but it should heal in a day or two. It's just a sprain."

Draco stared at him and then levitated his drink down to the floor. "Let me see."

Harry felt his heart pound with excitement at Draco's concern and he set his drink down as well. Then he very carefully pulled off his Quidditch shirt, wincing as he had to move his shoulder a bit too much to do so. He let his shirt fall to the floor and then he turned back to Draco. The blond sat up and Harry shifted even closer. Draco touched his shoulder gently, running his fingers all around. Harry winced when Draco applied slight pressure.

"There's definitely bruising," Draco said, continuing to run his fingers across Harry's skin. "It's slightly swollen in this area," he said, circling his fingers around the front of Harry's shoulder. "So you're probably right. It's a sprain."

Harry nodded as Draco's fingers remained on his shoulder. He gazed up at Draco who glanced up from Harry's shoulders into his eyes. They were so close that Harry could feel Draco's warmth and the touch of the blond's fingers on him increased his desire. Harry leaned forward and crushed their lips together. Draco had been seated against the corner of the couch, with his body facing Harry and when Harry leaned forward he practically placed himself in Draco's lap.

The blond kissed him back fervently and wrapped his arms tightly around Harry. Hissing in pain, Harry broke away momentarily. Draco stared at him and glanced at his shoulder.

"Potter, you should probably ice it."

"I can do that later. Just try not to squeeze it, ok?" Harry said breathlessly as he leaned down for another kiss.

Draco's eyebrow rose slightly as their lips came together again. Harry's desire was heightening so fast that he groaned when he felt Draco's hands caress his bare back. Harry pressed his body fully on top of Draco's as they kissed and wrapped his good arm around Draco's neck, pushing their lips closer. He opened his mouth through their kiss and slipped his tongue into Draco's mouth. The blond groaned and his tongue slide across Harry's and into his mouth. As they kissed intimately, Draco's hands ran down Harry's back and to his pants. Harry instantly unwound his arm from Draco's neck and trailed it down the blond's bare chest toward his pants. He was grateful Draco rarely ever slept in a shirt.

Draco groaned as Harry's hand began to pull his soft grey pants down. And Harry was pleased to note Draco wasn't wearing any boxers. Draco's hands slid to Harry's hips and then around to his waist so he could unbutton his Quidditch pants. Harry lifted his body up a bit to make it easier for him. Draco tugged at Harry's pants and pulled them down. Harry moved his legs so that as the pants came down he shook them off until they landed on the floor. He was now only in his green boxers.

They continued to kiss, moving their lips over one another's as their tongues slid in and out of each other's mouths. Harry trailed his hand back down Draco's body and rubbed the blond's growing erection. Draco moaned and the grasp he had around Harry's waist tightened and he pushed Harry closer. Their kiss broke and Harry kissed across Draco's cheek and down to his neck. The blond was breathing heavily as Harry wrapped his hand around Draco's erection and squeezed it.

In a split second, Draco had pulled Harry's boxers down and Harry moved so that the boxers also slid to the floor. Then he lay down completely on Draco, allowing their naked bodies to touch. A couple of times, Draco's movements caused his sore shoulder to throb, but Harry ignored it. His lips trailed back up Draco's neck until he sought out the blond's lips again. Harry groaned loudly as his erection brushed up against Draco's. The blond pushed on Harry's hips, getting him to slide up further on top of his body. Harry spread his legs on either side of Draco's hips as he positioned himself. Harry held himself up with his good arm by placing his hand on the couch by Draco's head.

Slowly, Harry brought his hips forward, brushing across Draco's erection. The blond moaned breathlessly as the tip of his erection came to Harry's entrance. Harry groaned and lowered his hips slowly. Draco's erection squeezed past Harry's entrance inside him and Harry shut his eyes, feeling the waves of pleasure rush over him. He groaned loudly, rolling his hips forward as Draco's erection went fully inside him. Harry breathed shallowly as his heart raced with excitement and his stomach gurgled with desire. He felt Draco's hands on his hips tighten and then the blond guided his hips forward. So Harry rocked forward and they both groaned loudly.

A rhythm began and Harry leaned back down to capture Draco's lips in a heated kiss. Harry rolled his hips forward and soon grabbed the back of the couch with his good arm. Draco thrust his hips upward with the motion and Harry cried out with pleasure, tightening his grip on the back of the couch. The couch shook as Harry rocked back and forth atop him. He was so aroused that his erection was throbbing painfully, but he didn't want it to end.

Harry kissed Draco, sliding his tongue in his mouth as he pushed down harshly with his hips and then thrust his hips forward.

"Merlin!" Draco groaned, breaking their kiss.

The blond thrust inside him as Harry rolled his hips back and forth. Their breathless panting echoed throughout the room and Harry eventually straightened up. He tightened his legs around the blond's waist as he rocked back and forth harder. Draco moaned loudly, leaning his head back on the couch. Harry put his hand on Draco's bare chest as he panted, rocking forward and feeling the pleasure erupt throughout his body, making his stomach tingle. Harry suddenly climaxed, feeling the pleasure heighten so much that he leaned his head backward as he groaned loudly. Draco gripped his hips harshly and thrust upward, causing Harry's body to rock backward again. And then Harry felt Draco's climax inside him.

Harry tiredly lay down atop Draco, breathing heavily. His legs were still on either side of the blond's waist as he closed his eyes and savored the euphoric sensations. Draco's heart was pounding hard in his chest and Harry closed his eyes, smiling in contentment that they were back together. He lay on Draco for some time until the blond moved. Harry looked at him and knew they had to get up and get cleaned.

Harry got off of him and waved his wand to clean them and the couch. Draco wiped the sweat from his forehead tiredly. Sex after the championship would definitely mean they'd get a good sleep that night. The two of them dressed into their pajamas (for Draco it was for the second time) and then they got into bed. This time Harry lay close to Draco and wrapped his good arm across the blond's chest. Harry closed his eyes, feeling relief and happiness flood through him, and went to sleep.


A couple months later…

"Merlin it feels good to have a break from Quidditch," Harry said.

"Yeah," Ron said, nodding.

The two of them were walking around Hogsmeade since they hadn't been there in a while. Harry was feeling so good now that things between him and Draco were better again. Quidditch practice didn't start up again until the winter so they had several months off.

"So you going to stay?"

Harry turned to him and smiled. "Yes, Ron. I'm going to stay in Quidditch."

Ron grinned. "Bloody great, Harry!"

"Well, I love it just as much as Draco and now that I realized everything was just a misunderstanding it's obvious that Quidditch is a fine career for both of us. It does get time consuming, but we'll be there together. If we had two separate jobs and barely got to see one another, I think I'd find that worse."

"What exactly did happen? Hermione didn't really tell me much."

Harry shrugged. "Don't worry about it. The important thing is that I'm still on the team, we won the championship and Adon is no longer on the team."

Ron's eyebrows furrowed. "Was he a bad player?"

Harry raised his eyebrows slightly. "Er, yeah. A very, very bad player."

"Oh," Ron said, nodding.

Harry glanced at him. "What's wrong?"

"Nothin'," Ron muttered. "It's just…ever since Hermione's wedding mum's been pressuring me to propose to Lillian. And…I don't know, I want to, but I'm too scared. I mean, Hermione and Lucas were together several months longer than we've been together and I just don't know if I'm ready for that step. Once I'm married, my mum will start pressuring me, or guilt-tripping me rather, into having kids."

"Yeah…your mum does seem to emphasize the whole family dynamic. Oh, just so you know ahead of time Draco's against babysitting."

Ron snorted. "Like I'd ever leave the kids at your place with him around. Besides, I know how busy you both are with Quidditch. Trust me. My mum's already offered to be a babysitter."

Harry smiled. "Well, things will work out. Just tell your mum you want to make it special and you're waiting for a good time."

"Yeah. You're right," Ron said sighing. "So, you sure you can't come with me, Seamus, Neville and some guys from work to go hang out at the pub later on?"

"No, sorry. Me and Draco already have plans to go out to this nice restaurant in Opaleye. It's to make up for the fact that we couldn't go to the carnival on my actual birthday and because of all the bad stuff that happened not too long ago."

Ron nodded. "Ok. Er, you will tell me exactly what happened at some point, right?"

"Er, sure. I'll see you later, Ron," Harry said, smiling.

He waved and then apparated back home to change. Harry was at least thankful it'd be a different restaurant than the one he chose for their anniversary dinner. He didn't want to be recognized by the waiter, even though it wasn't that big of a deal. The restaurant was apparently one of Draco's favorites called Morgana's Atrium. Harry dressed in dark jeans (that were black and charmed to tighten or loosen depending on what the person wanted and they could also transform to look less like jeans by making the pockets disappear, but it kept the same material it was made out of it). And Harry decided to wear a fancier shirt this time. The shirt had a collar and was made out of a smooth, thick material, now that it was getting colder. The material was from some sort of creature with magical fur that could allow it to change its form, but Harry forgot the name of it. Still, it was a nice shirt, a navy-blue in color.

Harry was so preoccupied with smoothing his hair down and getting it perfect, being since he was in such a good mood, that he realized it was almost six. He had been out with Ron for several hours just hanging out and walking around and he had spent about an hour or so on himself getting ready. And he didn't want to be late. So Harry zoomed off toward Opaleye. The restaurant was only a couple blocks from the Firefaerie Lodge that Harry had made reservations at, but it was definitely bigger. There was a line of people and Harry was grateful that Draco had made reservations in advance.

Harry walked up front and a beautiful Asian woman greeted him. She had her hair up in chopsticks, but Harry saw the design on them magically changed every minute from blue to green. The woman reminded him of Cho a bit. Harry told her he had someone waiting and told them it was under one of their names. It wasn't under Draco's name so Harry gave her his.

"Oh, Harry Potter! Yes, of course," she said smiling. "Right this way, sir."

Harry smiled inwardly. So that was how Draco had gotten reservations only days in advance with one of the most popular restaurants. Harry wondered how he had gotten in the first time around. Harry examined the restaurant, admiring the black tiled floors with silver, gold and purple images weaved into it. It was a fancy design of spirals and flowers. And then there were marble statues of the infamous Morgana witch at every corner. There were rare plants, like the color-changing plant Neville had told him about which could affect anyone or anything that touched it to turn it the color it was presently.

And then there were House Elves and floating dishes and a charmed hologram of Morgana came out of the ceiling and floating around the restaurant before returning to her place as a moving picture in the ceiling. She had a dark face with startling white-hazel eyes and dark brown hair. She looked like an evil sorceress for certain. She wore a long black and purple cloak that covered her silky silver gown. Harry's trance was broken when the woman finally came to their table. They were seated in the back of the restaurant nearby a small magical tree with metallic silver and peach colored leaves. Harry heard that plant's leaves were used in special make-up properties for witches as they could make certain things camouflage or disappear entirely but he didn't know much else about it.

Harry saw Draco seated at the table. He was leaning forward with his hands atop his arms waiting. He looked a bit uneasy and Harry wondered if that was because he thought Harry would get upset that he used his name.

"This is a great place," Harry said as he sat down.

Draco straightened up. "Yeah. It's suppose to be the best in town."

A House Elf appeared and they both ordered the restaurant's specialty drinks.

"So, you were with Weasley today," Draco said, slightly sarcastic.

Harry smiled and leaned on his arms. "I know you two are never going to get along, but yes I was with him. We just hung out around Hogsmeade. I think he wanted to get out of the house. But I told him when he does have kids we won't be able to baby-sit and he said no problem. Apparently his mum is already looking forward to it."

Draco snorted. "How surprising," he said with obvious sarcasm.

"So, do you know if the captain is already looking for someone to replace Adon with?" Harry asked, changing the subject.

"Yeah. I heard he's already doing try-outs," Draco said.

Harry raised an eyebrow. "Wow. He really doesn't waste any time."

"He's very efficient. That's mostly why we're so prepared for matches."

Harry nodded in agreement and just then the House Elf appeared with their drinks.

"Thank you," Harry said to it.

"Oh no problem, Harry Potter sir," she squeaked. "I'm very glad to please you."

"Here," Harry said, handing her several coins.

"Oh thank you Harry Potter," she said smiling. And she disappeared with a pop.

Harry sat back up to see Draco staring at him with both eyebrows raised and a questioning look on his face.

"What was that for, Potter? House Elves can't use money."

Shaking his head, Harry shrugged. "So what? It makes them feel like they're part of the wizard community. I mean after years and years of enslavement I'm sure it's worth more to them emotionally than anything."

"It's so hard to believe you actually tortured Pansy," Draco drawled. "You can be such a sap."

"Well, I'm not completely Slytherin. And I was shocked that I tortured Pansy too. In fact, I was shocked by how far I went with them. I mean…I know they tried to kill me and all, but I almost killed Crabbe and Goyle. Are they out of St. Mungo's yet?"

Draco took a sip of the swirling drink that changed colors. "I don't think so."

"You know what's really scary?" Harry said quietly as he took a sip of the drink. It was cool and refreshing, but yet it made his stomach tingle with butterflies, like he was excited.

"What?" Draco asked, staring at him.

Harry had a hard time gazing into his eyes as the blond's eyes were highlighted by the floating chandeliers' light.

"I…I said the curse on them in Parseltongue."

Draco stared at him and he seemed surprised with the way his eyes widened subtly.

"And Hermione said she heard me say a spell in Parseltongue earlier before that. I've never…I mean, I've only spoken Parseltongue a couple times in my life and it wasn't ever while using magic. I think it actually intensified the curse, because they were bleeding so much more and…and it got both of them with one shot and the whole cement in front of them was in shambles," Harry explained, gesturing with his hands. "If I hadn't been so concerned about you, I think I would've been afraid of myself."

The blond gazed at him and his expression was surprised, but then he shrugged. "It makes sense though. Parseltongue is a very rare gift and it is itself dark magic so if you use dark magic and say it Parseltongue, it's plausible it would make the curse stronger."

"Yeah, I guess…," Harry said, shaking his head. "Anyway, sorry. Let's talk about something else."

The two of them talked a bit about random things, such as the Ministry, which was having elections soon, and then back to Quidditch, wondering what other teams they'd be facing before the championship again in the next four years. Then a House Elf appeared and asked for their order. Harry just got a fried dragon claw, one of their specialties and Draco got supposedly one of Morgana's favorite dishes: A chunk of cooked Kappa demon. Harry just stared at him and wrinkled his nose but Draco just glared at him.

"So, you think Hermione might try to kill me one of these days for not going to her wedding?" Draco asked.

"No. I mean, she probably would've killed you for breaking my heart, but not for that. She's not mad," Harry said smiling. "Why?"

Draco shrugged and looked down at his drink. "No reason. Oh, you should save room for dessert. I hear they've got the best."

Harry nodded. "Er, ok. Hopefully the dragon's claw isn't too big."

Draco nodded and took a big gulp of his drink. They talked briefly until their food came and then they were preoccupied with eating. They talked a little and Harry loved his meal. He was just so happy that he and Draco were together he didn't really care what they talked about or what they did. It wasn't until after the meal that Harry noticed Draco was looking uneasy again.

"You ok? You eat too much?"

"No, no. I just…am worried they won't have any of the dessert left."

Harry blinked curiously. "Well, er, we could split a dessert. I mean, I'm kind of full so I doubt I'd be able to eat very much."

Draco just nodded and took another sip of his drink.

"Should we ask for a menu?"

Draco gazed at him with slight surprise, but he shook his head. "No, it's not necessary. I've heard their Chocolate Pixie Tart is the best."

Harry shrugged and smiled. Draco sent for a House Elf and their dessert came floating to them moments later. It was fizzling like there were sparklers on top of it as it approached. Harry watched, intrigued as it set down in the middle of the table. Draco stared at it and Harry waited for him to take the first bite, after the sizzling stopped.

"Go ahead," Draco said, gesturing to the cake.

Draco then glanced down at his drink and took another large gulp. Harry shrugged and pulled the cake over to him. He took a bite of it and realized it was really good, albeit rich. Suddenly the cake began to move and Harry watched, shocked, as the middle of it began to sink in until there was a hole. And then something began floating up. It was encased in a charmed bubble and Harry watched as it sat floating in the air. Harry reached out and cupped his hands around it.

"Look at that! I think we found a prize or something!" Harry exclaimed.

Draco gave him an incredulous look as if he was stunned by the very thought. The bubble burst in his hand and Harry saw a dazzling silver ring that appeared to be made complete out of silver-white dragon scales. It looked rather expensive.

"Wow. This is amazing," Harry said. "Maybe I should tell the owner."

Draco's jaw opened. "What? Potter, you don't have to—"

Harry summoned the House Elf. "Excuse me, could you please get the owner for us. We'd like to let him know we found his prize."

"Of course Harry Potter sir," she squeaked.

"No, Potter," Draco said, gesturing with his hands.

"What?" Harry asked.

Suddenly in a pop the owner was standing by them with a smile on his face.

"How can I help you gentlemen?"

"Sir, I'd like you to know that we've found the prize in your cake."

The owner glanced down at the cake and then at the ring.

"Oh my! How marvelous! Well congratulations!" the owner exclaimed.

Harry smiled. "Thank you, sir. It's a really wonderful cake and—"

"Attention!" the owner exclaimed, to Harry's shock. "We need a special order of the Strawberry Horntail Egg cake! We've got an engagement here!"

Harry's eyebrows furrowed. "An engagement?"

The owner began clapping and a couple House Elves appeared with the cake. Many people turned to look at them and Harry looked around, not understanding. He looked over at Draco who had his hand over his face, leaning his elbow on the table. Suddenly, Harry's eyes widened and he stared down at the silver ring in his hand.

The owner sang a congratulations song and after clapping while some other customers looked on curiously, they left them with the cake and Harry stared over at Draco.

"You…you're proposing to me?" Harry asked.

Draco glanced up looking completely embarrassed. "Only you wouldn't have a clue."

"I'm sorry! I didn't know, I thought…it came out of the cake," Harry said, gesturing to it.

Draco rubbed his hands over his face and then set them down. "Of course it did, Potter! Anybody in the wizard world knows that it's the traditional way of proposing. You go to a nice restaurant and stick the bloody ring in the restaurant's specialty dessert and it comes floating out!"

Harry's mouth parted in shock. "I…I can't believe…I mean…it's beautiful," Harry said, looking down at the ring. "Do I have to say anything special, like a speech or something?"

Draco rolled his eyes to the ceiling and sighed heavily. "You only have to say yes or no."

"Yes!" Harry exclaimed.

There was some cheering around them and clapping, but Harry didn't even pay attention. He got out of his seat and went over to Draco, embracing him tightly. Draco patted his back.

"Potter, you're bloody suffocating me."

"Sorry!" Harry said, pulling away. "Draco this is…so unexpected," Harry said. "Am I allowed to put the ring on?"

"Yes," Draco said, sighing heavily.

Harry slipped the ring on his finger and watched as the light from the chandeliers made it glow.

"Potter, could we please go before reporters start showing up?"

Harry glanced around and saw how many people were looking and whispering amongst themselves. If word got out that it was the famous Harry Potter getting engaged, well…that would definitely call for reporters.

"Er, yeah, let's go home," Harry said, smiling.

They left money, plus a big tip, on the table and escaped from the restaurant before they became a spectacle. They arrived at home and Draco breathed a sigh of relief. Harry couldn't hold back and he leaped into Draco's arms, nearly causing the blond to fall over.

"Potter…you really are a sap."

Harry pulled away, smiling. "I'm the sap? You just proposed to me!"

Draco rolled his eyes. "And only you would turn it into a huge scene."

Harry laughed. "Yeah, I probably looked ridiculous telling the owner it was a prize. Er…you're not going to tell anyone about that are you?"

Draco's lips curled into a grin and Harry raised his eyebrows. "Sorry, Potter, it's just too pathetic to keep quiet. To think you didn't even know what a simple wizard proposal was!"

"Fine, fine. Have your fun," Harry said, feeling his whole body tingle in excitement. He had never been so happy. "It's so beautiful! Where did you get it?"

Draco shrugged. "At a fancy place in Ireland. Dragon scale items are a specialty there."

"Well I will definitely marry you!" Harry exclaimed, realizing how strange that sounded.

Draco glanced at him, blinking in surprise and then looked away nervously. Harry could tell he had probably been anxious the entire time. Harry had to admit, he had hid it well.

"So…when do you want to have it?"

Draco turned and raised an eyebrow. "It? Please don't tell me you mean a wedding."

Harry's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. "Well…of course, how else would we get married?"

"Potter, we can just elope. We don't have to do a big thing like Hermione and Lucas," Draco said, rubbing the back of his head.

Harry stepped closer and gave him a small smile. "Can we please just have a small wedding? Not even a wedding, wedding, just…a small ceremony?"

"No way, Potter! I'm not having Weasley and them there!" Draco said, shaking his head.
"I promise that Ron won't be a problem. If I have to magically glue his mouth shut or turn him into a monkey temporarily I swear he won't bother you or say anything about it ever!"

Draco turned to face him and exhaled deeply. "Fine, Potter. A very, very small ceremony."

"I swear, just Ron, Lillian, Hermione and Lucas, ok?" Harry pleaded, staring at him.

Draco raked a hand through his hair, pushing his short blond bangs back from his face. "Fine. But no more. And if Weasley says one word I have permission to accidentally push him in a lake with carnivorous Kappa demons."

"Deal," Harry said, grinning.

Harry stuck out his hand and Draco shook it. And Harry leaped forward wrapping his arms around Draco's neck and gave him a long, deep kiss on the lips. Harry trailed his nails up Draco's neck into his hair as they kissed. He heard Draco moan in pleasure from the back of his throat. And Harry couldn't stop himself from allowing his other hand to go under Draco's shirt and caress his smooth skin. Harry then grasped the ends of it and began to pull the shirt off. They broke away so the shirt could come off and then Harry pulled him back into a heated kiss.

Their tongues intertwined and Harry felt his body being guided backward until they fell on the bed. He groaned as Draco's fingers slipped beneath the waist of his jeans, caressing his bare hip. Harry wrapped his legs around Draco's waist, bringing the blond's body flush up against his. It didn't take long for them to get naked. The feeling of the ring on his finger made him so happy that they made love more than once that night.


A week later…

The arrangements for the wedding were made right away. Draco didn't want a long ceremony and he could only tolerate Harry's closest friends. Harry had sent a letter to Hermione and to Ron about it and he made sure to tell Ron that he wasn't allowed to say one word to Draco unless it was "congratulations."

It was decided that the small ceremony would be held in a beautiful and famous church in the wizard world called Lux Hall, which was in Scotland. It was a glorious marble building with columns and was one of the largest churches in Europe, at least the largest wizard church. Hermione and Lillian had helped with the arrangements and told Harry not to do anything because they wanted it to be a surprise.

And Harry was definitely surprised. Not only was it a beautiful church, but coming into it was a staircase with velvet carpeting that magically removed any dirt from one's shoes. And down the staircase was a vast open space with large ivory pillars in the shapes of the wizards and witches who were the founders of the church.

The part of the marble floor that Harry and Draco were supposed to walk down together was glowing from underneath, lighting up the trail all the way toward the large platform in the center of the room. It was a gorgeous marble platform made entirely of bronze-colored dragon scales. It glimmered and Harry could see each individual scale molded together, creating the perfect square platform. The ceiling had been made to look like it was nighttime and stars gleamed above them. The moon was also there, shining down on them and several falling stars came from the ceiling and vanished in mid-air long before reaching the ground.

And Harry's four friends were seated in the vast space in front of the platform waiting. Draco and Harry walked inside, dressed and ready. Draco had insisted that they wear the wizard wedding suits, which turned out to be more like sorcerer robes than anything. They were definitely not like muggle tuxedos. Draco had an expensive velvet black robe with silver threads weaved through it, like on the outer parts of the robe where it expanded toward the hands like traditional robes. Underneath he had on a silk white shirt and dressy black pants. Harry had on a simple soft robe in a dark green. And underneath he wore a fancy black shirt that was tight against his chest. The robes were untied, allowing their under outfits to show.

Harry and Draco were looking at the beautiful place and as they stepped down the velvet stairs Harry pressed his body against Draco's. He was a little nervous, although more happy and excited than he'd ever been in his life. As they walked down the marble pathway, Harry could see the eyes of his friends watching them. He saw Hermione clutching her hands together and beaming at them and Lucas smiling as they passed. Lillian was smiling as well, but Ron was looking a tad uneasy. However, he was forbidden from saying a word.

Harry and Draco approached the platform and stepped up onto it. The second they did the platform floated off the ground about a foot and Harry grasped Draco's arm in surprise. The blond just raised an eyebrow at him. They didn't go far, but they were floating up so everyone could see them clearly and at the same time Harry felt as though it was just the two of them standing on the glistening platform. Instantly a wizard priest appeared in traditional ivory-colored wizard robes. His were made completely out of a silky material and he seemed to be wearing a couple of layers. He had a long white beard and still some hair on his head. His light brown eyes appeared kind and he folded his hands together formally.

"We shall begin this holy ceremony here in the most sacred of churches," the older man said.

Harry listened to him talk about the importance of marriage and finding love but also he spoke highly of the founders and of Merlin who wouldn't have made it possible had he not taught so many of their ancestors magic. And then Harry and Draco were asked to turn to one another and to hold hands. Harry heard Ron grunt and then he heard him groan in pain. Lillian must've elbowed him as a warning.

"And now you may speak your vows."

Harry stared into Draco's eyes, momentarily finding it hard to breathe. Both of them had agreed to make the vows short but to the point because Draco already felt uncomfortable being exposed emotionally in front of Harry's friends. They all knew that it was Draco who proposed and Harry knew it was probably nerve-wrecking for Draco considering he had never been in a serious relationship before. Not to mention he had grown up without love and just being told to bribe he girl he was supposed to marry. It had all been about money and devotion to being a Pureblood and to Voldemort.

If Draco had married Cliodene Peakes, no doubt there wouldn't be a traditional wedding. The families would've just gotten together and Draco's parents would've given them a hefty sum of money and then other family would've given them gifts at the wedding. There would only be a ring at the actual wedding, probably provided for by Draco's parents. And the wedding would be done in a secret chamber in the groom's house and only family and supporters of Voldemort were allowed, from what Draco had told him. So this was all new to Draco and Harry was so thankful that Draco didn't turn out like his parents or former friends.

"Draco, we've been through so much together. And despite all the obstacles we faced, we still managed to pull through. That to me proves that this was meant to be. I care about you more than anyone and want to be with you for the rest of my life."

Harry saw Draco's gaze soften and he knew the blond was trying not to show too much emotion.

"Harry, despite being so different…we've made it this far together. And I too want to be together."

Harry could see Draco's face heat up. It was hard for him, especially in front of others, to say but Harry didn't need a long speech or confession of love. He knew Draco loved him. And in time, Draco would someday feel safe to say it, but until then he had already proven it to Harry when he had asked Harry to stay and when he had proposed. And that was enough for him.

Hermione blew her nose and Draco rolled his eyes to the ceiling. Harry gave him a look then smiled slightly while shaking his head. The wizard priest began to say something in Latin and then he pointed his wand at their hands. Both their hands glowed brightly and Harry's ring glistened. Suddenly writing was inscribed in it reading: Draco and Harry forever. And suddenly a bronze band with the same inscription appeared on Draco's finger. Apparently, it was wizard custom that the one who proposed would receive a bronze band. Harry's glimmering dragon-scaled ring remained the same, slightly fancier than Draco's. And both their rings glowed simultaneously and then stopped.

"And now you may kiss."

Harry turned his head and saw Ron covering his mouth, knowing Ron was still uneasy about their relationship and he had never really seen them kiss. Draco noticed this as well. Harry walked toward Draco and the blond did the same. Harry wound his arms around Draco's neck and they bent in for a kiss. He could hear Hermione sobbing again and felt his heart leap with joy at the fact that he and Draco were finally bound together.

To Harry's surprise, though, Draco wrapped his arms tightly around him, pulling him closer and began kissing him passionately. Harry opened his eyes a bit, staring at Draco in surprise. He didn't think the blond would be comfortable with such public display of intimacy. And soon he realized why. Ron made a noise and Harry moved his eye to look, although it was hard with Draco holding him close and slipping his tongue into his mouth, and Ron had covered his mouth with both hands and his eyes were wide with shock. He attempted to say something and Lillian whacked him over the head. There was a loud thud and Harry knew that Ron had fallen out of his seat. He felt Draco's lips curl into a smile through their kiss and Harry couldn't help but smile too.

They broke apart and Harry smiled, shaking his head. Draco glanced proudly over at Ron who was rubbing his head as he struggled to get back into his seat. The wizard priest blessed them and shot a spell up at the ceiling that lit up the whole room and made a ton of falling stars cascade down from the ceiling. Harry grinned up, watching and when he turned he saw Draco staring up at the ceiling too with a content smile on his face. Harry laced their hands together and leaned into his side. Draco glanced down at him and Harry just smiled.

The platform lowered and Harry and Draco came off. Hermione ran up to Harry hugging him as she wiped at her eyes. She then gave Draco a hug and he patted her back uncertainly. Lucas shook both their hands and Lillian gave them a hug. Ron shook both their hands, Draco's more reluctantly, and kept his eyes downcast when he came to the blond. Draco just smirked and Harry watched Ron's face flush red with annoyance.

There was a small table filled with desserts and drinks, just a simple reception. Harry's friends stayed around a little while, but Harry and Draco had already decided that after the ceremony they would go straight to their honeymoon. Draco had planned the honeymoon, since Harry had no idea where to go in the wizard world. Harry said goodbye to his friends and they all wished him luck. Ron did so reluctantly, but he still couldn't really look at Draco. One day Ron would just have to completely accept it. But at the moment, Harry didn't care about anything more than spending time with Draco and celebrating their bondage.

Draco and Harry went by wizard car to the luxury wizard resort. It was similar to where Lucas and Hermione went, only Draco had paid for a much more expensive room suite. There were many different pools, some of them charmed to look like the ocean and a person could swim amongst gentle creatures, and others were charmed to do interesting things like allow the person to walk atop the water if desired. Also there were many different wizard restaurants throughout the resort and many shops as well. However, both Harry and Draco decided to go straight to their suite.

Upon entering, Harry was captivated by the fresh garden smell. There were floating leather couches and chairs, a small bar where there were many flavors or Butterbeer, Butterrum and all sorts of tropical drinks that could be summoned just by requesting one. And then it would appear on the counter. The room was decorated with Quidditch symbols, obviously Draco's plan. The carpet had their team's logo on it and then changed to flash their names. There were floating candles all around and once they got into the bedroom Harry was surprised to see that the bed was floating in the air. It was huge and had black and green silk sheets. And there were also vases of flowers and magical plants, like the silver-tree plant and others around. In the center of the room was a table and it had a huge cake on it. The bottom part of the cake looked like a Quaffle ball and on top was another smaller portion of cake looking like a snitch to represent both their places on the team.

"This is bloody amazing!" Harry exclaimed, turning around to look at everything. "I hope it wasn't too expensive."

"Please," Draco drawled smugly. "I could've gotten more."

Harry turned around and grinned widely. "I know you could've."

Then Harry walked up to him and wrapped his arms around his neck, bringing Draco's head closer to him. Their lips intertwined and soon their tongues were locked together passionately. Harry moved his hands to help Draco out of his wedding robe, pushing it off the blond's body. It fell to the velvet carpeted floor and instantly picked itself up and floated over to the closet. Harry was definitely liking this suite. Harry took off his own robe and then captured Draco's lips in an intimate kiss once more. Their tongues lashed together and Harry slipped his fingers inside Draco's silk shirt, brushing across his bare chest. Draco released a soft groan and he helped move his arms so the shirt could slide off.

Harry broke the kiss momentarily, keeping his arms wrapped around the blond. He then took off his own shirt and pulled Draco toward him again. They moved backward as more clothing came off. Harry wasn't sure how to reach the bed, which was in the air, but didn't have to figure it out. Draco waved his wand, grasping hold of Harry's waist and both of them levitated up to where the bed was. By the time they were up there they were both only clad in boxers and Harry pulled Draco down on top of him. Draco's fingers went to Harry's waistband but Harry placed a hand over the blond's to stop him. Their kiss broke and Draco pulled up to look at him.

Harry grinned slyly. "You know…being since this is our honeymoon, we should go all out."

Draco raised an eyebrow. "And what does that entail?"

"I'd say a lot of teasing," Harry said, trailing his nails across Draco's back. "Or you could just take me hard."

Both of Draco's eyebrows raised and his lips curled into a seductive smile. "You want me to fuck you?"

Harry gave him a sly smile and then trailed a finger up Draco's neck. At the same time, Harry moved his leg up against Draco's, wrapping his leg around the blond's waist. Draco's eyes darkened and Harry could tell he was becoming more aroused.

Harry then raised his head and pressed his lips against Draco's chest. The blond hissed in pleasure when Harry brushed across one of his nipples and Draco pushed him down onto the bed.

"Turn around," Draco whispered huskily.

Harry grinned and then turned around to lay on his stomach. He felt Draco grip his waist from behind. And slowly Draco pulled down his boxers, making sure to run his hands along the backs of Harry's bare legs. Harry felt his heartbeat quicken as he lay his head down on the bed. Draco's hands grabbed Harry's calves and pushed them apart spreading his legs. Harry was feeling so exposed, but that much more excited. Draco came up behind him, putting a hand on either side of Harry's back. And then Harry felt Draco rub his erection against Harry's leg. Harry felt his erection, which was trapped against the sheets, twitch in arousal. Then the blond moved and rubbed his crotch against Harry's rear, also brushing up against part of Harry's sacs since his legs were spread apart.

"Oh Merlin," Harry hissed quietly as he clenched the bed sheet.

Draco was certainly teasing him. He felt Draco's warmth slip away and he heard something. His excitement rose and he felt Draco's hands on his hips. Harry's legs were still spread apart and the idea that he couldn't see what Draco was doing only seemed to excite him more.

"Lift up," Draco said.

Harry could hear the desire in his voice and Harry raised his hips slightly. Draco helped by keeping his hands on Harry's waist. Then Harry felt Draco's bare erection rubbing between his legs. Harry was breathing heavily and anticipating more. He felt the blond's tip push into his entrance, but just barely. Harry groaned with pleasure, but he wanted more. However, Draco pulled out and Harry could feel his sexual tension rising. Draco then came back and pushed inside very slowly, but not all the way. Harry groaned, shutting his eyes as pleasure made his stomach flutter. Harry moved his hips a little, wanting Draco to go in all the way. The blond went in so torturously slow that Harry's grip on the sheets tightened even more. He was breathing heavily and trying to not be overwhelmed by the pleasure coursing through his body.

And then the blond pulled out and Harry exhaled deeply. He wanted to demand Draco to have sex with him, but he had asked for the teasing. Harry didn't think he could take much more. His erection was hard and throbbing and trapped on the sheets and squeezed up against his stomach. He felt Draco's hands angle his hips a little and the blond once again went very slowly inside of him. But he hit that spot that made Harry moan loudly in pleasure. But even inside him, Draco didn't move. Harry could feel his stomach fluttering and the pleasure was tingling throughout his body but he needed more. He needed relief. His erection was already dripping pre-cum out of excitement and anticipation and Harry was about ready to tell Draco to stop teasing him. The blond pulled out again and Harry groaned in frustration. His body was already covered in perspiration and Harry was so aroused he just couldn't take it.

And suddenly he felt Draco inside him again, only this time the blond thrust inside. With Harry's hips angled just right, he hit the spot instantly and Harry arched his back up, shutting his eyes tightly as he groaned with pleasure. The blond came out and thrust back in hard and quick, causing Harry's body to rock forward with the motion. Harry cried out with pleasure as Draco hit the sensitive pleasure spot over and over and over. Harry's body rocked back and forth and the bed trembled from the force.

It went on for a while, but Harry was quite sure he had at least two orgasms. Draco too had climaxed inside of him once, but continued to thrust. Harry eventually gripped the headboard as Draco lifted his hips more and thrust in harder. Harry was panting breathlessly, unable to express the pleasure that had consumed him. Sometime later, Draco orgasmed inside him and Harry groaned at he felt the pleasure ripple throughout him, leaving his limbs and stomach quivering from ecstasy.

He could hear Draco's panting from above him and the blond slowly pulled out and collapsed beside him. The two of them lay there for some time. Harry managed to shakily get up and waved his wand to clean up the mess. Then he gazed at Draco who was lying on his back, still breathing heavily. His fair, but well-toned body was glistening with perspiration. His bangs were plastered to his forehead and one of the black sheets was wrapped partially around his leg, covering part of his privates. Harry had never thought he looked so beautiful and handsome all at once.

Harry scooted over to him and as Draco opened his eyes Harry climbed atop him, completely naked and uncovered. He bent one leg that rested against Draco's thigh and hip and the other leg was atop the blond's leg that was partially covered in the silk sheet. Harry smiled at him as they locked eyes.

"You want to try some of that cake?"

Draco breathed out deeply and raised both arms to push his hair out of his face. "Go ahead."

Harry smiled and waved his wand so the cake floated up to where they were. Harry took a chunk of it and then brought his fingers toward Draco's lips. The blond stared at him briefly with a questioning look, but he parted his lips. Harry slipped the cake into his mouth and the blond ate it. Harry then slid his fingers from Draco's mouth.

"How is it?" Harry asked.

Draco raised an eyebrow. "Good. You surprise me. I didn't realize you liked it rough."

The blond's lips curled widely.

"Sure you do. Remember our make-up-sex those couple of times? You were rough then," Harry said, raising an eyebrow back.

Harry then took a piece of cake and ate it. It was sweet and melted like Butterbeer in his mouth. But then there was a chocolate and strawberry mix that also took over his taste buds.

"Mmm…," Harry said. "This is really good."

"Of course. It's one of the best known resorts," Draco said, resting his hands behind his head.

Harry smiled and then trailed his hand down to where the silk sheet lay partially covering the blond's body beneath him. Harry's fingers touched the silky material, feeling the blond's smooth skin beneath it. Harry could tell Draco was becoming aroused and the blond gave him a sly look.

"You better not tease me unless you plan to do something."

"I wouldn't dare tease you," Harry said, grinning. "But…," he said trailing a hand down toward Draco's penis. He touched the part of the blond's crotch that was covered in the silk and rubbed his fingers across it. The blond's penis hardened and Draco chest rose with shallow breaths.

"Harry," Draco warned.

Harry stopped momentarily, stunned that Draco had said his first name. Although he still called him Potter at times, Draco was definitely becoming closer with verbalizing his feelings. Hopefully one day Draco wouldn't say Potter at all. But Harry was just glad that they were finally back together. Harry smiled at him.

"I just like the feel of you through silk. It's very…tempting," Harry said, rubbing his fingers up and down the side of Draco's penis, the side that was still covered by the silk sheet.

Draco's cheeks began to flush with desire and he stared at Harry with intense silver-blue eyes.

"I hope you're going to do something about this, Potter."

"And what would you like, Draco?"

The blond raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"How about fixing the problem you caused with your mouth," Draco suggested with a slightly seductive tone.

Harry grinned and then bent down to kiss Draco's chest. "If that's what you want."

He then continued kissing down Draco's chest and the blond arched his back when Harry hit sensitive places. Harry lowered himself down Draco's body until he got to the blond's waist where the silk sheet was still covering him partially. Harry lips trailed down the silk across the side of Draco's penis and as he did so the silk sheet came off, leaving Draco exposed. Draco breathed in heavily as Harry's mouth brushed across his growing erection. Remembering how much more excited he was when he couldn't see, Harry lifted up and grabbed the sheet.

"I think it might be more fun if you just relax," Harry said, smiling as he pulled the sheet up over the blond's body up to his abdomen.

"What are you doing?" Draco asked and Harry could hear the desire in his tone.

"Taking care of the problem," Harry said. "Now spread your legs."

The blond did so, spreading his legs even though they were covered by the thin silk sheet. Harry then went down toward the blond's feet and then ducked under the sheet. Underneath the sheet, Harry felt the soft material over his back and head and was aroused when he saw Draco's bare spread legs and his arousal up close. Harry made sure to rub his fingers along Draco's inner thighs as he approached his destination.

He saw the blond's hips arch and he heard Draco breathing heavily in anticipation. Harry could already tell not being able to see what Harry was doing was exciting him further. His erection was already bulging, practically completely erect. Harry kissed Draco's inner thigh and he felt the blond tense up. He was probably gripping the sheets as Harry had done. After ghosting up over his hip, Harry finally trailed his lips over Draco's erection. He heard the blond groan.

Harry wanted to make it special so he did something that he had never done before. He bent down toward Draco's sensitive sacs and placed his mouth on them. The blond's body jerked and he groaned loudly in pleasure. His legs moved in a bit, but Harry continued to suck down his sacs and then toward the tip of his erection. Harry then moved forward and took the erection deep into his mouth, sucking hard. Draco groaned and his legs squeezed in around Harry.

Harry sucked hard, trailing his teeth gently down the blond's erection, watching it pulse and hearing Draco's breathless moans. Harry did this for some time until he realized Draco was close and then he pulled back a little. He heard the blond breathing deeply, probably frustrated that Harry didn't give him release. But Harry wanted to try one more thing…

Harry leaned back down, brushing his lips across the sacs again and then he went lower toward Draco's entrance. Harry trailed his tongue around the entrance and Draco's whole body tensed and he groaned loudly. The blond's legs tightened around Harry's body and Harry then pushed his tongue inside the blond's entrance.

"Fuck!" Draco hissed.

Harry felt the blond climax as it dripped onto him and Harry kissed the blond's hip before he finally pulled the sheet from off of them. He saw Draco with his head tilted back and fists clenching the sheets as he orgasmed. Harry waited until he was finished before waving his wand to clean up the mess. And then Harry lay his naked body atop Draco's. He could feel the blond's heart beating loudly in his chest. Draco eventually opened his eyes and Harry reached up and kissed his neck.

"You know, they have magical wizard Jacuzzi tubs that we could try later," Harry said, trailing his fingers up the blond's chest.

Draco's eyes were still dilated from pleasure and he was still breathing heavily.

"Did you like that?" Harry asked with a sly grin. He knew what the answer was.

"Not bad," Draco shrugged, breathing deeply.

"Thanks," Harry said, smiling. "You know, Draco, we should do this more often. You know, taking vacations for just the two of us. I think that would help with the stress of Quidditch."

Draco slowly sat up and smirked in agreement. "If it'll mean not having to see Weasley as much we should do this as often as possible."

Harry laughed and climbed off him. "Yeah. This cake is really good." Harry then took another piece.

Draco moved to sit on the edge of the bed nearby where the cake was floating. He sat up silently as Harry took another bite of the delicious cake.

"I do…," Draco said quietly.

Harry turned his head to him and saw Draco looking away. "What?"

"I do…," Draco trailed off again and then shrugged his shoulders. "…You know," Draco hesitated, "…love you."

Harry almost dropped the piece of cake that was in his hand. Harry stared at the back of Draco's head for a split second with his eyes widened in both shock and awe. Harry then put the piece of cake down and crawled over to him. He wrapped his arms around Draco, pushing his bare chest against the blond's back. Harry then rested his head against Draco's shoulder.

"I love you too," Harry said quietly.

Harry hadn't expected Draco to be able to say it so soon. He wasn't sure if it was the wedding, or the fear that they almost lost one another again. Whatever happened, Harry's heart was fluttering violently in his chest. For one of the few times in his life, the other being when Sirius died, Harry felt tears come to his eyes. His nose tingled and he felt the tears in his eyes, but they didn't fall. He shut his eyes and continued to hug Draco gently.

He felt the blond's hand rest on his and he heard Draco snort lightly. "Let's not be too sappy, ok?"

Harry lifted his head and smiled, kissing the back of his neck. "Ok. After all, we've got the rest of our lives to be sappy, right?"

The blond turned around to face him and Harry could see his cheeks were a bit pink.

"You want to try the Jacuzzi?" Harry offered with a smile.

Draco shrugged and gave a small smile. "Why not."

Harry grinned and wrapped his arms around the blond's neck, pulling him in for a deep kiss. Finally, everything was going as Harry had hoped. They had had some rough obstacles and Harry realized he had to work on some things as well as Draco. But so far, ever since they had escaped Cliodene's disturbing plot, things had been going smoothly.

Ron had been a little jealous that Harry had gotten married before him, but he would get over that soon, especially because that motivated him to start planning his proposal to Lillian. And so far, his friends seemed to have accepted Draco and he had accepted them. Ron and Draco wouldn't always get along, but that was to be expected. Nothing was ever perfect. And the Malfoys, having broken their House Arrest rules by Narcissa having contact with Cliodene (through the Greengrass' illegal dark pet, which could turn invisible and enter places without being detected. The Ministry had captured it, having found it in one of the underground chambers) and helping her with the plot against Harry and Draco, were to spend a few years in Azkaban before returning to House Arrest

Crabbe and Goyle had survived but much of their memory had been lost and they would be on bed rest for a long time. And then they, along with their parents who were found later on because they came to check on them, were soon confined to a separate Ministry building built for Slytherin families under House Arrest. Pansy and her family were also placed in the building under House Arrest. Cliodene Peakes and her family were soon discovered and they had more than one secret underground place. It was harder for the Ministry to find the parents at first, but they managed to track them down. They were also placed under House Arrest. And Cliodene was also charged with using a potion illegally. Harry and Draco decided not to press charges since she would be under House Arrest.

Daphne Greengrass and her sister Astoria and their family (one of the few remaining Pureblood Slytherins, like the Malfoys) were also found out. Apparently the Greengrass family was very close to the Malfoys and had been off the Ministry's radar for quite some time. In their secret underground places other Slytherins and illegal items were found. Everything there was taken by the Ministry and the Greengrass family was questioned with Veritaserum. They had also been in league with Voldemort, although they had so many ancient dark items passed down through their family that they were able to cover their part in it very well. Until now.

The Ministry had decided not to execute any of the Slytherin families and instead placed them under House Arrest on the condition that they do nothing illegal ever again. And they were carefully monitored. Should any of them slip up again, however, they would most likely be executed. The Ministry, having been forming a much stronger policy and expanding largely to prevent another Dark Age and another Dark Lord, like Voldemort, coming in, wanted to make sure that they were well prepared. And they wouldn't give any of the Slytherin families another chance. Daphne and Astoria were charged with attempted homicide so the parents agreed to House Arrest so they wouldn't have to go to Azkaban.

And Harry was certain that eventually the Ministry would discover the whereabouts of other Slytherins and soon, hopefully, all those in favor of Voldemort would be sought out and contained. That way the next generation of Hogwarts students, even though selected in Slytherin, would not be corrupted by the previous generations, especially the Slytherin Purebloods.

Overall, Harry was content with the way things were headed. And now that Draco had confessed his love and proposed, Harry knew that they were bound together, no matter what small arguments and other minor things came their way. As Harry and Draco got down off the floating bed and headed toward the beautifully large marble bathroom where the Jacuzzi was, Harry grasped Draco's hand in his. The blond glanced at him; his bright silver-blue eyes looked content and his fair face was still flushed (probably partly in anticipation for whatever they decided to do in the Jacuzzi) and Harry smiled at him. Draco raised an eyebrow, but there was a small smile on his lips. Draco didn't make any move to release their hands. Harry clutched Draco's hand tightly as they walked into bathroom suite. And for the first time in his life he was finally truly happy.


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