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I walked into Forks High School late for my first day Charlie wanted to talk. I shuddered at the thought of his drunken talks. I walked up to the desk and asked for my schedule.

"Your Isabella Swan?" I nodded

"Well here is your schedule and your father is a great man Isabella."

"Thanks," I muttered.

No one knew how hard it was to here that. I had missed most of my first class but I still needed my teacher to sign the slip, I walked into English and asked Mr. Taylor to sign my slip. Then I sat in the front.

I was in that class for only five minutes and I heard my name whispered everywhere. I left that class as fast as I could until I ran into someone.

"I'm sorry."

"It's okay" said the pixie girl.

"I'm Alice Cullen" I smiled.

"Bella Swan."

"So what class do you have next?"

"Um... Government" She looked sad I guess she wanted to be in my class.

"Well do you want to sit we me today Bella?" I smiled my day was looking up.

"Sure" Then I went to my next class. I had people asking me random questions about Phoenix and such I was just glad no one asked personal questions. I left that class and headed to gym when I ran into someone, great two times in one morning.

"I'm sorry" I said and I went to get my books but he already had them.

"T-thanks" I stuttered, I looked into his green eyes and didn't feel scared why?

"I won't hurt you Bella.." I blanked out after that I hated those words.

Flashback Summer-Bella 12

"Bella" Charlie called he was drunk again.

"Yes" I asked when I ran into the living room.

"Bella you are getting older and well I see you've been making some friends" earlier that day Bella said Hi to a boy.

"You mean Josh?" I asked big mistake.


"No" I mumbled I thought he was going to slap me but instead he smiled. He grabbed me and said stay still.

"I won't hurt you Bella" Charlie said.

I was raped that night, and its been the same since.


"Are you okay?" I guy with the green eyes said.

"I'm fine" I grabbed my books and ran for class, praying not to see him again.

Gym sucked.

I hated basketball I thought if I left my uniform at home they wouldn't make me play.

Guess what they had an extra uniform that was my size great. Even though I had to participate in gym I did make a new friend. Angela. She asked if I'd like to sit with her at lunch, I told her I already promised Alice and I told her tomorrow she was really understanding.

I walked into lunch looking for Alice when she was suddenly next to me.

"Hi Bella this is my friend Rose, Rose this is Bella." I shook hands with the gorgeous blonde.


"Nice to meet you Bella." Then they dragged me to their table.

"Okay Bella this is my boyfriend Jasper and Roses twin brother. Jasper this is Bella." I shook hands with Jasper and sat next to Alice.

"Bella this is my boyfriend Emmett who is Alices brother, Emmett say hi to Bella." I shook hands with Emmett.

Lunch was going great, and everyone seemed nice, Rose and Alice were great except for shopping.

"Please Bella" Alice begged.

"No" I do not crack that fast.

"Please, please, please" She was not giving up. I shook my head.

"I think you should go." Said a velvety voice. Then my head snapped up to a pair of green eyes, why me?

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