Kabuto invented her way of escaping undetected. But the thought that Tayuya owed her freedom and her life to that snake sent chills up her skin.

It was rather ingenious, actually.

And it didn't hurt how Tayuya poured herself over every file, every paper, that came by her, looking for a loophole.

The light panels flickered as she twisted the dimming dial, in serious need of bulb changing. Tayuya crossed the room, removing linen from the metal surgical table and turning the adjustable lamp on. The glare from the lamp glinted against the dull metal. She pressed her palm into it. It was still warm from the last 'patient'; the smell of disinfectant stung Tayuya's nose.

Tayuya set the tray of tools she'd been carrying down. She quickly rolled up the sleeve of her robe and rubbed an alcohol on the inside of her elbow. The needle of the syringe sunk into her skin easily enough, scarlet filling the tube slowly.

Tayuya carefully set the syringe off to the side on the tray and ran through the hand signs for a simple clone. It appeared on the table. While focusing extra chakra to keep it from disappearing, she stuck the needle into the inside of its elbow. Tayuya pulled the needle out but kept focusing her chakra into the clone.

More and more and more until her chakra felt almost depleted. She pulled back her hands.

"Sit up," Tayuya commanded.

The clone obeyed. Tayuya put a folded set of Sound shinobi robes onto the clone's lap. Tayuya herself was wearing the only set of clothes she had without the Sound symbol on the back.

She dug her metal flute from her knapsack and dropped it into clone's lap as well.

"Now get dressed and back up to our room before you give us away," She hissed.

Tayuya waited until she heard the clone turn to the left at the top of the stairs to slip out. She went straight, and up another flight of stair and turned right.

Kimimaro ghosted past her without a single glance and she had to stop herself from freezing in place. He was gone when she looked back over her shoulder.

She's reached the dock two miles east of the Sound village by dawn. There was a shaggy looking man sitting on the dock, leaning against the pole a boat was fastened to.

"Hey, Red," He greeted. "You're earlier than you said you'd be."

"Got an early start," Tayuya answered.

He got up and untied the rope.

"Where do ya wanna go?" The man asked as she climbed into the boat.

Tayuya glanced back in the direction she just came from.

"I don't know. Surprise me."