After a tense breakfast in the lobby, the trio had checked Kevin's badge for any nearby signals. Finding none, they decided to continue on their path back to Bellwood. As with yesterday, Gwen plugged in the iPod and set it to shuffle. It seemed that the irksome piece of machinery was attempting an apology for its' obnoxious song selection of the day before, because it had been playing nothing but quiet instrumentals for the past hour or so.

"You know..." Gwen spoke over the song, "If you guys keep frowning like that, your faces are going to stick that way." She glanced at Kevin, then turned to look at Ben. Seeing that neither was amused by her little quip (In fact, Kevin's frown had deepened and Ben looked offended), she sighed and slumped down in her seat. Getting these two to get along for any period of time was absolutely impossible.

The hours dragged by slowly, Ben fishing a plastic bag full of chips and soda Kevin had "bought" from a vending machine out from under Gwen's seat. He picked through the chips and sodas, finding a package of Gummi bears and a Coke, and flashed Kevin a brief glare in the rearview mirror before opening his candy. Kevin glared back, his eyes returning to the road just in time for him to swerve and avoid a dead rodent.

Kevin pressed down on the gas, taking the next curve dangerously fast. He barely missed the large Fed Ex truck coming around the bend, tuning out Ben's muffled cough and Gwen's demands that he slow down. Back roads were made for speeding on! Who did she think she was to yell at him? His boyfriend? Closing his eyes briefly in an attempt to block out the sheer stupidity of that thought, Kevin shook his head. Upon opening his eyes again, he had to swerve to avoid more road kill. Gwen could gripe all she wanted; back roads were made for driving fast.

'Lay down your arms...'

Gwen glanced at the iPod with interest, "First song with words all morning..." She mumbled bemusedly.

Ben twisted up the candy bag and stuffed it in his recently emptied soda bottle. He stuck it under Gwen's seat, not sure if he was going to clean it out himself later or force Kevin to pick up after him just for spite. For now, the brunet was content to kick off his shoes to sit cross-legged and glare daggers at the back of Kevin's head.

Slowing down to go over an old bridge, Kevin glanced in the rearview to see Ben glaring at him. He could glare all he wanted, it wouldn't change the fact that Kevin was right about...About...What had they been arguing about last night? Whatever. Kevin's neck hurt and he needed to be angry at someone about that!

'...There ain't no reason for you to declare war on the one that loves you so...'

Out of the corner of her eye, Gwen noted Kevin jump a little in his seat and stare blankly at the iPod. A quick glance behind her confirmed Ben was staring at it as well. Okay, that was a little weird. A few more lines played out, soft words of love and war, backed by little "Sha-la-la"s and a harmony of voices.

"I'm sorry."

The sound of Ben's voice made Gwen jump. Incredulously, she turned back to stare at Ben, who was fiddling with his sleeves. The brunet looked up, staring directly at Kevin in the mirror.

"I don't know if you're right or not, but I shouldn't have been so stupid about it." Ben sighed, "I was being an asshole about everything."

Kevin regarded him in the mirror with a mix of uncertainty and curiosity, "Yeah, you kinda were."

"Don't push it, Levin." Ben warned mildly, though his words held no bite, "I apologized, didn't I?"

'...Use your arms to squeeze and please cos I'm the one that loves you so...'

Kevin gave a small smile, "It's cool, man. I shouldn't have said what I did, but I was pretty pissed by then."

Ben smiled back as the last few notes played out.

Head snapping back and forth as if she was watching a tennis game, Gwen could only stare at them, mystified. Those two went from hating each other to being buddies again in almost no time flat. Glancing at the upside-down iPod in the cup holder, she smiled wryly, 'I guess music really can soothe the savage beasts.'

Ben leaned forward in the back seat, staring intently at the giant, grainy image projected on the screen before them. A young woman walked out timidly, staring into the dimly lit apartment with blind eyes. She reached out, trying to feel something, anything, to guide her through the apartment. Suspenseful music built up as she took a few more steps and stumbled over a man's body, coming to a crescendo as the man rose and leapt out of the shadows and caught the woman's ankle in a vice-like grip. Gwen screamed and grabbed Kevin's hand, squeezing her eyes shut in terror. While less vocal about his own fright, the hand Ben had discreetly rested on Kevin's shoulder squeezed tightly. Only Kevin seemed calm, watching the screen with an amused grin. After a few moments of panicked scrabbling, the screen went completely black.

A police car wailed up the street on the screen, and Kevin flashed Gwen a wry smile, "You've successfully cut off the blood flow to my hand, Gwen..." Surprised, she released him with a mumble of apology. Ben noted smugly that Kevin hadn't asked him to let go.

Watching the ending of the film play out, Ben mindlessly began rubbing slow, small circles in Kevin's shoulder, occasionally sliding his fingers up to brush against Kevin's neck or curl through black hair. The credits began to roll, playing a quiet, jazzy song, and multiple cars started honking their horns as a form of applause.

Kevin laughed, honking as well, and turned to look at the cousins, "Well? What'cha think?"

Gwen shuddered, "I think I won't be turning the lights off anytime soon." She wrapped her arms around herself, "Couldn't we have seen something less freaky?"

Ben grinned, "Like what? Nightmare on Elm Street?" He looked at the flyer sitting on the dashboard, "Because that's up next, if you're interested."

Gwen only groaned, "'Horror Night.' I let you two talk me into 'Horror Night' at the drive-in..." She opened the door, "Fine, popcorn run, anybody want anything?"

The boys immediately prattled off a list of demands, naming just about every item available at concessions. Gwen waited patiently for them to finish.

"Right, Large popcorn it is." The redhead slipped out of the car and walked off across the dirt parking lot to the little snack shack.

Ben watched her go, smiling as the interior lights dimmed, and scooted over until he was behind Kevin. Leaning forward, the brunet draped both arms around his boyfriend's shoulders and rested his chin on the seat. Encouraged by the mutant's contended hum, Ben leaned even closer to pressed a chaste kiss to Kevin's pale neck. Recalling his little wet dream back at the hotel, Kevin shuddered and tilted his head to exposed more neck.

Ben was a little surprised by Kevin's reaction, but he took the invitation for what it was and kissed the raven-haired teen's neck again with more force. Shifting forward again to reach better, Ben peppered his lover's neck with hot, open-mouthed kisses. Stretching Kevin's collar out with a little tug on his sleeve, the brunet kissed the junction between shoulder and neck, pausing nervously before nipping lightly at the taunt flesh there. Kevin gasped in both surprise and pleasure, tensing up under Ben's tentative ministrations.

Surprised by Kevin's reaction, Ben jumped as well, teeth dragging lightly across Kevin's shoulder. He was about to pull away when Kevin moaned faintly, Ben's name slipping from between his parted lips. The brunet felt a heat blossom in his belly, fire spreading outward and coiling tightly in his nether regions. His confidence restored by Kevin's faint pants, Ben assaulted the mutant's neck with a renewed sense of vigor. Nipping at that same spot again, he licked and kissed the area profusely and was about to latch his mouth onto the newly discovered tender spot when Kevin let out a startled hiss.

"Hey...Benji," The raven-haired teen ground out between pants, "You're drooling...all over my shirt." A quick glance at the mirror reflected Kevin's half-lidded eyes, clouded over with lust.

Ben grinned cheekily, rubbing his hands over Kevin's broad chest, "So? What are you gonna do about it?" He nuzzled his boyfriend's saliva-dampened shirt collar.

Breath evening out, Kevin retorted cockily, "I might have to pound you, Tennyson." He shifted in his seat, aware of his increasingly tight jeans. The brunet smirked.

"Shut up and get back here, Kevin."

Later, Ben would reflect that he had never seen Kevin move that quickly...Or clumsily. The mutant had struggled to climb over the gear box, resulting in him slipping and landing with his face in Ben's lap. Trying to play it cool, Kevin rubbed his cheek against Ben's crotch while attempting to right himself. When all limbs were properly sorted out and accounted for, Ben had found himself flattened against the window with a rather horny Kevin nibbling at his earlobe.

Shrugging out of his jacket, Ben grabbed his lover's hair and pulled him away, going for the tender spot he had found only moments before. Lips resting against Kevin's pale skin, Ben murmured quietly, "I wasn't finished here..." He kissed the spot sloppily before suckling greedily on the pale flesh. Kevin pushed him further against the window and grabbed the brunet's waist, sliding one hand down to cup Ben's ass.

Ben moaned against Kevin's shoulder, his fingers pulling harder at Kevin's hair. He pulled away from the abusing spot with an audible slurping sound and leaned back to survey his handiwork. Yep...Just high enough to require an explanation...Or some decent cover-up. Having been in possession of many such marks himself at some point or another, Ben felt rather smug. Revenge was sweet.

His victory was short lived, though, as Kevin slipped his hand below the tight waistband of Ben's jeans. Finding his hand stuck, trapped by the snug belt holding those jeans up, Kevin hissed in irritation and struggled with the buckle. Once that obstacle was taken care of, he took out the button and zipper to reach his prize. Squeezing Ben's smooth rear through the fabric of his boxers, Kevin trailed heated kisses down Ben's jaw line.

Ben groaned as the motion brought their groins closer together. Blindly, the brunet grappled with Kevin's jeans, fingers slipping off the smooth denim until he finally got a good grip and managed to unbutton them. The zipper went down next, and Ben cupped his lover's manhood through his boxers. Kevin moaned at the contact, thrusting into Ben's hand. Ben's thumb lingered over the elastic waistband, but something outside the rapidly fogging windows caught his eye.

Vision partially obscured by Kevin's hair, Ben pushed his head to the side a bit. Yes... that was definitely a blur of red hair moving through the crowd. Alarmed, he attempted to push Kevin off, but the larger boy refused to move. Now in full out panic mode, Ben began hissing worriedly, "Gwen's coming back! You don't—"

Kevin cut him off with a searing kiss, "I don't care if you don't." He rubbed his nose against Ben's, "Didn't you say you had enough secrets? Ten of 'em?"

Momentarily stunned, Ben could only blink for a moment. Gwen was drawing closer toe the Camaro, and would probably notice the steamy windows soon...Coming back to his senses, the brunet grinned.

What the hell, right?

"...Then let's give her a show." He purred seductively, dragging the tip of his tongue across Kevin's lower lip.

"Sorry, guys, the line was really..." She could only stare at the scene before her.

Ben ankles were locked around Kevin's back, devoid of anything resembling pants, with only a sock to show for his modesty. His shirt was hanging from one shoulder and his jacket was nowhere to be seen. One hand was buried securely in Kevin's hair, and the other one was out of sight, though Gwen had a good idea of where it might be.

As for Kevin...His black and gray shirts were trapped somewhere underneath Ben, and his rumpled undershirt was draped over Ben's wrist. In the pants department, Kevin was still wearing jeans, though Ben looked as though he was trying his best to solve that problem. One arm braced against the window and the other disappearing into the back of Ben's boxers, Gwen noted that he was now sporting a rather impressive hickey.

Both boys looked at her with an expression of irritation and disinterest, and Kevin cleared his throat loudly to snap her out of the trance she had fallen into. Flushing with embarrassment, Gwen staggered back and dropped the bucket of popcorn.

"I...I, uh..."

So much for articulacy.

Ben pulled himself into a sitting position, sliding one leg from around Kevin's waist to curl around his knee, "You, uh, what?"

The redhead swallowed, trying to regain her composure and failing, "I'll...leave you two alone." She slammed the door and fled.

Gasping for air, Gwen sat on the bumper on an old station wagon. Staring pointedly at the screen but not really seeing anything, the Anodite tried her hardest to ignore the green Camaro a few cars over, which had started rocking back and forth on its wheels.

I'm sorry, I was listening to that song and it just worked its way into the fic. I tried to make a limey make-out scene to make up for it. I don't know. This was the final chapter, by the way.

P.S. J.T. and Cash are making out in the car she sat on. NOW THERE'S SOMETHING YOU CAN'T UNSEE.