Hate Me

Summary: How could Itachi do something like this to the only person who ever loved him? The only person HE ever loved for that matter. Summary sucks i know! Ita/Sasu , slight Sasu/Naru. YAOI! (boy on boy action!), UCHIHACEST! Don't like then don't read! Rated M for language and adult themes. OOC will occur...

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Present - Itachi- This means we are currently in the present and we are focusing on what Itachi is doing.

Present - Sasuke- This means the same as before only we are focusing on Sasuke.

Present - This means we are in third person point of view in the present...duh...

Past - Itachi - Same as the other only it's taking place in the past.

Past - Sasuke - are you starting to understand?

Past - Jesus!! Please tell me you are getting this!

Chapter 1: Happy Birthday.

Present - Itachi

Itachi looked down at his painted nails. The black was starting to chip so he mindlessly picked at it. Hist thoughts were running a hundred miles an hour. He stole another glance at the picture on his bedside table but quickly looked away again.

Sasuke, Itachi's mind stopped at the thought of his little brother. His mind started to recreate the image of his brother as he used to be. As he was when he was only a mere child.

Itachi shook his head violently to try to rid himself of the oh-so-familiar pain that was swelling in his heart. He looked once again at the picture before standing to leave. ...Happy birthday Otouto... With that, the raven left his room and locked the door.

"Ay! Itachi, we've got another mission!" Kisame waited for Itachi at the end of the hall before both Akatsuki members telaported out of their current living quarters.

Present - Sasuke

"H-how...was that...for a birthday present?" Naruto whispered in between his ragged, panting breath.

Sasuke smirked and pulled his blond lover to his chest as they relaxed from their love making, "One of the best presents I've ever gotten."

"Only ONE of the best?" Naruto pouted.

"Well I seem to recall you gave me that same present last year. Am I right?"

"Yeah well...which was better, this year's present or last year's?"

Sasuke smirked again, "Hmm...well... I think last year's was A LOT better."

Naruto hit him playfully, "Teme..."

"Love ya too Dobe." Sasuke smiled and only pulled the blond closer.

Naruto snuggled into the warmth the raven was offering, "Happy birthday...Sasu-chan."


Itachi flopped onto his bed and sighed into his pillow. He never understood why even on weekends he managed to wake up so god damn early! He let out another sigh as he felt the familiar sting on his left wrist start to slowly subside. The Uchiha prodigy silently wished the pain of last night's actions wouldn't leave so quickly. He turned over on his side and lifted his black wrist band off of his wrist and peeled away the bandages that had been hiding under it. The blood had stopped seeping out of his self inflicted wound and he sighed once more.

"Aniki!!" Sasuke's voice rang through the halls outside of Itachi's room. Itachi quickly re-wrapped his wound and placed the wrist band carefully over the bandage.

Sasuke burst though the door and literally flew onto Itachi's bed. The elder Uchiha completely forgot about his stinging wrist and pulled his otouto to him.

"Good morning Sasuke. You're up early." Itachi ruffled the boy's hair.

"Good morning Aniki. Guess what today is!!"

Itachi smiled. he knew very well what the day was but he loved how excited his younger sibling got, "I don't know Otouto. Tell me."

"Itachi!" Sasuke growled, "Today is my tenth birthday!!"

"Ah yes, of course I knew that Sasuke." Itachi lifted his brother's chin and brought their lips together quickly, but lovingly, before pulling away, "How could I forget something as special as my otouto's birthday?"

Sasuke's reply was to snuggle up closer to his brother/lover. The only attention Sasuke ever got was from his brother. Whether it just be hugging and snuggling, or having sex. Sasuke loved his brother more than anything. Itachi was the only one in their clan to love him back.

Sasuke's eyes suddenly widened in worry, "Aniki!! There's blood on your arm! What's wrong?!"

Itachi mentally cursed and looked down at his arm. The wound must have started to bleed again and it was bleeding a lot. Itachi gently but hurriedly pushed his brother off his lap and went into his bathroom. Without even thinking he closed and locked the door behind him. He got to the sink and pulled off the wrist band and the now blood-soaked bandages. His cut was definitely bleeding bad. "Shit shit fucking shit!" Itachit got some more bandages and applied a lot of pressure to the wound. Once the bleeding stopped he wrapped it in a clean bandage and put his wrist band back in place. He walked out to see a worried Sasuke twiddling with his pillows.

"Aniki are you ok?" Sasuke looked as if he were about to cry.

"I'm fine Sasuke. It was just a wound from my last mission that re-opened. It's nothing." Itachi sat back on the bed and hugged his brother in attempts to calm him. It worked and Sasuke mindlessly pulled his brothers "injured" arm to him to comfort it. Itachi closed his eyes and cursed silently.

This was the last time he'd cut himself directly on his veins.

Sasuke spent the entire day with his aniki. The events of the morning had completely left his mind and he was perfectly and completely happy. Well...sort of. He had hopped at least his parents would have got him a gift, or even just said a simple "Happy Birthday Sasuke!" but that hadn't happened. Not even his mother. Here lately she had been more worried about Itachi and his father. They had been getting into a lot of fights the past couple months and they were only getting worse.

"So Sasuke. Where would you like to go now?" Itachi handed his little brother some of the candy he had just bought for the boy.

"I don't know Aniki. Cant we just go somewhere to hang out? Does it have to be specific?" His older brother was basically spoiling him today.

"Sure Otouto...whatever you want." Itachi let his brother lead the way to "nowhere specific".

They walked for a while till they came to a park that was deserted save a few stray cats. They sat on a bench and Sasuke intertwined his fingers with the elder Uchiha's. Itachi smiled down at his younger brother and noticed how deep in the thought the boy looked. Sasuke mindlessly started playing with his hair as he stared down at the ground.

"Itachi...can I ask you something?"

"Of course."

"Why does everyone hate me." Sasuke kept his gaze down at the ground.

Itachi was honestly taken by surprise, "What do you mean Sasuke?"

"I mean...why does everyone in our clan love and adore you...but they all despise me."

Itachi pulled Sasuke's head up to look at him. The young raven's eyes were filled with hurt. "Sasuke...they don't hate you."

"Yeah they do. Even Mom does now too. She never really even talks to me anymore. I'm not stupid Aniki, I know that everyone thinks you are the best and I'm just the younger brother who cant do shit." A few tears ran down Sasuke's cheeks. They were quickly wiped away by Itachi, though.

"Sasuke..." Itachi didn't know what to say to comfort the boy, because he knew it was true. He knew that every fucking person in their god damned clan thought of his beloved little brother as a nobody. He knew this and he hated it, because what they didn't know was that Sasuke may be the strongest of all. Even though the boy knows that he will never be as loved as Itachi, he is still happy and he still has self respect. That's much more than Itachi has.

Suddenly the stinging on Itachi's wrist returned, as if on cue. Itachi felt a wave of shame over come him. Here he was, cutting himself to take away his self pitty and pain that truly didn't exist when his little brother was the one who had a real problem. "Sasuke...you know I don't hate you. You know that you, and only you, are the one person that I love. And that will never, ever change."

Sasuke smiled and snuggled into his brother's chest, "Yeah I know Aniki. I love you too."

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