A/N: There's this delightful little drabble request meme going on on Live Journal, and I couldn't resist going through it and trying my hand at all the different requests there, or at least, ones that haven't been replied to yet. I want to try my hand at different pairings, you know, to challenge myself. It's delightfully fun. So I decided that I'd then take what I wrote and post them here for everyone else to enjoy, of course, I have to get permission from the requester to do so, so this one is from sparkism.
Title: running the risks but not giving up
Pairing: Emmett/Jasper
Prompt: too much gambling isn't healthy
Words: 107 words
Disclaimer: The Twilight series and its characters belong to Stephanie Meyer; I only borrow them for this non-profit work. I get practically NOTHING out of doing this except my own enjoyment and hopefully that of others.

. running the risks but not giving up .

They both know it's wrong, completely unethical. But that doesn't stop them, because frankly, why should it being unethical stop them?

Rosalie has told them, too much gambling is bad; but that doesn't stop them. Each day, every stolen moment, every kiss, is a gamble. They always run the risk of being found out, of revealing what they're doing.

The suspense, fear, it only heightens the gamble; makes it all the more worthwhile. This is one gamble neither is willing to give up on.

Because, frankly, they couldn't give a shit if it was healthy or not. After all, when you're already dead, your health isn't really your biggest problem.