More was soon to come…

Ukitake arched and felt his oversensitive body respond to Shunsui's light touches on his abdomen. He couldn't imagine anything feeling better then what had just happened and wondered if he was about to be proven wrong. He could still feel the aftereffects of his orgasm running through his body as he watched Shunsui's fingers smooth through their combined come.

"Mmm, spread your legs for me, Jyuu." Ukitake felt his body automatically respond and gasped as one of those come slicked fingers trailed down his rapidly hardening cock to tease his entrance. Then his body arched and shuddered as that finger slid smoothly inside of him like it was destined to be there. He could feel his cock come to full hardness and begin to drip as Shunsui's finger glided easily in and out of his body. He felt another finger enter him and shuddered when the brunettes other hand slid down his body to wrap around his hard shaft. The white haired man couldn't stop his body from moving as he was caught between the two different sensations, it was almost too much "Ahhha, Jyuu, just stay still and let me explore, I've been wanting to for so long." Ukitake felt his breath catch and tried to control his body for his roommate and now lover so the man could explore him fully.

Shunsui smiled and leaned down to catch the trembling lips below his as he began to scissor his fingers in Ukitake's tight passage. He enjoyed the exploration but had no problem with multi-tasking to make the main event that much easier. He could feel Ukitake's body tremble in his arms and knew that he had the white haired man right where he wanted him. He heard a disgruntled whine from the man below him when he removed his hand from the straining cock. He chuckled at the almost childish whine before smoothing his through the cool come on his body and wrapping his hand back around the straining erection. Ahh, that sound was much better.

Ukitake whined when Shunsui removed his hand from his cock and looked up at his roommate to ask why. He was cut off, however, when that hand smoothed over his stomach and then tightened around his arousal again, stroking up and down smoothly. He couldn't stop the guttural moan from leaving his mouth as Shunsui's talented hands manipulated his body. He could feel his roommate's hand speed up on his weeping cock as a third finger entered him and couldn't stop another moan. Ukitake felt Shunsui's mouth cover his own again before his hands quickened their movements on and in his body. He heard himself cry out when Shunsui's fingers impacted his prostate and felt his cock jerk as he came hard over the brunettes hand.

"Mmm, Jyuu, now that was a wonderful, reaction. I wouldn't mind seeing that happen again." Ukitake groaned at Shunsui's words and felt his body shudder once again as the fingers inside of him were suddenly gone. He felt a hand sweep through the fresh come on his body before Shunsui was moving. He felt the brunettes body settle over his again and watched the, very erotic, sight of Shunsui slicking himself with his come. He heard himself groan before he felt the breath on his ear. "Only I want to be inside you when it happens this time." Ukitake's eyes widened when he felt his legs parted even wider and Shunsui's hot erection pressing against his entrance. Ukitake looked up to see Shunsui's worried brown eyes looking down at him. "Are you sure you want to do this, Jyuushiro?" Ukitake just nodded and took a deep breath when Shunsui pressed forward into his body.

Shunsui shuddered as he felt himself slowly enter Ukitake's body. It was like being inside a girl but only ten times tighter and hotter which made it at least ten times better. He could feel hot, tight pressure all around his overly sensitive cock and couldn't help but grunt when that pressure suddenly clamped down on him. He stopped and took a deep breath when he heard a strangled cry erupt from Ukitake's mouth. He looked down to see the white haired mans eyes closed and his hands tightly gripping the sheets below him.

"Shh, just calm down and hold unto me, I got you. Just relax." Ukitake nodded at Shunsui's words and reached up to grab the brunettes shoulders again as he forced his body to relax. He felt Shunsui's hardness slide deeper into him as his body relaxed and moaned from the feeling. He couldn't believe how different it felt with Shunsui then it had ever felt before. He grunted when he felt Shunsui withdraw then thrust sharply back dragging against his sensitized prostate.

Shunsui took this as a good sign and began to thrust steadily in and out of Ukitake. He could hear the steadily hitching breath of the man below him and knew that Ukitake was enjoying the situation as much as he was. He felt the hands on his shoulders dig in and Ukitake's strong legs wrap around him as he continued to thrust into him at a steady pace.

Ukitake wrapped his legs around Shunsui's waist and moaned as the man began to move in him faster. He could feel himself shudder when the brunette slid his hand back down and stroked his erection once again. He couldn't believe that he was hard yet again even though he had already come twice in a such a short amount of time. If this was what the brunette could do to him then he might just kill him one day. Ukitake's thoughts were once more cut off when he felt Shunsui grip his cock hard and thrust point blank against his prostate. He literally felt his mind go blank then white as he had his third intense orgasm of the night.

Shunsui grunted as Ukitake's body tightened around him and he felt the white haired mans cock jerk and spill hot liquid over his hand. He felt his own orgasm approaching and barely thrust three more times before his body tensed and spilled into Ukitake's. He would have said he saw stars…hell he did see stars even if he didn't believe it was possible. He heard a groan before he collapsed and belatedly realized that it was his own. Shunsui shifted his body and laid half on and half off of Ukitake while he tried to remember the pattern for breathing. Apparently his white haired roommate was having the same problem because he could feel the chest under him moving rapidly up and down. He felt Ukitake shift under him before the sickly mans breathing evened out into sleep. Shunsui curled his body around Ukitake's before falling into a deep sleep also.

Ukitake smiled and smoothed his hand over the dark hair lying in his lap. He always loved moments when he could sit with his lover and reminisce over the past. He could hear the dark haired man snoring lightly and chuckled before leaning down to kiss him his white hair falling around his ears. Apparently love and tenderness do last.

Even for thousands of years.

AN: OK, so this is just pretty much a smutty add on for my fic Tenderness. I wrote it for liralenli over on Y! Gallery. I enjoyed writing it and I hope that you enjoy reading it!

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