It's me again! Don't worry I'm still working on "Cheer up Sleepy Jean" but this was just an idea that popped into my head and I felt the need to post it first! "This" is just a series of instant messaging conversations that I wrote between the Chipmunks/Chipettes. I only have the first two chapters done but rest assured there will be more to come in the future!

Obviously I do not own Alvin or the Chipmunks or the Chipettes, if I did I'd would not be sitting here making up instant messaging conversions for them (there wouldn't be a need to since I could just IM them myself! lol)

Happy readings! :)

IM log between HottestChipmunkAlive & GIRLofROCKnROLL#1

HottestChipmunkAlive: heyy babe! wats up?

GIRLofROCKnROLL#1: ugh, it's you!


HottestChipmunkAlive: glad to see u 2 lol

HottestChipmunkAlive: nuttin much, i'm so bored!

GIRLofROCKnROLL#1: so you only IM me when your bored?

HottestChipmunkAlive: ya, pretty much


HottestChipmunkAlive: ;)

HottestChipmunkAlive: 8-P (this is what u look like whenever u see me)

GIRLofROCKnROLL#1: jerk!

HottestChipmunkAlive: loser!!


HottestChipmunkAlive: WANNA BE!!

GIRLofROCKnROLL#1: ha you would know!

GIRLofROCKnROLL#1: btw alvin, i've been meaning to tell you- ditch the hat! it's the same as the one James Jonson from the Jonson Brothers wears except his is black

HottestChipmunkAlive: WHAT!?


GIRLofROCKnROLL#1: oh please, why would the lead singer of the most popular boy band sink so low as to base his fashion off of you?

HottestChipmunkAlive: maybe because i'm the "lead singer of the most popular boy band" and john-what's-his-face wishes he had my good looks!

GIRLofROCKnROLL#1: lol ya sure

GIRLofROCKnROLL#1: just admit it alvin- you're jealous

HottestChipmunkAlive: haha i take back what i said earlier, ur not a wanna be- ur CRAZY!


HottestChipmunkAlive: btw did u see the latest picz of Millie Dakota online? that gurl is HOT!

GIRLofROCKnROLL#1: idk what guys see in her, she's such a slut! she gives us decent celebrities a bad name!

HottestChipmunkAlive: why britt, is that jealousy i hear?

GIRLofROCKnROLL#1: like i have any reason to be jealous of that brat! i wouldn't be surprised if she ended up pregnant before she's 16! anywayz i'm so much better than her!

HottestChipmunkAlive: oh, so does that mean you plan on getting pregnant before she does?

GIRLofROCKnROLL#1: i swear idk why i put up with you!

HottestChipmunkAlive: is it perhaps because of my exceedingly good looks and incredible sense of humor?


HottestChipmunkAlive: admit it ur in luv w/ me!

GIRLofROCKnROLL#1 has signed off

HottestChipmunkAlive: awww i didn't mean it

HottestChipmunkAlive: :(

HottestChipmunkAlive: COME BACK!!


HottestChipmunkAlive has signed off

Pretty cool, right? It's ok I know you're probably sitting there thinking "This chick needs to get a life!" Unfortunately I've heard that before. What I haven't heard is what you thought of Alvin & Brittany's little convo (or fight rather!) So before you go about your busy day, PLEASE LEAVE ME A REIVEW! Gracias!