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IM log between BrainsIsBeauty & SimonJSeville

BrainsIsBeauty: Hello Simon! I hope I'm not bothering you, but I was wondering if you would mind helping me study for my chemistry exam? (I would ask my sisters, however, they understand the material even less than I do.)

SimonJSeville: Nonsense Jeanette, you could never be a bother to me. I'd be more than happy to assist you any way I can.

SimonJSeville: What chapter is your test over?

BrainsIsBeauty: Chemical reactions.

BrainsIsBeauty: I know it's more your area of expertise than mine.

SimonJSeville: I wouldn't say that, Jeanette. You're a great little chemist yourself.

BrainsIsBeauty: Why thank you. But experimenting on my own is quite different than writing out formulas and determining reactions. I can't stand figuring out the theory behind everything. I'd rather just do. Not spend time calculating all the possible out comes. To me that ruins the wonder of discovering something yourself, if all you have discovered was your previous assumption or conjecture.

SimonJSeville: So what you're saying is you don't see the necessity for formulating a hypothesis and would rather jump around without using the scientific method?

BrainsIsBeauty: I am not saying that hypothesis aren't necessary. I'm just saying, why waste all that time working out something that may not even happen? When you could better spend that time learning what does work.

SimonJSeville: You would be willing to take a chance like that? Before stopping to try and comprehend the method behind it all? That sounds too risky, in my opinion.

BrainsIsBeauty: Life is full of risk, Simon.

SimonJSeville: Anyways, you were saying you didn't grasp the concept of chemical reactions. Was there a specific type of reaction you wanted help with?

BrainsIsBeauty: No, I guess I was just having trouble with the products formed by them.

BrainsIsBeauty: I mean, does it really make sense that two substances that are so similar could combine and produce a product completely different?

SimonJSeville: I see your point, but not all substances that combine during a reaction are alike, take oxygen and iron for example. One's a gas and one's a solid but together they form the iron oxide known as rust.

BrainsIsBeauty: Mhmm, true.

BrainsIsBeauty: I wonder what would happen if the oxygen was to afraid of the outcome and decided it didn't want to react to iron.

SimonJSeville: I'm afraid I don't follow…

BrainsIsBeauty: I'm saying, what if the oxygen was afraid of taking a risk because it couldn't be sure of the exact result.

SimonJSeville: I doubt oxygen would do that Jeanette, it's a chemical element without the choice of free will.

BrainsIsBeauty: I was speaking metaphorical.

SimonJSeville: Oh, well in that case, I think the oxygen would be quite foolish to not take a risk, despite any uncertainties it might have.

BrainsIsBeauty: Do you really believe that Simon?

SimonJSeville: Yes, I think I'm starting to.

BrainsIsBeauty: Thanks for all your help tonight Simon, I think understand reactions better now.

SimonJSeville: I think I do too.

BrainsIsBeauty: Well, Brittany's bugging me to use the computer so I better get off.

BrainsIsBeauty: Good night Simon, see you tomorrow!

SimonJSeville: Hold on a minute, Jeanette.

SimonJSeville: Say, (and this is only theoretical) but say that the oxygen does make the first move to react with the iron. Would the iron want to form a chemical reaction as well?

BrainsIsBeauty: Yes Simon, I think she would.

BrainsIsBeautyhas signed off

SimonJSeville: Well that's good to know…

SimonJSeville has signed off

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