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Naruto's Demise...

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Standing on the head of the first Hokage...Uzumako Naruto...the sixth Hokage...

On the head of Madara...Uchiha Sasuke...The leader of the almost extinct Uchihas..

They meet once again in a fight that cannot be won. "Sasuke...I've let you run twice...but this time I won't lose!" Sasuke opened his eyes revealing his new sharingan.

"Naruto you think because you are hokage you can stop me!...I've gained more power since I've left..." Sasuke pulled out a kunai and got ready. "Naruto this time there is no holding back!"

Naruto and sasuke charged at each other. Naruto punched Sasuke in the gut and then kicks him into the ground. Sasuke shot up and and began to land a flurry of hits. Naruto dodged most of the hits and then kicked Sasuke away.

"grrr...how can I still not get you!!" Naruto smirked. "As long as I hold the hiraishin technique my father used it's impossible to get me." Sasuke growled and pulled out a katana from his back.

"again with the swords Sasuke?" Sasuke growled again and charged at Naruto. "This time I will take you to Madara himself!" Naruto's eyes widened then blocked the hit with a kunai.

Sasuke and Naruto clashed and were in a contest of strength. "I spent so many years trying to find you...so much time!...and Yet you join Akatsuki!!" Sasuke began to push Naruto down by adding force to the sword.

Naruto was down on one knee when He pushed Sasuke off and swung the kunai forward leaving a cut on Sasuke's shoulder. "what the..." Sasuke said as he saw blood drip from the wound on his shoulder.

Naruto smirked and pulled out a second kunai and extended both with a longer blade of chakra. Sasuke's eyes widened. "What in the world did you just use.." Naruto smirked again and got in a stance.

"Why don't you come and find out..." Naruto charged at Sasuke and began swinging both kunai at sasuke's sword. "damn it!" Sasuke kept knocking away the blows then jumped back and formed hand signs.

"Fire style! Grand fireball Jutsu!!" Naruto sliced the fireball in two but the kunai caught on fire. "heh...Wind style: Tempest Wind fang!" A large wave of fire and wind hit Sasuke sending him back.

"damn it!" Sasuke ran at Naruto and swung his sword but he flew back again. "Chidori!" Sasuke's hand began to glow with electricity. "DIE!!" Sasuke ran at Naruto but he flew back and got hit in the gut by Naruto's rasengan.

"Ngh...damn you Naruto...I'll get you...just you wait..." Sasuke disappeared in a cloud of black smoke. Naruto growled again and screamed. "DAMN IT!!" He walked back to the village when he ran into a person.

"oomph!" Naruto said as he fell back. "I'm sorry..." A girl with dark blue hair helped Naruto up. "it's ok..." Naruto said as he was beginning to walk away. The girl stood there quiet then a man walked next to her.

"Are you ok? I told you not to leave the camp..." The girl looked down and mumbled out an O.k. "Hey buddy calm down...she was probably looking for something.." The guy looked at naruto and his eyes widened. "Uzumaki Naruto the sixth Hokage.."

Naruto sighed and turned. "and who might you be?" The guy looked at Naruto. "My name Is Sasruto Uchiha...I was created by Orochimaru but escaped...as of now I am one of the last standing Uchiha..."

Naruto looked at sasruto. "you look just like Sasuke..." sasruto growled when he heard Sasuke's name. "That fool...he was my father...now that he left for the akatsuki...there is no point in calling him father anymore."

Naruto sighed again then walked off. "If you people need refuge the leaf village will always be open for you..." Another man walked next to Sasruto and talked to him then walked away.

"Hokage-san...we will take you up on your offer...may we accompany you to the village?" Naruto nodded then continued walking. "Hokage-san...mind waiting for a bit while we pack our things?"

Naruto nodded again and sat down waiting for them to finish packing. Sasruto and his group picked up the rest of the things and set off with Naruto back to the village.

Once he got there he was greeted by Hinata. "Hina-chan!" He called out as he hugged her tightly. "Naruto-kun!" She said as she hugged back. "So what happened with Sasuke?" Naruto frowned then looked down. "He escaped again..."

Hinata kissed Naruto to cheer him out. "hina-chan..." Naruto said as he kissed back. Naruto looked around then remembered sasruto and his group were following. "oh Hina-chan this is sasruto and his group...Sasruto is an Uchiha one of the last standing and Sasuke's son."

Hinata's eyes widened. "He's sasuke's son!" Sasruto sighed. "Yes my name is Sasruto Uchiha...and all I require is a place to stay and that is it..." Naruto nodded then pointed to a house. "you can stay there and come by the hokage tower when you're settled there is something I have to discuss with you.."

Sasruto nodded then walked off with the group. Meanwhile Sasuke was in Akatsuki's lair talking with someone. "so you're an experienced demon hunter..." The person pulled down their hood.

"yes...I can deal with any demon...my family is full of demon hunters...but due to the recent slaughter only me and another remain.." sasuke grinned. "so that means you can get rid of that damned fox inside of inside of him...actually kill him..."

sasuke said covering the place in a maniacal laughter. "Yes...Sasuke-sama..."He looked over to a girl then nodded. "let's go sis..." The boy walked out wearing Akatsuki robes and a ring. "Go Roy...of the kanan family...show him the power of a demon hunter..."

The girl looked like she was about to pass out when Roy turned. "U ok sis?" The girl nodded then followed Roy. "Yes I'm fine but why do we have to kill Naruto?" Roy sighed and began walking. "we have to do it cause he promised to aide us in rebuilding our family..."

The girl nodded then followed Roy. As they walked for hours they made it to a large gate. "we're here...now to complete our mission and kill the fox..." Roy said as he disappeared along with his sister.

End of chap 1

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