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Sasruto Growled as he rushed in and extended his arm out, lightning surging around it. "Die!" He yelled out with a demonic snarl. Sasuke held his head as energy surged from his body. "Susano-o!!" He yelled out as the energy formed a large demonic-looking illusion making Sasruto's eyes widen and jump back in defense.

Meanwhile X rapidly formed seals. "This is it!" He yelled out as the air around him burst with massive flames forming a large dragon. "Fire style! Immortal dragon Jutsu!" He yelled out as the dragon flew in and impacted Madara making him burn slowly. "Thats not it! Take this also....Fire style! Supernova!" He then compacted his hands making the flames compress as much as they could.

Madara winced as the flames intensified then grinned. "Is this all?......how pathetic..." He said as he swung his arm sending the flames into Yuki. Her eyes widened as she became encased in flames. "Finish off that technique and let her die or will you back off" He said with a grin. X growled then let his arms fall to his sides as the flames disappeared.

"Thats a good boy" He said as he walked past X and walked towards Sasruto, Naruto and Sasuke. "Sasruto....You WILL Release as much power as you can!" He said as he turned his eye at Sasruto then walked over to Naruto with a grin. "No more interruptions.....We WILL finish our battle." Naruto sighed then drew a three pronged Kunai.

"If we finish this....we do it away from here" He said as he ran towards Madara and disappeared along with him. Sasuke growled as he saw Sasruto break through Susano-o and sink his arm into his chest. "H-how...." He said as Susano-o disappeared and blood dripped from his mouth. "How did you....break Susano-o"

Sasruto growled as his tails shot up to three making him overpower Sasuke and send him through a building completely destroying it. X's eyes widened as he saw Sasruto's power. "Sasruto stop it! You have to regain control of yourself! Don't do this!" Sasruto just looked over at X then rushed at him with his fangs and claws out.

"Damnit...I didn't want to do this..." He then closed his eyes and aura began to surge around him forming a tail similar to Sasruto's. "Fire style! Multi Dragon barrage!" He yelled out as flames erupted and fired from all directions at Sasruto binding him in place. "Now to seal i-...h-how?" He said wide-eyed as he saw Sasruto standing in front of him with a fourth tail growing.

"Grrrr....I guess I have to do it..." He said to himself as he began to form hand seals. "Blazing Chidori!" He cried out as he ran at Sasruto only clashing with a large arm made of chakra. "Thats not all! Fire style! Big bang!" He yelled out as he blew out a large flame which exploded on contact with Sasruto sending him back. "Now to end this! Blazing Chidori!" He called out as he thrust his arm forward only to be stopped by multiple chakra arms.

"grrr...This isn't going as smoothly as I thought..." He mumbled to himself as he drew Ryo and covered the blade in pitch black flames. "Time to get serious!" He yelled out as Sasruto roared leveling everything in the area. "Raaaaa!!!!" He yelled out rushing at X with his arms ready to strike.

Dezray looked at the area where Naruto and Madara had disappeared. "no....he went there....this is bad!" She said as she ran towards Hallow and began shaking him. "Wake up! I need your help you idiot!" Hallow groaned as he slowly opened his eyes and noticed he was in some rubble. "Dez....what happened?" He replied weakly as he sat up.

She pointed at the kunai on the ground. "He went to the underground cavern Jiraya and Tsunade built in case the fox were to be released! As long as he's there he's able to summon the kyuubi to his will...but the cost of that.....is his life..."

Hallow then looked over at X and Sasruto who were still clashing leaving trails of blood red chakra and black flames behind from every time they clashed. Hallow winced as he stood up. "Then I guess we're going to stop all of this....alright! Let's do this" He said with a grin. Dez nodded as she formed her blade and rushed at Sasruto. "To stop this.....We need everyone!" Hallow nodded as he drew his sword and rushed in as well.

Meanwhile, Sage let go and set Roy on the ground. "I'll make sure.....this isn't the end of our dream..." She said as she stood up and let her daggers fall into her hands. "I swear.....I'll make sure they pay" She said as her eyes turned into a blood red state as two demonic wings shot out from her back.

-end of chap.