Not Without A Fight

By Karah

Summary: Jude has made her choice. Only when she goes to tell the guy she choose hes not home and she cant get a hold of him. A little while later she meets another guy and starts dating him. That relationship doesnt turn out all that great and Jude leaves Canada.

Authors Note: This is an idea that I have been playing around with for awhile. Its an end of season three fic starting when Jude has to choose between Tommy and Jamie. Please review as this is the first IS fic that I have posted anywhere and Id like to know that characterization and stuff is correct.

Prologue: There is No Choice

It had taken only a second before Jude flew out the door after Sadie left. She knew who she wanted to be with and was calling him while running in the direction of where she thought he would be. There was no answer so she kept trying to call him. There wasnt ever an answer. And when she finally reached the place she had been heading he wasnt there either. She decided to try calling him again and got no answer for probably the twentieth time. She couldnt think of anywhere else he could be so she decided to call her best friend and talk to him. He answered the phone.

"Hello?" Was what she heard when the phone was picked up.

"Hey. Can we talk?" Jude asked.

"Yeah, you want to meet somewhere?" He asked.

"Umm, yah we can do that." Jude answered, "Where are you right now?"

"Im currently at the corner of Wyatt Street and Davis Road." He replied.

"I'll meet you at the cafe across the street." Jude said knowing that it was probably better to meet close to where he was. And she wasnt that far away from there either.

"Okay, that works." He said.

"I'll see you soon." Jude said ending the call and then hanging up.

Almost as soon as she ended her call she started walking towards the cafe she had just mentioned. When she got there she was the only one there and found a seat right away. A few minutes later in walked the one she was meeting. She spotted him as soon as he walked in and knew he had spotted her right away too.

"So what did you want to talk about?" He asked.

"I needed to tell you that I made my choice." She started out saying.

"And?" He prompted.

"It's not you." Jude said.

"What?" He asked.

"I didn't choose you, I love you but as my best friend not as my boyfriend." She said hoping that she hadnt hurt his feelings too much. She knew how he felt about her.

With that said he just walked out. Not saying anything. Soon after that Jude left as well and went home. She tried once more to call her first choice guy and got no answer, it just went straight to voicemail and she really didnt want to talk to it. For days she tried to talk to her best friend but he ignored her every time she saw him and talked to him and every time she called and as much as she wanted to tell the one she was in love with that she had chosen him she was out of ways to contact him. After about the tenth call shed started wondering what he was up to that he wasnt answering his phones because shed tired his home phone too. Eventually she gave up on trying to talk to either of the guys that had been some of the closest too her.

Just after that one of her other best friends, Vincent James Alexander Christopher Speiderman, introduced her to a camera man on the MTV show he was doing with his wife Karma. The guys name was Jesse Wyatt and for a long time things were going really well with him and Jude. Until he landed her in the hospital after abusing her after which Jude was in the hospital with some serious injuries for weeks. When she finally got out she left Canada and found herself standing on her cousins doorstep. Amelia Harrison was between Sadie and Jude in age but more like Jude than Sadie. When Jude ended up standing outside her place Amelia phoned Sadie right away to let her know that Jude was there. In that phone conversation with Sadie Amelia found out the whole story about what had happened to lead Jude to her place.