Chapter 3: First Available Flight

Sadie watched him walk out the door and closed it behind him before walking towards the kitchen. In some ways she was just like her sister and one of those was needing coffee in the morning. It was just a Harrison thing. She knew Mia was the same way. She grabbed a cup from the cupboard and then poured some out of the pot into it. All the while she was thinking about Tommy and Jude. She had known that as soon as she told him what happened and where Jude was that he would be on his way there. She just really hoped that he kept his promise not to try and get her back to Toronto. Sadie knew there was no way she'd be ready for that after just a week. It would be surprising enough for her little sister to see Tommy. Sadie actually wasn't sure how Jude would react to him showing up there because she had no idea what Jude felt about Tommy at the moment. Just then the ringing phone interrupted her thoughts.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Hey, Sade." Kwest said, "How are you this morning?"

"Fine I guess." Sadie replied. She really wasn't sure how she was, especially after she pretty much just told Tommy everything about Jude when she wasn't sure her sister would even want him to know. And she had told him where she was not sure if Jude would even want to see him. "Tommy showed up again."

"What did you do?" Kwest asked.

"I told him pretty much everything. And I'm not even sure if Jude would have wanted me to." She replied.

"So you told him where she is?" Kwest asked.

"Yah and he'll go there." She replied. "I made him promise that he wouldn't try and get her to come back here if she's not ready to."

"As much as he may want that he won't push her to do it if he knows it's better for her there." Kwest said.

"I know that. I just needed him to promise anyway." Sadie said before taking a drink of her coffee.

"You want me to come pick you up for work?" Kwest asked.

"Sure." Sadie replied.

"I can be there in twenty minutes." Kwest said, "Is that enough time?"

"Yeah it should be." Sadie replied. She'd get dressed and grab something quick for breakfast on the way out the door.

"Okay. I'll see you then, Sade. I should go now let you get ready." Kwest said.

"Okay, see you soon." Sadie said before they both hung up the phone. She went and got ready for the day and then waited for Kwest to show up so they could go to work.

Tommy started dialling a phone number as soon as he was out the door. He was going to get on the first flight to England he could. As soon as someone answered on the other end he asked "What's the soonest flight from here to London, England?" He figured that he could rent and car and drive from there to Brighton.

"There's one leaving in an hour and a half." Was the reply he got.

"Is there room on that flight?" Tommy asked. He really hoped so, if not he might have to wait hours until the next available flight.

"Yes, there is one seat left. Would you like to be on it?" He was asked.
br "Yes." He replied. He was getting on that flight if it took all he had.

"Name and credit card number please." He was told.

"Tom Quincy." He said before giving his credit card number.

"That will be $8, 513 for a first class seat, Mr. Quincy." He was told.

"Thanks." Tommy said before hanging up. He was already headed for his place. He was going to grab some stuff and then he'd be on his way to the airport. It took him fifteen minutes to reach his place and he ran inside grabbing his iPod as well as anything else he thought he might need, including clothes and he packed enough for a month. After that he ran out the door locked it and took off in his car. Please don't hate me. He thought as his thoughts were on how Jude would react when she saw him.

Okay so it took me awhile to write this chapter for a couple of reasons, but it's out now and I'd love to hear what you guys think.