Hello all. The plot jumped into my head and refused to leave. I'm pretty sure it is because I have not been able to use my brain lately and this was something new to start. Now, I have never done this pairing before, Draco and Hermione yes, but Harry added to the mix, no. This will be a fic that has Draco, Hermione and Harry in a relationship. There will probably also be slash, Dp, oral, ect. ect. ect. Don't read if you don't like this stuff. Other then that, Happy reading. Also, this will be a full story and not a PWP.

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Simon Barker woke up in a good mood. He had been able to get a solid eight hours of undisturbed, restful sleep and felt like he could take on the world. He got out of bed, did a few stretches, touched his toes, popped his back – yes it was a glorious morning indeed.

He walked over to his large closet, pulled out a suit, tie, and shoes, then lay them on the bed so they would be ready for him when he got out of his shower.

He didn't take long to shower, as he could smell the wonderful aroma of breakfast cooking from the down stairs. He smiled to himself when he realized how lucky he really was.

He had a beautiful wife, ten years his junior with the body of a super model, he was wealthy and didn't want for anything. Simon was head of the wizarding worlds largest Real Estate Company and respected by a great many – yes, life was good.

He dressed, ate breakfast with his wife, straightened his tie and was just about to leave for the office when a large owl swooped into his kitchen. Simon recognized the owl immediately and wanted to cry.

The owl belonged to the committee supervisor of Dawn West estates, Tom Prichard. He never received anything from Tom unless a manor or apartment opened up in Dawn West – Simon was the only one Tom would deal with when it came to choosing a tenant.

"Oh god, not again" he muttered as he took the letter from the large owl.

He dropped his briefcase on the ground and moved back over to the dining room table, cursing the old man and his ruddy owl. He opened the letter and scanned it with knowing eyes. He already knew an apartment was coming available, as then tenant of Ten years had died a few weeks back.


I need you to owl all of the people on the enclosed list. The apartment at 4312 Winding Lane is now available and the people on the list have requested to be notified at the earliest opening.

I am sure you remember how I deal with business and this time is no different. I want every letter sent out at the exact same time and showings will go according to first come, first serve.

Don't let me down.

Tom Prichard

Simon groaned and let his head fall to the table with a thump. He detested when anything came available in Dawn West as everyone wanted a chance at the place.

Dawn West was a private community, mostly rented or owned by the very wealthy. The place had it's own school, quiet neighbors, every kind of store imaginable and most of all, privacy.

Dawn West had special wards placed around the entire estate, keeping out anyone that wasn't specifically invited. The rich that wanted their privacy flocked to the place and often fought over anything available that came up.

Simon knew that the place in question would go quick but he also knew that only 5 of the 75 on the list could actually afford to live there. The 70 that couldn't only wanted a chance to look inside the walls of Dawn West but he was required to waste his time and show them if they requested it.

He definitely hated his life this morning.

Simon gave his wife a final kiss, picked up his briefcase, and stuffed the letter and the list into his pocket before apparating to his office, shoulders shrugged in defeat the entire time.

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Hermione Granger – Weasley sat in her small hotel room, looming over the prophet for a place to live. She and Ron had married five months after leaving Hogwarts and remained married until exactly one month ago.

Their marriage had been rocky from the beginning. Ron wasn't able to meet her intellect, her sexual drive or anything for that matter and in the end, she and Ron made each other completely, utterly miserable.

They did manage to stick it out for exactly four years, 7 months, and 10 days before finally deciding to go their own way. The divorce in itself was not malicious. The marriage was not one that would end their friendship – they were simply just not meant to be together and both had the common sense to realize that before they started to hate each other.

Their divorce was officially finalized last week and she was anxious to start her life over, starting with a new place to live and call her own.

She picked up her quill and was just getting ready to respond to an ad for a small two bedroom flat when the pecking of an owl interrupted her. She went to the window and let the small owl in.

It only took a few seconds for her to open the letter and scan the contents. An apartment had opened up in Dawn West and she planned on getting her reply there first. She craved the privacy the place offered as news of her divorce marked every page of the Prophet for one reason or another. She received owls of sympathy, elation and even a few marriage proposals as she was considered a war hero.

The world outside of the Prophet wasn't much better either. Every time she went out she was bombarded with questions from complete strangers about the falling apart of her marriage – yes, she just wanted a quiet place to live in peace and Dawn West was just the ticket.

She quickly wrote out her reply and sent the owl back with specific instructions to fly as fast as it could and not let any owls get there before he did. The owl gave her a look of loathing before ruffling his feathers and taking flight. He hated bossy recipients.

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Harry Potter, savior of the wizarding world and well-known war hero was currently ducking out of the way of a wayward coffee cup. He and Ginny had also married after she had graduated and while the first year was bliss, the rest was hell.

He thought Ginny was the woman he would spend his life with. He loved her with everything he had in him and would walk over hot coals if she wanted him to…. But it wasn't enough, not for her.

After the first year had passed, he and Ginny decided to start a family. They both wanted children, they both wanted three and even though they were both young, they were ready to start trying.

Six months into trying for a baby, Ginny was growing irritated. She expected to get pregnant immediately but when it didn't happen, she instantly blamed Harry.

Harry quickly went from being the love of her life to the bane of her existence. She accused him of using charms and potions to prevent her from getting pregnant and when he tried to deny it, she went into a rage and started throwing things at him and that is how their marriage was to this day.

He admired Hermione and Ron for divorcing when they realized they weren't working and he secretly wished he could do the same. Too much had happened since they started trying for a baby and now, Harry was glad she didn't get pregnant, he wanted out of his marriage and quickly before he ended up getting hurt.

For the last three months, Harry had been trying to find a place that would offer him privacy when he finally decided to leave Ginny. He had heard about Dawn West and instantly sent a letter requesting to be informed when something became available. He knew that when he received the notification, he would walk away from Ginny and not look back.

The matching saucer for the broken coffee cup whizzed through the air, missing Harry by a fraction of an inch. Ginny was on a rampage because the latest pregnancy test was negative. Harry knew it would be as now Ginny's accusations were founded, he was using charms and potions to prevent her from getting pregnant, and he didn't want a child with her.

Ginny raised up a pot and was just about to throw when an owl pecked on the window. Harry ran for the window, relieved to have an interruption from his impending Potting by furious wife.

He scanned the letter quickly, smirked, and replied before sending the owl on its way. The owl was one of the smarter ones and knew who Harry was. The owl puffed out his feathers proudly and flew away quickly, determined to be the first owl back in order to please his recipient.

Once the owl was on his way, Harry turned to Ginny, stuck his tongue out like an immature child and quickly told her it was over and she could kiss his lily-white ass. He left their flat with a stupid grin on his face, happy to finally be getting his freedom from the psychotic redhead.


Draco Malfoy groaned when he felt the edge of the bed dip. He knew she had come for quick shag and the thought made him gag a little.

His father had decided that Draco would marry a twit from Spain. He loved Spain, loved everything about it but he would be damned if he could figure out what trash bin his wife had come from.

The idea excited him at first. He would marry a pureblood from another country, surely she would be gorgeous and well off with the appropriate manners to go along with a Malfoy.

He didn't even get to see her until the wedding and when he lifted her veil for the first time, he wanted to cry. It was too late to do anything as the marriage had already been performed but that didn't mean he couldn't try.

He begged his father for an annulment without causing any big problems but Lucius refused saying that her family was the key to added wealth for him. Lucius even cringed when he saw her for the first time and quickly gave Draco the suggestion of a bag for her head when they had to couple.

He was weak back then, only wanting to please his father but the second she slid her leathery hands up his legs he bolted. The bag had been used many times but he could do it no longer. He tried to not be shallow but her uni-brow made him queasy and her matching mustache made him cringe – it didn't help that she had the personally of a house plant either.

He tried to make the marriage work, he really did but when he thought about being married to her for the rest of his life made him want to take his, he knew no amount of money or pride was worth it.

He put in a request at Dawn West so he could divorce and escape the ugly stepsister without a single chance that she could get to him. He wouldn't invite her that was certain.

He had been on his way to tell his father that he was ending his marriage when the owl flew through the foyer of Malfoy Manor and landed on his arm.

The note was from Dawn West representative and inside he did the happy dance, glad to finally have a way out. He quickly replied, sending the owl on its way empty clawed and called for his own owl. His owl would make sure his response got there first.