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Hermione buried her face into her pillow, completely certain that she was as red as any Weasley could ever be. She was ashamed for watching Harry and Draco and even more ashamed, maybe even mortified that she had participated from a distance. She was never that brazen and yet she couldn't control herself when she saw them. How would she face them the next day? She didn't know if she could and what made things worse was the fact that she thought Harry might have seen her. Gods she would die of embarrassment.

Deciding it was for the best that she stayed in her room for the night, she turned off her light and tried to sleep. She didn't notice her door open for a moment as Harry walked in thanks to keeping her face buried in the pillow.

Harry walked over to the bed, uncertain of what he would say to her. He knew her and knew her well, she was probably beating herself up over what she did but Harry liked it, more than liked it actually, he loved it.

Dropping to his knees silently, he watched her for a minute to gauge if she had actually fallen asleep but hearing her sigh in frustration, he knew she was still in the world of the awake.

"Hermione." He said in a voice a little over a whisper.

"Go away, Harry." Came her muffled reply. There was no way she was looking at him, especially since her blush came back full fledged.

Harry let out a sigh, "I know you watched… I know you liked what you watched." He said firmly.

Hermione froze, she wanted to run away now, and fast.

"You're imagining things, Harry, I have been in my bed the entire time. I have no idea what you are talking about."

He couldn't help but chuckle, "So, if that's the case then we need to do a search of the apartment because I watched a girl who looked just like you watch me and Draco. So if it wasn't you, well, then we have an intruder."

She wanted to cry. She was stupid, so stupid. She should have listened to herself when she thought it best to stay in her room. Damn her curiosity.

"Fine." She muffled

"Excuse me?" Harry replied with a grin.

Hermione finally sat up, positive that her skin was glowing. "I said fine. I watched okay? I didn't mean to but it was like a train wreck. You know you shouldn't watch and yet you can't look away."

Harry was actually smiling, the slimy git.

"I'm glad you watched." Harry stated as he stood. He wasn't normally a forward type of person in the sexual department, but with being with Draco and watching her masturbate, he was sexually primed and ready to go.

He climbed into her bed, ignoring her protest, and slid under the cover with her.

"Look, I just want you to give it a chance." Harry said as he turned on his side to look at her, "I know this isn't your normal thing, I get that, but you and I are best friends, always have been, and it turns out that Draco has secretly like you since 5th year. I've liked you longer than that." He sighed and reached out to play with her hair, "I know this is odd but I think you would be very happy with this arrangement… but I won't force you in to it, not like I could anyway."

Hermione rubbed her hands over her face, "Merlin, Harry, I just – I don't know what came over me. I heard you two and I couldn't help but to look… and things kind of went south from there." She sighed again, "I wont lie, I could easily get into it, but there are things that you two aren't thinking about that could make this living arrangement hell for all of us."

Harry nodded in understanding but he thought it would be worth the risk.

"Let's just give it a try, okay? If it doesn't work then it is a lesson learned, but I do think we should give it a try."

Hermione looked over to Harry, ready to reject him, the words on her lips, but her own body went against her as she nodded a 'yes'.

Page break -

Ginny sat in her kitchen looking completely defeated. She had lost him, the one man she had dreamed of being with since she was a child and now he was gone, living with none other than Hermione Granger of all people.

She laughed to herself, a laugh of self-pity and a touch of mania, where had it all gone wrong? They were perfect together. Harry and Ginny Potter – it all looked so promising , felt promising, and she was determined to give him a family of his own, but now that was shot to hell as well and she didn't know where to go from here. She had never imagined this happening, but there was one thing that kept nagging at her and that was Hermione Granger.

She twisted her small tea cup in her hands as she tried to remember if there were any signs that Harry and Hermione had affection for each other beyond the range of friendship. They touched a lot in school, always hugging or leaning against each other, but it was all friendly, nothing more, even she saw that. She shook her head. She had acted completely off kilter. Hermione could have had Harry years ago if she really wanted him but she didn't. She knew she would apologize to her former sister in law.

Standing from the table she made her way to her desk and pulled some paper and a quill. She had already lost Harry thanks to her temper and she wouldn't lose a friend if she could help it and also if it wasn't already too late. She had said some pretty crappy things to the witch during the divorce proceedings.

She made quick work of the letter wanting to get it to Hermione before the other witch had time to dwell on the things she had said. She needed Hermione if she ever wanted to get Harry back.

Once finished she called for her owl, a large black owl that Harry had given her for her birthday that was far too intelligent for words. She loved the blasted bird.

She sealed the letter and activated the charmed pendant that the owl wore. The pendant was a pricy little thing but considering that she was married to Harry, it was well worth the price. The charm functioned much like a two way mirror, its purpose was so that the sender could make sure the letter was falling into the right hands. It was invaluable so far when it came to keeping her and Harry's privacy.

She opened the window and watched as the owl took flight. Hopefully she would have a reply by morning as to whether Hermione forgave her or not.

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Hermione was nervous as Harry kissed her neck. She never imagined that she and Harry would end up like this but here they were, in her bed, snogging and acting like randy teenagers.

Draco sat at the end of the bed waiting for Harry to get her comfortable with the idea. She had agreed, much to both Harry and Draco's approval, but she would have to be worked into it as it was all very new to her.

But he would be lying if he said he wasn't excited about it. He had wanted the two Griffindors for years but never could act or say anything about it, but now, now he had his chance and he would be damned if he didn't throw all caution to the wind and actually enjoy the people he was having sex with again and not being under an unforgivable in order to perform.

His internal chant of happiness grew louder as he noticed her eyes watching him and with a slender finger, she beckoned him to her. He moved on auto pilot to her and wasting no time to connect his mouth to hers.

The three of them so wrapped up in each other, none of them noticed the large black owl perched on the sill on the window. The pendent showing the rooms activities to a furious witch who could not believe what she was watching.

Hermione Granger – Weasley, sandwiched between not only her ex-husband, Harry Potter, but Draco Malfoy as well. Ginny now knew that Hermione Granger would pay dearly and her first stop would be to Malfoy manor.