One Kiss From You

Mia Kaven- Thirty -three years old, widowed mother of Seth. Works a s a Graphics artist and works at a bar at night to makes ends meet. Trying her best to help her son deal with his father's death.

Seth Kaven- Four years old, has a massive chip on his shoulder, still grieving for his dad.

Kevin Nash- Retired wrestling party boy, becomes in tangled in Mia's life and begins to fall for the woman, despite her bratty son.

Summary- After their first meeting went wrong at school, Mia is horrified to find herself attracted to infamous party boy Kevin Nash, Can these two find true love?

A/n- Been a while since I did a Big Sexy fic, my Kevin muse, is acting like a diva, pouting and refusing to speak to me, so here's one for Big Kev.

Mia sighed as she looked at the stack of bills. There was just never enough, ever since Dave died, things had been horrible.

She had married Dave when she had got pregnant with Seth, they had used protection, it had just failed, It hadn't been a love match, neither was madly in love with the other, but Dave had wanted to do the right thing and they had got married.

Dave was a good man, a good father and a faithful husband, they had both tried to make the most of their marriage and they both adored their son, they had been making it work, then last year Dave had been killed in a car accident, everything had went to hell, she had just enough insurance to bury him.

Dave had worked for a small insurance firm, Mia was a graphics artist with a ad agency, they did okay and had just bought a nicer house in a better neighborhood.

Now she stood to lose it all, lucky for her she worked from home and only had to go to the office for special meetings, with Seth suspended for the rest of the year, she was in a bind.

She had started working at a local bar, to bring in extra money, her neighbor Mrs Talbor, a elderly woman was keeping Seth at night, she need the extra income Mia paid her, but she sensed Mrs. Talbor was coming to the end of her rope with Seth, he wasn't the nicest child in the world, he had changed when he lost his father, she had tried her best to help him, talk to him, make him understand his behavior was destructive, but she just couldn't get through to him.

Mia heard a crash from his bedroom and ran down the hall and opened his door "Seth what are you doing." She looked at his big dresser turned over in the floor.

The boy just shrugged and went and flopped on his bed. Mia sighed, what had happened to her sweet boy, was this what she was facing for the rest of his childhood. "Seth get over here and help me." She said getting on one side of the dresser.

"No." He snapped and ignored her.

Mia walked over and lifted the boy from the bed. "Now Seth."

Seth shook his head. "I said no!" He screamed and ran out of the room.

Mia sighed, she loved her son more than anything, but her patience with him was on edge.

Kevin sat at the dinner table and Bailey handed him a plate. "Thanks Bailey."

He had bought Scott's house a month ago, he loved Tampa and he loved being a part of Scott's little family, but sometimes he wondered if he didn't horn in too much, Christmas was coming up in a month and he didn't want to be up their ass.

"I was thinking about going to Miami for Christmas..." He started and Emma glared at him. "Uncle Kevin you cant leave, Christmas is for family's."

Kevin sighed and looked at Bailey and Scott. "I just don't want to be bugging you guys all the time. I mean I feel like I'm here all the time."

Bailey grabbed a spoon and whacked him none to gently. "Oww."

"Kevin Nash, you're family, end of story." She said sitting down.

Scott grinned at him. "Don't argue with her, you just end up bruised."

Emma giggled and looked at Kevin. "See, you belong here."

Kevin just smiled and started eating, well he offered to get out of their hair, truth was he liked being with them and they were his family.

Bailey was like a little sister to him, and he adored Emma, he figured kids were out for him, so he doted on Emma like she was his, Scott was a lucky man, but marriage wasn't for Kevin, he liked partying too much.

Mia finally got the dresser back up and put Seth's clothes back in it. She looked at the time, it was three, she had to be at the bar at four. She quickly changed into a black skirt and white blouse and black flats.

"C'mon Seth, we have to go." She said to him, he was in the living room watching TV. "I don't wanna go to that old lady's, all I can do there is watch TV and she watches the shoppin channel."

"Seth I have to go to work, move."

He grumbled and got up stomping to the front door, she sighed and followed him out, locking her door.

She just hope he didn't do anything to get into anymore trouble.

Mia looked around, the place was busy tonight, she had made some great tips, they would come in handy. She went over to a table that a man just sat down at , she was shocked when she found herself face to face with Kevin Nash. "You." She said glaring at him.

Kevin was just as surprised to see her, he figured she would be with her demon spawn. "Well hello Mrs. Kaven, how's hellboy?"

"You just shut up, you don't know my son." She hissed.

Kevin backed down, Bailey had told him how the boy had lost his father, that couldn't be easy on the kid or on this lady. "You're right, I'm sorry."

Mia was surprised and she looked at the big man, he was sinfully handsome with long blond hair, tied back in a ponytail , and mustache and goatee, that accentuated his firm lips, green eyes that sparkled.

"What can I get you/" She asked.

Kevin's eyes ran over her sexy form, the short skirt showed off long sexy legs, and her breasts were straining against the buttons on the blouse. "I guess, I'll settle for a beer." He said winking at her.

Mia blushed and walked off, it had been so long since she had flirted or been flirted with, she had forgot how to act.

Kevin watched her all evening, he didn't even try to pick up women, turned several down in fact, he only had eyes for Mia.

She blushed every time she looked at him and he grinned, she would be a fun one. Kevin stopped at three beers and sat back just looking at her, he wanted her bad.

It was close to midnight when she came around to his table. "I'm leaving soon, anything else for you?"

Kevin just shook his head and she turned and left, he went to the bar to settle his tab and then dropped a tip on the table and left.

Mia came back to clear the table and her eyes got wide, the man had left a one hundred dollar bill, it was like a god send, Seth's birthday was coming up, this would go a long way, cover presents, she would make his cake.

She went in the back and grabbed her purse and clocked out and made her way out to her car.


She jumped and dropped her purse and Kevin bent to pick it up for her. "You scared the crap outta me." She said.

Kevin just stared, she was so pretty, her long hair was a rich golden brown and hung in curly waves down her back, he handed her her purse. "I just wanted to make sure you got to your car safe."

Mia stared up at the big man, she had hated him on site, he had threatened her son after all, but he was being so nice. "Look you shouldn't have left that big tip, not that I don't appreciate it, I do, but I wasn't that good."

Kevin grinned. "I think you were."

She smiled and the site blew Kevin away, she really was gorgeous. "Umm do you work tomorrow?"

She nodded. "Yeah."

"Okay then I'll see you tomorrow." He said, she just nodded and got in her car, Kevin stood there a long moment, he had to have her, a woman hadn't made his dick twitch like this in years, just looking at her had made him hard as a brick, this was going to be fun.

The next morning he stopped in to see Bailey, she poured them some coffee and they sat down at the table. "So what do you know about Mia Kaven?"

Bailey looked up surprised. "I know her from when Seth was in school with Emma, she's a nice lady, when her husband died, he left very little insurance, I know she works two jobs to keep that house of theirs, Seth has some problems, but I think he's a good kid, just hurting."

Kevin nodded. "I seen her at Bahama's last night, she works there." He said.

She nodded. "Yeah I heard she did, Kevin you're not going to go after are you, she don't need anymore grief."

Kevin shrugged. "She's pretty, I want to go out with her, nothing serious."

Bailey got up and refilled their coffee. "With Seth and two jobs, I don't she's got time to date."

Kevin just smiled. "We'll see."

Bailey had a bad feeling, but Kevin was grown, its not like she could tell him what to do.

Kevin was back at the bar that night and he spotted Mia and waved, she walked over. "Where's your tables?"

She took him over to her section and asked what he wanted. "Just a beer." He said winking at her, she blushed and took off.

Kevin sat back and grinned, she wanted him, he wasn't blind.

Kevin spent the evening subtly flirting with her, he had her worked up, he could tell, at the end of her shift, he paid his tab, left a tip and waited out front for her, when she walked out, he took her hand and walked her to her car. "Mia, can we go out sometime?"

"Kevin, thats hard, I work all the the time, and when I do have time, I feel like I should spend it with Seth."

Kevin groaned inwardly, he couldn't stand that kid, but he did want Mia, so he was going to have to act kid friendly. "Tell you what, bring him, we'll go to the boardwalk, it'll be fun."

Mia looked surprised. "Well okay, how about tomorrow morning, I don't have too much work to do with the ad agency, I could be done by eleven."

Kevin smiled and put his arm around her giving her a light squeeze. "Perfect, see you at eleven."

Kevin watched her leave and smiled as he got in his truck, he would put up with that little monster for the day, he had to if he wanted to get the boy's mama in bed.