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When Kevin came in, Mia smiled and grabbed him hugging him. "You'r lawyer called and told me my parents dropped the custody suit."

"Thats great baby girl." He said and bent down kissing her.

They walked in the kitchen and they both sat down at the table. "So I guess your sister is going to put herself in their firing line again."

"Yeah and I'm worried about that, but she said she could handle it." Mia said.

Kevin took her hand. "Don't worry, same goes for her, thats goes for you and Seth ,if they mess with her, they answer to me."

Mia leaned over kissing him. "You're a very sweet man."

Kevin grinned. "Yeah I know, so when is she coming back to town?"

"Next month, she said she had to wrap some stuff up there." Mia said.

Kevin's wheels was turning, he knew that Mia would want her sister near her, he knew a house down the way was for sale, walking distance of here, it was a large house that had been divided into two apartments.

Then Kevin realized what he was doing, making plans, plans that depended on Mia being here with him down the road. "Umm where is Sammy?"

She's playing with Seth, one of his games, I have to take her to the airport in a bit." She said.

Kevin nodded. "Mark is leaving in the morning, he's visiting with Scott for a while."

Kevin pulled her closed and kissed her, one day without having her was wearing on him, Mark being here again tonight meant Seth in their bed, he was going to have to make some time to fix up the third bedroom upstairs, right now, it was full of boxes and furniture, he was planning on fixing it up for Seth and using the down stairs bedroom as a guest room.

Mia pulled back and smiled. "Somebody is horny." Kevin pulled her close pushing his growing erection against her. "Damn straight."

Mia just smiled and hugged him. "Me too, but we have to wait one more day."

Kevin sighed and held her close, he closed his eyes just thinking about her, she made him so happy.

Sammy hugged Seth. "I'll be back soon okay?"

The boy hugged his Aunt. "Okay, love you."

Sammy smiled. "Love you too."

Kevin walked over and gave the woman a loose hug. "Sammy you're welcome here anytime."

Sammy smiled at Kevin, Mia had done good, he was a really nice man and he took good care of her sister and nephew. "Thanks Kevin, I will see you soon."

The two left and Kevin looked around and realized Seth had disappeared, the kid had been real quite since he had gotten home.

Mark walked in. "Hey buddy."

Kevin nodded. "Hey, how was your visit?"

"Good, Bailey is real nice, its easy to see those two are in love." Mark said following Kevin in the kitchen, Kevin made some coffee and poured them both a cup and they sat down. "So big man, give any thought to moving here when you retire?"

"Well it is a nice place, I like the climate, where would I live?" Mark asked.

Kevin grinned. "Look you just bring yourself, we'll find you a place, I might have just the house for you, I got to check into it"

Mark grinned. "Well I'll think about it, be nice to be around you guys."

Kevin nodded. "Yeah be great, just like the old days."

"Not quite like the old days, we were all foot loose and fancy free back then, just looking for a good time." Mark said looking at his friend with curiosity.

"Well those days are long gone, but we can still have a good time, just not picking up women anymore." Kevin said and then realized what he said.

Mark smirked. "So you and Mia, its serious?"

Kevin just had this dazed look on his face, Seth came in, he waved shyly at Mark, but didn't say anything.

"Hey buddy, you hungry?" Kevin asked.

Seth didn't look at him, he opened the fridge. "I can get myself something." He said pulling out a orange.

Kevin frowned, he knew Seth was upset about having to go shopping, but he didn't usually hold grudges. "Mark we'll be back."

Kevin scooped the boy up and walked down the hall and took him outside with him. He sat down on one of the chairs and set the pouting boy on his lap. "You mad at me?"

Seth hung his head. "I'm mad cause you made me go shopping with a bunch of girls, you don't want me around."

Kevin lifted the boys chin. "Thats not true, and I think you know that, kids cant go in bars, son."

Seth looked up at Kevin. "How would you feel if you had to go shopping today instead of hanging out with your friends."

Kevin looked at the boy. "Pretty lousy." He admitted.

Kevin hugged the boy. "I want you around Seth, okay, I don't want you to ever think I don't, look next time we have a poker night, I'll have it at home, so you can hang out with us, okay?

Seth smiled. "Really?"

"I promise." Kevin said and laughed when the little boy hugged him so hard he about knocked Kevin out of the chair.

"Now how about some real dinner?"

Seth nodded and Kevin just smiled and picked the boy up. Kevin had a awakening tonight, he loved this kid with all his heart and he loved the life he was living, now he had to figure out what to do about it.

The next morning Kevin was up early, he and Seth got up and dropped Mark off at the airport. "Remember buddy, retirement is just around the corner, think about what I said."

Mark shook Kevin's hand. "I will."

Seth gave him a hug. "Bye Uncle mark."

Mark patted the boy's back. "Bye kid."

Kevin lifted Seth. "I have a little shopping to do, then Uncle Scott is taking you and Emma out to the water park for the day, is that okay?"

The boy nodded. "Yeah, I like going to the water park with Emma."

Kevin smiled, things were going his way today, he just hoped they continued that way.

Scott looked at his friend. "You look awfully happy." He commented.

"Yeah I guess I am"

Scott grinned. "So what are you and Mia doing today?"

Kevin just shrugged. " I have some things to take care of."

Scott watched his friend walk off, he had a feeling his friend had finally tapped.

Warning sexual content!

Kevin walked in and smiled. "Hey baby girl."

She was sitting in the living room doing some work. "Hey." She said accepting a kiss from him.

Kevin pulled the laptop away and set it down. "I had to drop Mark off at the airport and Seth is going to the water park with Scott and Emma.

She smiled and Kevin lifted her in his arms carrying her down to the bedroom, he kicked the door shut and set her to her feet.

Kevin bent and kissed her briefly and then pulled back and pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it, Kevin unbuttoned her shorts and drew them down her smooth legs, and her panties followed. "Baby girl, you're so beautiful."

Mia smiled and he lifted her and lay her back on the bed. Mia watched as he shed his clothes, her breath caught as it did every time she seen him naked, he was beautiful.

Kevin crawled between her legs and he pressed his lips to hers, kissing her deeply and his big hands spread her legs. The kiss took her breath away, and Mia wrapped her arms around his waist pulling him closer. His hair fell over her face and one of her hands came up to play with a strand. Kevin lifted his head and he teased her slick entrance with his shaft. "Baby we need to talk."

Mia looked at him like he was crazy."Now?"

He smiled and slid in her just a little and stopped, she groaned and looked up it him. "Can it wait?"

Kevin shook his head and kissed her briefly. "No, but don't worry, I can talk and fuck at the same time."

Mia rolled her eyes and slapped his arm. "Pig."

He grinned and slid in a little more easing in her tight flesh slowly. "Baby I want you to sell your house and quit your job at the bar."

Mia looked at him startled. "Kevin I cant do that..."

But she stopped when Kevin pushed all the way in her wet passage. "Thats not the right answer."

Kevin moved slowly in her , pulling out, pushing in, making her crazy, she whimpered and he stopped and bent to touch her lips with his. "Mia do you trust me?"

Mia looked up at him , she was hot for him, she wanted to come, she didn't feel like answering questions, but she did. "Yessss."

"Sell the house, quit that job, be with me all the time?" Kevin asked still moving in her making her shiver. He kissed her gently , his lips nipping at hers. Mia looked up at him and nodded. "Okay."

Kevin smiled and his big body started moving faster, his shaft penetrating her tender flesh again and again. "Kevinnnn." She gasped out her hands clawing at his back.

Kevin watched Mia as he moved in her, her face a mask of pleasure, "So beautiful." He murmured.

"God Kevin." She gasped out and her body arched up to meet his as the climax washed over her trembling body, Kevin grunted and thrust into her hard and fast finding his own release, his seed released deep in her womb.

Kevin kissed her and lay over her, their bodies still connected, he leaned on his elbows to keep his weight off her, he brushed the curls back from her face. Mia suddenly tried to set up. "Kevin we didn't use a condom."

Kevin sat up and lifted her on his lap, sitting back against the headboard. "Mia." He said wrapping his big arms around her. "I don't care, I hope you don't, I've come to a few realizations last night, first off, I want to be Seth's daddy, for real, forever, second I want a family, third, I want more kids, our babies, a girl and boy maybe."

Mia just stared at him. "You drunk?'

Kevin laughed and kissed her. "No silly, sober promise."

Mia looked up at Kevin. "Are you doing this for Seth?"

Kevin kissed her and pulled back. "Of course its for Seth, but its also for me, its for you, Mia I want you to quit that job, Seth needs you, I need you, money don't mean a damn thing to me, I want to wake up with you, make love to you every morning, take Seth to the beach, do things together, I want us to be a family."

Mia sighed and leaned on him. "It does sound wonderful."

Kevin smiled as he ran his hands through her long hair. "It will be wonderful. Now close your eyes."

Mia looked at him confused. "Just do it woman, Lord if we're going to do this, you really have to learn to be more obedient."

Mia slapped his arm none to gently. "Obedient , up yours Kevin Nash."

Kevin just grinned and kissed her fiercely. "We'll work on that obedient thing , now close your eyes."

Mia sighed and closed her eyes, she felt him take her hand and she knew he slid a ring on, she opened her eyes and smiled as she looked at the beautiful diamond ring and then up at Kevin. "Mia will you marry me?"

Mia felt tears prick her eyes and she lifted her hand to cup his face, she had one important question first. "Why?"

Kevin turned his face to kiss her palm, he took her hand in his. "Cause I love you."

Mia leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him holding him tight. "I love you too."

"I know." Kevin said holding her closer. "How could any woman not love me." He teased.

Mia just smiled and kissed him. "So you really sure about this whole marriage thing?"

"I do love you Mia, you and Seth have become everything to me, when I think about the future, all I see is me and you and Seth and more babies."

Tears ran down her cheeks and Kevin sighed, he could never let her know how much it hurt him to see her cry, if he did, she would know she had him over a barrel.

"Stop that crying right now, I want to make love to you again."

Mia melted in his arms, all her dreams had come true.

The couple went to pick Seth up around five, they had spent the day in bed making love.

"Mommy I thought you had to work?" The boy said hugging her.

Mia bent down to her son. "Mommy is going to be at home from now on with you and Kevin."

Scott looked up at his friend and grinned when he seen the look on his face, Bailey just smiled, she knew Kevin would come around.

Seth looked at his mother and then at Kevin. "Are you gonna get married?"

Both adults nodded. Seth looked at Kevin. "So you'll be my Papa for real, forever?"

Kevin picked the boy up and hugged him. "You bet."

Emma ran over and hugged Mia. "I'm so happy, you're my real Auntie now."

Mia hugged the little girl back, she finally had the family she always wanted.

Scott went and broke out a bottle of wine, so they could all have a drink, the kids went and started playing a video game.

Emma smiled as her and Seth watched Mia and Kevin. "Wow Emma that worked really quick, I didn't think they would get married that fast." Seth said.

Emma just smiled. "I told you, its the kissing, one special kiss makes people fall in love."

Seth thought about that one and shrugged, Emma was a girl, she probably knew about all that stuff.

Emma put her arm around Seth. "You know, Uncle Mark is awfully grumpy, maybe he needs kissing, I bet he would be in a way better mood, if he fell in love."

Seth grinned and nodded. "You know, Aunt Sammy looks awfully sad."

They both laughed and went back to playing their game.

Scott lifted his glass of wine. "Kev, you're not as dumb as I thought."

Kevin just grinned. "No dumber than you bro."

Bailey laughed. "He has a point."

Scott just shrugged. "I'll be the first to admit, guys can be dumber than a box of rocks sometimes."

Kevin put his wine down and pulled Mia in his arms and kissed her. He lifted his head and looked at Bailey. "Think you can plan a wedding in a week?"

Bailey grinned. "You bet I can."

Kevin pulled Mia close and held her in his arms, he had all he needed right here in this room. Kevin smiled, just one kiss from Mia, had opened up his life, he couldn't wait to get started on the rest of their life.