"That was nice what you said -- that we make a good team," Daria said as they drove back from helping bail Jane and Mystik Spiral out of prison.

"I guess sometimes being timid works just as well as being confident," Quinn said.

"I'm not timid," Daria reassured her.

"Omigosh look, it's Travis!" Quinn shouted, sticking her head out the window and pointing.

"Seriously, do you really think I'm timid?" Daria asked.

"Yes, but it doesn't matter," Quinn said dismissively. "It's TRAVIS!" Quinn shouted the last part, attempting to get his attention.

"I'm not timid," Daria said as she pressed down on the accelerator.

"What are you doing? Daria?! DARIA?!" Quinn said with increased shrillity.

The car hit Travis at well over 70 MPH. The impact instantly shattered every bone in his legs and sent him flying back until he hit a power line, cracking his spine and liquefying his organs. He was dead before he hit the ground.

"Oh my GOD!" Quinn screamed at the top of her lungs. Daria merely hit the brakes, got out, went to the trunk, and pulled out two shovels.

She stopped by Quinn's door, holding one shovel on her shoulder, the other propped on the dirt next to her. "Well, are you going to stay in the car, or are you going to help me dig?"

Quinn glared at her for a moment, then got out.


Half an hour later, the car was moving again. Quinn had her arms crossed, an angry expression on her face. "Damnit, Daria, you told me you wouldn't kill anybody again!"

"Okay, now do you think I'm timid?"

It was a long, quiet ride back home.