I know I should work on my other fic (in Final Fantasy VII) first but I wanted to try this out and see how a Harvest Moon story will help me have fun

Rating: T

Game: More Friends of Mineral Town

Disclaimer: I dont own Harvest Moon or any of it's characters just the plot of this story (except this chapter I got the plot from the beginning of the game)


"Another normal day in the city life" a blonde girl complained walking towards her coffee table "come to think of it, I haven't quite finished reading today's newspaper" she picked up the newspaper and saw an ad for a farm in a town in the provinsional area of their country "farm life?" she continued to read the article and started to imagine farm life "why not I give it a try?" and she called the number to the MT Realtor (1)

After a few days she went to Mineral Town to check out the supposedly magnificent farm. When she got there she didn't see the farm that she had imagined instead she saw a rundown farm 'no plants, no animals, nothing' she thought to herself. After a while she turned aroun and saw a chubby slightly old man in red approaching her. He told her that he is the mayor of the town and that she has just been tricked bwahahahaha and that no one has lived there for a long time and anyone who comes over to try to buy the farm gets turned-off when they see the state it is in. She then told him that she quit her job and that she left her apartment just to end up seeing a stupid ad calling a rundown farm a magnificent farm. The mayor took pity on her and told her that maybe she should buy and live in the farm and make it look better and possibly find a way to get money in just a short period of time. She thought to herself 'short? doesn't farming take a long time? Anyways I guess I should accept it, do I even have a choice?' She nodded in approval and the mayor told her more about farm life and where the tools are kept and that the mutt is hers and she can name it anything she wants. Just before he left he asked her for her name and she replied "Claire, Claire Woods".

She patted her puppy on the head when suddenly a muscular man appeared saying his name was Zack and that he would collect whatever was to be shipped and that he would pay her for it.

After a while, she walked down the road and looked at her watch 6:33 and she wondered where were all the people when suddenly the mayor walked up to her and said "today's the New Year's Festival. Do you want to join in the party to learn more about the people?" she nodded and they, along with her puppy, set out to the town square. When they got there Thomas introduced her to everybody:Basil, Anna, Mary, Ellen, Stu, Harris, Jeff, Sasha, Karen, Doctor Trent(1), Elli, Carter, Doug, Ann, Cliff, Gray, Manna, Duke, Saibara, Popuri, Lillia, Rick, Barley, May, and Gotz. The first ones to really talk to her were May, Stu, Karen, Manna, Sasha, Anna and Ann.

After the celebration Claire went back home and saw on her watch that it was already 12:15 she thought to herself '12:15! That party took really long...but atleast I know how kind my neighbors are. I wonder if that was really everyone...Anyways I gotta go home and sleep. It's so late!' "So how are you liking Mineral Town so far, Claire?" Harris asked her, under his father's order and his job as a constable, to make sure every resident of Mineral Town is safe "I really like it here" Claire replied "good! I'm happy to hear that" said Harris "thank you for taking me to my house Mr. Harris" she thanked "Don't mention it, and just a tip you don't have to keep saying Mr., Ms., or Mrs., around anyone here, they really wouldn't mind" Claire nodded and when they reached her home she waved good-bye and said thank you again

After thirty minutes of TV, Claire, who was still holding her puppy, went to bed.

End of Prologue

(1) Is that what it was really called? I'm sorry I haven't played HM:MFoMT in over 3 months so I sorta forgot

This is just showing how Claire got to Mineral Town, Who and how she met the residents and what she did on the first day

Rated T for later chapters

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