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This is different from normal banishment fics as Naruto wasn't banished after the VOTE.

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Ten years ago a battle took place inside the hidden Leaf village. Between the Hokage, the jinchurikki of the Kyubi, theri ninja forces, against the remaing Akatsuki members. None would forget that day. Pein and his other bodies were decimated in the attack, as was his associate Konan. Kisame Hoshigaki was beheaded by his own sword during the fight, Madara Uchiha fled, leaving behind Team Taka. The only one who didn't manage to escape from Konoha with them was Madara's descendant, Sasuke Uchiha.

The council of Konohagakure acted immediatly.

The head of the secret ANBU division, ROOT, Danzo, proposed that the Uchiha be pardoned from past crimes, being forced in to them by the curse seal, Orochimaru, his unstable mind put on to him by his brother Itachi, and ofcourse, who could forget that it was Naruto Uzumaki who the majority of the blame was shifted on to. The charge was that he had driven away the Uchiha with his demonic pressence.

The civillian council were eating out of the palm of his hand. They instantly agreed to these, opting to banish the Uzumaki boy, and to welcome their beloved Uchiha back with open arms. The Ninja council and the Clan heads were less than impressed with their blindness and stupidity, claiming that the Uchiha was unstable and would soon kill them if they did not execute him.

This was ignored by the civillian council who granted amnisty to Sasuke.

But Naruto faced the worst of it.

The Civillian council made up the majority of the council of Konoha. The clan heads could do nothing as the blind fools signed the document claiming Naruto was to blame. But what they were able to stop was the execution document. Danzo was furious when his plans were foiled by the meddlesome Hokage and her advisors who found a loophole in all this chaos. Naruto could not be executed by the power of Civillians as he was a ninja. As his ninja liscence was not yet revoked, they could not kill the boy.

The civillain council moved quickly to have the boy's ninja liscence revoked offically before they claimed rightful justice fromt he boy. However the ninjas were masters of deception and granted Naruto a new liscence as soon as his old one was voided. The political battle raged on for weeks before a trail was held. It was biased from the beginning. The civillian council made up the jury who all insisted that Naruto was guilty from the start. They were lucky to get that far. Thankfully Naruto's luck was the stuff of legends, and Tsunade was the one to decide the sentence. She could not give him community service and the only thing, that she was allowed to do, short of killing him was the one thing which would destroy him.


That same day Naruto Uzumaki packed up his things, kicked out of the village and escorted to the border of Fire Country. His apartment complex was almost burned down but remained in one piece thanks to the efforts of one Rock Lee who happened to be training through the village by carrying a tank of water on his back. It was times like these when people were gratefull to Gai's teachings and ridiculous training methods.

The council soon demanded a new generation of Sannin.

Naturally those taught by Sannin were chosen.

Sasuke Uchiha as the new Snake Sannin.

Sakura Haruno as the new Slug Sannin.

But Jiraiya hadn't passed on the toad contract before he died. The last person with their name signed on that scroll was 'Naruto Uzumaki'. Without it then the Sannin were not the sannin. (Densetsu Ninin is more like it). The council organised a retrieval team to catch up with Naruto Uzumaki. The ninjas to have him as the new sannin, the civillians to force him to give the summoning contract to a ninja of their choosing.

Ten years on and the Village hidden in the leaves has become dull and dpressing. Not even Konohamaru, or Gai and Lee could bring the sun back to Konoha. It was incredibly strange. There were more clouds above Konoha lately, blocking more and more sunlight, and hardly ever raining. It was mostly thanks to Suiton jutsus that the plants kept gaining water, otherwise there would be less and less plants. It was as if someone had put a curse on the village.

Ten years on and Konoha is dragged in to a war with Iwa and Kumo. It's only allies, Sand, Star, Birds, Moon, Waterfall, Snow, and Wave, which had become a ninja village very recently, seemed rather cold with them since the banishment of Naruto. It was no secret that their countries were better off because of him. The Kazekage was now sane and enjoyed life rather than enjoy in killing, the village of Waterfall found Naruto'a absence disturbing, insisting that it had been a curse for him to leave (most of them were highly superstitious), Snow was cold (figuritivley speaking) since their daimyo favoured the blonde. Birds was greatful for their release from an evil manipulator, their Daimyo was exceptionally disappointed, Star still remembered when Naruto fought with the spirit of one of their own to destroy the star which was slowly killing their children, Moon was offended as their king and crown prince were good friends with Naruto, and Wave was the worst. They specialised in Tsunami and their own branch of suiton jutsus, developed by their appointed 'Shodaime Namikage' as they called him, he was barely in to his twenties and was the most powerful of them all (guess who) and considered it an insult that Naruto was no longer a member of Leaf.

Ame had recoiled back into their hole to hide from all ever since Pein was killed in battle. Kus had joined forces with Oto and both had gone on to join in the war with Iwa and Kumo as Allies. Kirigakure no sato remained neutral in the entire thing, only recently getting over the civil war and the end of the blood purges. A new Mizukage had recently put in place and was keen on becoming allies with Wave but demanded amnisty and neutral ground in the war against the Four Hidden Villages. Suddenly Konoha seemed small, insignificant and worst of all, it only had enough strength to face half of a hidden village with no more Uchiha, Jinchurikki or Yondaime to help them.


Ten Years Later:

A young man yawned from retracting fatigue, stretching his arms and muscles out to give way to the cricks and cracks his bones made when he snapped them in to place. Sunlight streamed across his face and cascading down his elegant locks of golden blonde. His blonde hair currently fell down his face and obstructed the view of his eyes and facial features. He stood up and pulled a mirror out of the bag which lay next to him on the ground. Digging a hand in his pockets he found a rubber black band which would be perfect enough.

Enlarging the mirror with a jutsu the man placed it down on a tree stump using the back of the mirror as a stand. He stared in to the mirror and pulled back his hair high on top of his head. It looked like a regular ninja ponytail well enough, escpecially when it was tied back. It spiked and stuck up toyfully (think Iruka's ninja ponytail). He place two small objects inside the ponytail forcing them to 'click' on to his hair. Looking in to the mirror the man marvelled at his features, checking to see if anything was wrong.

His eyes were crystle blue, like the waves of the ocean just as they were crashing in to the surface of the water below. His skin was tanned and beautiful, with a trio of thin black whiskers running across either cheek. His face was handsome and rugid, manly yet boyish in a certain sense. Three stray hairs fell at the base of his neck, two long longs of hair dangled down, falling past and hiding his ears. He wore a simple black cloth over his forehead, a sort of design of the western celts imprinted in red on to it, the largest of which stood in the centre of the band, three squashed rings intertwining eachother.

Walking back over to his bag he found his clothes and proceeded to change.

When he was done he was dressed in clothes fit for an assasin. A black tight long-sleeved shirt which showed off what he had underneath. He wore a pair of less tighter, but still tight, black pants, which were tucked in to a pair of black steel toed boots, with the steel painted blood red. He wore a red leather jacket which folded at the arms (revealing the light red undercoat0, showing his well toned forearm muscles under the tight black shirt. He wore a pair of red fingerless gloves with black, metal plate knuckles. On the back of his jacket was the Kanji for Inari, the goddess of Foxes and of Rice.

The bag was just a small backpack, with the name and warning of "NARUTO UZUMAKI! KEEP AWAY!" printed across in bold. And angry fox head finished off the design of the bag, which was a neon orange and black in colour. It was almost blinding.

The man suddenly realised something. There was no sign of his companion. He cupped his hands to his mouth and called out "Hey Chibanaru you out there?". No one responded back. "Hey kid you alright? Can you hear me?". This time a response was given.

"I can hear you tous-san. I've been hearing you snore from all the way down by the river. That's a real problem you know, people might think that there's a monster in which ever wood or forest we're staying in" complained a child's voice. Naruto smiled in relief when he saw the little guy walking through the tree path towards the older blonde.

Like his 'Tou-san' he had blonde hair, only his was marred by a pair of scarlet red bangs, an obnoxious shade of scarlet I might add. His hair was too pulled up in to a ninja ponytail, the red bangs acting as two red streeks going through his head, and spurting out of the elastic band of the ponytail. They sort of resembled stubly horns. His face was cute and babyish, probably due to the fact that he was merely five years old. His eyes were the same as his father, blue like waves about to crasd un to the surface of the water. He had a cute button nose and instead of whiskers, he adjorned a triad of black dots on each cheek, like little freckles.

The child wore black bib-and-brace overalls and a red t-shirt. The kanji of Inari was either sewn or printed in red on to the front pocket of his dungaree. The braces had little red smiley-face for buttons and a pair of red child's tennis shoes. "Tou-san I got the water and caught the fish" the child informed him.

"Did you use Auntie Kyuu's gift?" the man known as Naruto asked the little guy. The small boy brightened. "Hai. Auntie Kyuu was really nice to give me that" the child informed him. He pulled out the gift from behind his back. It would have looked like a regular soccor ball, round and bouncy, had it not had the image of an orange fox's head with a hard wire aerial and a fuzzy white thing atop of it."Kyubi-P is really handy Tou-san, he can change in to anything. He was a fishing rod for me and he used Catra to catch the fish."

"Chakra, kid" Naruto corrected.

"Hai" the little boy explained.

"Haku?" Naruto asked the little guy, refering to his middle name, which he usually went by. "Hai?" the little boy asked looking up at his father's face. "Where are the fish and water then?". The child blanched and went wide eyed when he realised that he had left them back at the river. "Tou-san I left them at the river 'cause you called me!". Naruto sighed before giving a caring smile. "Yep, you are definatly my son kid". Haku (as the boy was called) pouted. "As if you ever doubted it. But maybe we aren't and my real tou-san was just like that, but only more reliable, better looking and could kick everyones asses to kingdom come."

Naruto's eyebrow twitched. "Haku, what have I told you about swearing?".

The young boy looked at him then went in to a thinking pose. he tapped his index finger on his lips whilst gazing away in to the oblivion of the sky above. "Hmmm? Uhhh..." here the child turned to Naruto and gave him a foxy grin. "Swear like a sailor, kick the ass of anyone who tells you off for it?".

Naruto smiled. "I have trained you well".

The father and son duo packed up their belongings and stored them in to storage seals, which were easily enough hidden in the small backpacks. "Don't forget the fish" Naruto warned.


The Hokage of Konohagakure stood before the new version of the Konoha Eleven, the Konoha Twelve. Added with Sasuke Uchiha and Sai, but without Naruto Uzumaki, one of the originals. The sensei's of the four teams, Kakashi Hatake, Yamato, Kurenai Yuhi, and Might Gai, stoof in attendance to the Hokage, who hide behind her genjutsu. Her two advisors, who ere now entering their early eighties, stood either side of her. Homura and Koharu glared down at the Uchiha-boy, who acted as if he had better things to do than hang around here.

Tsunade folded her arms and leaned against the front of her desk. Sakura and Sasuke stood apart from one another, on eithe side of the room, divided by the other ninja, just as Sakura wanted. Each ninja in the room held looks of either excitment, confusion or anticipation. Finally Tsunade creased her brow and opened her brown eyes in ernest. Now was the time to make her announcement.

"As you all know" she began "next year I am retiring. In that time I need to train a ninja who will become my successor and the Rokudaime Hokage". Her announcement was met with silence. The one thought that ran through everyone elses minds was the same thing. 'She's going to pick Sasuke or Sakura. Kakashi will deny the job. It's gonna be those two as candidates'. "However" Tsunade continued, causing everyone to subconsiously lean forward. The one person I desire as Hokage could not be considered as a candidate. With the war fast approaching we need this person as Hokage. The council has grown so that ninja's heavily outweigh the civillian council. As such there is a certain "obsticle" which has been removed from our way."

"Excuse me Hokage-sama" Sakura began bewildered. "What does this have to do with us?".

Tsunade looked at her successor in the ways of the Slug Sannin and smiled evilly. "Well the lot of you are going to go get him and drag his sorry ass back here to leaf." A sneaking suspiscion drove in to Neji's mind at what the Hokage was implying. Behind his mask Kakashi gave a grin, knowing full well who the Hokage had in mind.

"You are to find and escort back to the village, the official second generation Toad sannin, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, for him to accept the title of Rokudaime Hokage".


A shiver an up Naruto's spine and his entire body vibrated fearfully. Haku looked up at his father with Kyuubi-P secure in his arms. A question mark flew through his brain. "Tou-san, why did you just shiver like that?" he asked his father who seemed to have frozen in place.

"I don't know" Naruto gasped "but if I lose in the next casino then that's a sign that something bad is about to happen to us". Haku rolled his eyes at his father. "Geez, tou-san those signs of impending doom really make you sound like a sore loser" the child informed him. Naruto would have usually growled in response to this but he could not shake the feeling of dread which had crawled up his back and had moved forwards to situate itself in his stomach.

Something bad was going to happen very soon.


Sakura Haruno, the neo-slug sannin stood in her bedroom, of the apartment which which had once been Naruto's. Tsunade had had it converted to a mansion of sorts for the Konoha Twelve. The Konoha Twelve had become an official organisation within Konoha which worked under the Hokage. Instead of Academy teachers choosing the gennin teams, the entire Konoha twelve did that taking in abilities and feelings for consideration.

When the Konoha twelve were ready to retire or should any group leave the organisation, then one batch of Academy graduites who were twelve in number and had equal qualification then they would replace the Konoha Twelve with a new generation. One of these teams would be trained by a sannin, and that team would secretly be put forward as candidates of the Sannin who were the leading power of the Konoha Twelve.

Out of the entire Konoha ninja populance it was expected that someone within the family tree of ninja training was expected to be a candidate of Hokage. The shoadime trained his brother, the nidaime who trained Sarutobi who in turn trained Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru. Orochimaru trained Anko, Mizuki and Kurenai, Tsunade trained Shizune, Jiraiya trained Minato, Fugaku and Hiashi. Minato was the only one to take a gennin squad from Jiraiya's branch as Kurenai did the same from Orochimaru's branch. Minato trained Obito, Rin and Kakashi. Kakashi trained Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Kurenai trained Hinata, Shino and Kiba. If you think of it as a family tree it begins to make sense.

Out of all those, they were the most expected to be a Hokage candidate. It was like a bloodline, only it was transfered through to Genin from their Jounin Teacher who were in the line. It is sometimes called the Hokage Line.

Sakura spent a good few hours drawing that up for an April Fool's Joke (and a pretty poor one at that, Sakura admitted to leaving the pranking to Naruto), until Tsunade saw it, put it all together in her head then made it the offical Hokage Line, saying that it was a Ninline, an opposite of a Bloodline. The cycle would only be cut if someone else tried for Hokage. A lot of people suspected the Hokage to be severly intoxicated that day from needing a break from Konohamaru's tricks.

Enough about Konoha Kage politics.

Sakura sighed and looked over to the photo's on the wall. The old gennin team photo hung proudly, yet dusty, about thirteen years after it had been taken. Next to it hung another picture of Yamato, Sakura, Sai and Naruto. Next to that was one of them with Sasuke and Kakashi this time. Finally there was their 'official' one, of them without Naruto. Pictures were otherwise scarce in the room. Sakura had kept them all safe and hidden. Her bedroom was covered in red wallpaper and pink cherry blossoms. Red carpet, and pink bed covers.

The cabinets and drawers were otherwise brown and made of oak. A bookcase filled to the last centimetre with books occupied the wall across from the window. Sakura finished packing her bags and opened the door to find the rest of the retrieval team there waiting for her. Sasuke took position as leader and commanded them to move out.

"Right then. Move out. We need to get that Loser".

Sakura glared angrily at Sasuke. He had been a real jerk for a while now, but he tried to be nice. But ever since Tsunade announced it was Naruto he had gone back to his fowl tempered old self. It was probably because Naruto was the reason why Sasuke could now never leave the village without the Hokage's say-so. It was a terrifying concept. Especially when Sakura was the one to monitor the reason at all of Sasuke's routine checkups. She was also given control of IT whenever they went on a mission together. She was the only one who could control him now.

Sixteen ninja rushed through the streets of Konoha at top speed, rushing through the gates at top speed. The last bit of information Tsunade had on Naruto was that he had been seen in demon country a week ago and was heading westward to Waterfall country. Estimated time of arrival...

Three Days.


Two Weeks Later:

"TOU-SAN" Haku bellowed at his father as they finally made it to the town in Taki no Kuni they were trying to get to for the past two weeks. "Whenever you say, lets go sightseeing in Demon country, I thought you ment look at a couple of sights then leave, NOT SPEN THE BETTER HALF OF TWO WEEKS THERE". The loudmouthed kid recieved a bonk to the head off his father. "You're kinda loud and uptight for a five year old, Chibi-me".

"Will you stop calling me that?"

"When you make your first kill and have your first shot of sake with your old man".

"So a couple more years then?"

"As long as I can get it"

Naruto walked with Haku on his shoulders, one hand tightly clasping his father's ponytail, the other holding on to Kyubi-P so as no to assert suspicion from other travellers. It's not everyday that you see a little kid with a floating fox head following him everywhere, like some puppy. "Tou-san can we get some pocky?" the small boy asked his father. Naruto gave up with a smile. "Sure, then we'll go fishing".

As they walked down the street they failed to notice the three ninja's sitting infront of a cafe drinking coffee. Neji Hyuuga followed the pair down the street with a look of regret on his face. "That guy is lucky to have that child" he thought to himself. A thought suddenly occured to him. "So Tenten, when are you and Lee going to try for a child?" he asked her jokingly. The Weapons mistress shivered all over from that statment

Neji smirked at her. "Afraid to have children with big eyebrows and the power of youth running around everywhere you go?" Neji joked indicating to his old team mate and Tenten's husband, Rock Lee. Tenten shivered. "Don't make me think about it. I love Lee but I really don't want my kids running around in green spandex".

Sasuke who had joined their group nodded wit a sneer. "Well unlike you two I have to have kids. Probably ten at the most before I die.".

"Ten? Wow you are either brave or really stupid. Unless your wife has most of those at once you'll never reach that number. No one I know would let their husband touch them if they had so many children. The best you can get is five, six if you're lucky. Unless the council grant you harem rights."

Neji decided his input was needed. "The civillian council probably will push for that. Remember they control the number of civillian's who go in to the ninja forces in the first place. They could use that as blackmail to get more sharingans".

"The council is getting too full of themselves lately. They never would have done this ten years ago. They'd be too scared. The last time they showed backbone was with Naruto, and now look at their plan. All washed up and we have to go pick him up somewhere. Mark my words Sasuke that plan of theirs will go south" Tenten warned him.

Neji snorted. "Mark my Words? Tenten, when did you become a batty old gossip?".

It took all of Tenten's inner strength not to throw a kunai at him. Unfortunatly that inner strength wasn't enough and Neji soon found himself nearly impaled by the "Queen of Steel" as she was known throughout Konoha and in the bingo books for Iwa. "What about you Neji?" she asked. "You thinking about getting married anytime soon. I know we're twenty-six and all, and not even Kakashi had his kid at our age, but he was a genius. We're not up to his standards. When are you gonna get laid?".

"Tenten" Sasuke warned "We're in a crowd".

Tenten blushed looking around before returning her sights on to Neji. "There's gotta be someone you like. I'm suprised you haven't been pushed in to an arranged marriage yet". Neji sighed, he sipped his coffee before replying "I refused them all. I prefere to marry on my own free will, and to answer your question I have taken part in the act of sexual intercourse". Tenten turned an interesting shade of red at Neji's bluntness. "Really? Who? Were they any good?" she immedietly asked him interested.

"Neji?" Sasuke spoke eying the fellow doujutsu user. "What's brought this on?" he asked

Neji pointed in the direction that Naruto and his son had just gone. "Did you see those two, the blonde pair, the father and son?". Sasuke nodded whilst Tenten looked on dreamingly. "Oh yeah. They were cute. Especially the kid. I know I'm sort of against the whole immitating your father figure thing, but hey, seeing a little boy like that was really cute. The father is so young-looking as well, he could pass as his older brother."

"What about them?" Sasuke asked.

"I felt jealous" was the Hyuga boy's reply.

Tenten snorted in to her tea. "You jealous? Call the newspapers. Neji Hyuuga, mr. My life is alright the way it is, is jealous of a father and son pair? I thought your only jealousy was towards the main Hyuga branch, and even then it's rather lax and hasn't reared it's ugly head for a couple of years now."

"Leave him alone Tenten" Sasuke told her.

"But I..."

"HELLO MY YOUTHFUL COMPANIONS AND BEAUTIFUL WIFE. HOW WAS YOUR MORNING?" the loud and happy spandex clad ninja known as Rock Lee cried out to them as he ran forward.

"Hello Lee" Sasuke and Neji replied in a regular bored drawl. Tenten sighed before replying to her husband. "So Lee how was your jog around the village. And please don't scream it". she begged. Lee calmed down before replying to his wife. "It was glorious Tenten. I wish you would join me some time."

'Like that'll ever happen' the three thought at once.

"Anyway, my friends I have heared interesting news about our dear friend Naruto". The other three perked up and looked at Lee with har stares. "What news Lee?" Sasuke asked with a growl. The green clad jounin gulped before replying. "Well Sasuke-kun, there have been most frightful rumours about Naruto-kun floating around". Tenten grew a tick on her forehead. "Well what is it Lee? Tell us and maybe we can go tell the others in the other towns.

"Well they say he is number two in the bingo book now..."

"Lee we already knew that".

"...and that he has an accomplice. A teenage boy some say. The boy is said to be a ruthless killer, tainted by demonic chakra. It is said that Naruto-kun watched happily as this teenager killed an entire Iwa base with just a small pack of senbon needles. Naruto is said to now be a masochist and a sadist. I am afraid we may be too late in saving him from his un-youthfulness my fellow Leaf nin."

Neji and Tenten turned to Sasuke in worry. His eyes were wide in shock as he bit down on his thumb. "Lee" he finally spoke. "Did anyone say where Naruto was headed?". The large eyebrowed ninja stood straight instantly. "That was wat I wanted to tell you. When I was heading over here I smelt a famillier scent. I have trained with Kakashi-sempai's Ninken so my sense of smell is better. I smelt Naruto and his colleuge entering town just a few minutes ago".

"But no one has entred the town ever since we've been here" Tenten urged.

"Except..." Neji stated causing the other two who had been in the cafe with him to widen their eyes in shock. "That Father and son weren't really father and son. It was Naruto and his accomplise, under Henge. Without Neji's Byakugan he didn't see it and Sasuke was brooding as usual. Their in this town." the bun headed girl exclaimed as the other two stood up leaving some money behind. "We've gotta' hurry" Sasuke said to them as they rushed from the cafe.


"Tou-san, why did we leave so suddenly?" Haku asked his father as they ran along the road leading to the next village. Naruto held on tighter to Haku's legs as he pushed with all his strength. "The Pocky festival is tommorrow in a village a couple of kilometres away. We CAN'T miss it!" the blonde yelled jumping on tree branches. "WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR MAN?" Haku raged at his father. "Step on it!". The father and son duo ran (well in Haku's case rode) away from the small village they had just occupied for a couple of minutes.

Passing by weary travellers became a common occurance to them as they shot passed farmers and carriage drivers. No one payed them any heed as they were to fast to be thought of something anymore than a gust of wind. The blondes lept passed the odd escaped livestock to reach the town where the pocky festival would be held. "Tou-san?" Haku asked his father as the grown man left an imprint of his boot on a cow's backside.

"Hmm?" Naruto replied signifying that he was listening to the child.

"When are we going to see kaa-san?" the child asked "Auntie Kyubi isn't far from there either, we could stop by just after the festival. It is your birthday in a couple of days and kaa-san would probably want to give you your presents". Naruto looked solem before brightening and quickening his pace.

"I think it's a great idea Chibinaru". Naruto replied to his son.

It would give them both an excuse to visit Isaribi and for Aunt Kyuubi to see his godson.


October 10th was the time of year when Naruto Uzumaki and his son Naruto "Chibinaru" Haku Uzumaki, were found in Sea country, on demon island, paying their respects to the most imprtant woman in both men's lives. Isaribi Uzumaki was spirited away by Orochimaru of the sannin and experimented on, with the help of his lacky. They caused her to become a mutated demon fish and had her reek havoc across the sea country, stealing important cargo and leaving many to their untimely deaths.

It wasn't until Naruto, Ino, Shino and Anko came along then all that changed. Isaribi met a boy who cared about her, who could share in her pain and who could see her for what she really was. A PERSON. When she returned with them to Konoha, Tsunade was unable to cure her of her afflicted condition. Isaribi remained in Konoha for a couple of years, before Naruto was banished. She left Konoha with him, where they made their way to Umi no Kuni. There Naruto and Isaribi made a home on demon island, and fell in love.

The wedding was a private ceremony issued by a friend of Naruto's. Sora from the great Fire temple brought his master in the guise of a vacation. It was a month after Naruto's eighteenth birthday. By that time Isaribi was pregnant with Little Naruto. The two settled down in their home and remained there. When Chibinaru was born nine months laters, people on the mainland could have sworn that there were red fireworks the shaped of multi-tailed foxes shooting up in to the air.

But then everything went wrong.

Due to her mutation which she thankfully didn't pass on to her son, other than the ability to breath underwater, Isaribi fell terminally ill with some unknown disese which affected fish. Naruto did the best he could for her, but they couldn't afforsd a medic and it was tragic that Isaribi passed away. She was buried in the families front garden, right before her house. A mound was raised and a rock was rasengan-ed so it could be used for her headstone. It was on that day that the two left, promising to return to Demon island seven times a year, on the birthdays of Naruto, Chibinaru and Isaribi herself, on mothers day, christmas, on the anniversary of their wedding and on the anniversary of her death.

Haku was only three when his mother died, he didn't know much about her but he was always told by Naruto that he inherited her intelligence and knowledge of all things that belonged in the deep.

Naruto knelt down infront of the headstone in their old front garden. Earlier he had refreshed the names and dates on the rock with his improved version of the rasengan. A bed of flowers covered the whole garden with the rose bed over Isaribi's grave. Haku knelt next to him and put his hands in to a prayer formation. Naruto turned his leg so one was leaning the other was kneeling. They both prayed for five minutes before Naruto plucked a white rose from the grave.

"You've outdone yourself this year my love" he told the grave head "The whites ones look even whiter than the moon. What's your secret?". Haku giggled at his fathers antics with the talk with his late bride. "Tou-san, kaa-san couldn't do any of it. She's underground". Naruto smiled at his son. "Who do you think supplies the chakra for these flowers. Kaa-san's spirit sends Chakra to them for us".

"ohh" Haku believed as he once again returned to his prayers. Naruto smiled at childhood naiveness. It would be a long time before Haku lost any of that. He smiled continued before tucking the white rose in to one of the pockets of his jackets, proudly displaying it for the world to see. "Come on Haku, time to go. Tea country's having a gambling celebration and there's these new boots in Demon which I've had my eye on for quite some time."

"Hai tou-san!" the little boy replied before kissing the stone which held his mothers name. "Bye Kaa-san" he said before bounding off through the garden. Naruto's head returned to the headstone. He put his fingers to his lips and kissed them before placing it on the stone just centimetres away from where Haku had just kissed the rock. "I've gotta teach that kid not to kiss rocks. We'll see you in a month love." then he too left the garden and followed Haku down to the beach.


Sakura stared wide eyed at Sasuke, Tenten, Lee and Neji as they accounted what they had seen. "Naruto with a ponytail?" she asked. Tenten nodded. "He looked like Iruka-sensei with the colour scheme of Deidara and whisker marks. But the baby was so cute. He must have been, what? Five? Four years old. But obviously it was a henge, but it was so cute". Neji sweatdropped before talking "Tenten. That's enough. You can henge Lee in to that child form later when we have Naruto in our custody".

"You make him sound like a criminal" Ino complained to the stotic Hyuuga boy...ur...man.

"Well" Lee began "Technically Naruto-kun is a criminal. His flames of youth have diminished in to the horrible ways of sadism and masochistism". Shikamaru shot a disbelieving look at Lee. "Ahhh this is Naruto we're talking about. Mr. Troublesome blonde with a sugery attitude. There's no way Naruto would do something like that". Chouji nodded in his agreement with Shikamaru. "The day Naruto does something like that is the day he gives up ramen".

Kakashi sweatdropped and nodded in his response.

"Lee your information might be a tad bit unreliable. Naruto may have an accomplace but for Naruto to go like that it would take something like the Kyubi taking control over him for that to happen" Kiba told him.

When Naruto was first banished the day the it was announced, the news of Naruto being the Kyubi jinchurikki spread through Konoha like wildfire. It was now common knowledge that the Kyubi vessel had been living amoungst them for fifteen years. Some were replused, some felt cheated and others didn't care because they knew Naruto well and knew he wasn't the sort of person who could be a demon.

The Konoha Twelve were amoung the supporters of Naruto, refusing to believe he was anysort of monster. Ofcourse Sakura, Sasuke, Sai and Shikamaru already knew, they were his teammates and shikamaru had figured it out years before it was revealed.

"There's got to be another explaination" Shino's usual monotone sounded throughout the Konoha twelve. Could Naruto really be like that? No question about it. Lee had to have been misinformed.

"So where could he be?" Hinata asked her fellow ninja.

Sai gave off a sigh. "My informants have told me that he was recently seen in the land of the sea, locals have overheared him saying to his accomplice, still under the disguise of a child, they were going to the land of tea for a gambling tournement, then he would be returning to Umi no Kuni in one months time. That's all I could dig up on him". Yamato nodded at his pupil. Sakura formed a plan in her head quickly before ordering the others.

"Half of us will go to Umi no Kuni and wait while the other half go to the land of tea for this gambling holiday. Sasuke, you'll take Neji, Tenten, Lee, Kiba, Kakashi, Gai and Shino. Hinata, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji, Sai, Kurenai and Yamato, you'll be with me in Umi. If Naruto slips by Sasuke's group we'll need a way to catch him in a months time when he returns to Umi. If you do catch him in Tea then send word to us. Neji, you'll be their team med-nin. Kiba will be tracker, Kakashi, they'll need your dogs, Gai and Lee's speed will be good, if you do run in to Naruto, Shino will use his bugs on him. Tenten will be good for containing him with her weapons".

"Do you really think that'll work. It will seriously cut down on our number and-"

"It'll work Sasuke. If we're lucky, Naruto will come with us willingly and we won't need to use force. When he hears about being the Rokudaime, he'll jump at the chance". One could not disagree with Sakura's logic when it came to Naruto. She was probably the one who knew him best. "But Sakura, what about you're team? What is it's function?" Shino asked the neo-slug sannin.

"Shikamaru will hold him in place, then we'll use Hinata and myself as emotional blackmail, between the two of us he'll come with us willingly. Kurenai will use genjutsu on him, that's his worst area he won't recognise it. Then Ino will use her mind arts to trick him in to increasing guilt, then Chouji and Sai will be used to talk to him and convince him. If worst comes to worst we'll blackmail him with ramen".

"So an attack team and a team which uses techniques from the Interogation department to guilt trip Naruto. But why Yamato Sakura?" Kakashi asked her. The pink haired kunoichi shivered sligtly. "Incase the Kyubi is used by Naruto. He'll probably still wear the necklace and Yamato will be used to subdue him".

"Clever" Ino praised her old friend.

"Come on now. Team Serpent doesn't have long to get to Tea country. Team Snail will follow me to Sea."



"Well I couldn't use Snake for Sasuke's team, and it'd be fair to use a relative of my summons as a name"

"Billboardbrow!" Ino insulted.


"I can't believe the gambling tournement was cancelled" Chibinaru complained to his father as they walked away dejectidly. "You could have let your hair down tou-san then they wouldn't have recognised you". Naruto growled angrily "I can't help it that I'm unnaturally lucky, especially with money and gambling".

"Yeah but you might wanna use henge next time!"

"So sue me kid"

"Can't. You're my father"


"WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE NEVER SHOWED UP?" Sakura bellowed at Lee.

The azure beast of Konoha wimpered under the gaze of the Sakura no Oni as she was known to other countries due to her anger and demonic like temper. "Well we attended the tournement like you told us to Sakura-chan. But due to our unyouthful fortune, we were all beaten out by the fifthe round. We asked the gate guards and they told us they had been afraid that he would cause an unyouthful disturbance and so told Naruto-kun that the tournement had been cancelled. But do not fear. My other comrads and blossomed wife are chasing after Naruto as we speak".

"Lee I suggest you go away know before I use you as a pummelling tool".

The big eyebrowed taijutsu user ran away from Sakura who turned towards Ino and Shikamaru who sat on a park bench. "Where is Sai, I need to hit something". she asked them. "Hey!" Ino protested. "Stay away from my husband, billboard brow. I still need him to make me a mother. You can kill him when I have five kids all at jounin rank."

The pink haired sannin growled and begun to punch the tree besides the bench with her fists of fury. "She really needs to take anger management courses" Ino said leaning back in to the bench. "THIS IS ANGER MANAGMENT!". Ino gave a long winded sigh and complained again. "I should have known. Sakura will always take the more violent path given to her".




Ino looked at her old team mate with a furrowed brow. "Have you spoken to any of the locals yet. I've been looking for my friend Isaribi, but I can't find her. Did you make any leeway with your search?".

"Isaribi?" Shikamaru asked confused at her question.

"Remember my mission to Umi? Well Isaribi was this girl we met. She had been kidnapped by Orochimaru and mutated by tests done by one of his research partners. She was part fish because of it. She was forced to steel stuff from ships taking valuable object and money to the land of water to pay for their protection. Me, Shino and Naruto came here with Anko-sensei. Isaribi helped us out in destroying the base and freeing the others. She came with us to Konoha for Tsunade-sama to heal her but the damage was too much. Isaribi left Konoha to return here when Pein was defeated".

"Did you say Naruto came here with her?" Shikamaru asked narrowing his eyes.

"I remember that mission. You guys came back with her. She studied under Tsunade-sama for a time. I think she still lives around here somewhere" Sakura butted in. Ino looked up and nodded. "Yeah, but the problem is I haven't been able to find her. Not here on at her shack down by the cove". Shikamaru suddenly stood up letting a cigarette drop from his mouth. "If we find her she might have some clue about Naruto. Ino, Sakura. Asked around. See if anyone has seen Isaribi with a young man with blonde hair and whisker marks in the last ten years".

"Shika?" Ino began before Shikamaru took off running. "That's probably the fastest you'll ever see him go, and even that's slow". Ino commented at the pace Shikamaru took off running which was little more than a jog. "Pathetic".

"He does have a point" the pink haired sannin told her friend. "Go ask around. Surely you know some people here and some will remember you. Go around asking and we'll probably find some answers.

For the next three hours Sakura and Ino scowered the town asking questions about them. The results of their search were pitiful at best. When they met up with Shikamaru again at the harbour at sunset they had very little to report back. "It's a no go" Ino told him. "No one has seen Isaribi in the last two years. They have seen Naruto coming and going on the same dates every year. Once on his birthday, another on Isaribi's and then five more times. Some people said they saw people from the fire temple here once five years ago" Sakura added.

"I asked around as well" Shikamaru stated "They said that Isaribi and a blonde man lived out in a house on demon island. About five year ago they came round with a pair of monks and there was apparently a fireworks show with multi-tailed foxes, once in November another in Febuary. Then two years ago Isaribi disappeared completely and that man comes by only seven times a year on the same dates and leaves as soon as he returns from demon island. Febuary 13, November 5, October 10, July 3, December 25, May 11, and Mother's Day. He always brings along the guy in the child henge".

"So we go to demon island and scope things out?" Hinata asked as she walked up behind Shikamaru, with Chouji at her side. "I agree" Sai said appearing through Ink shushin between them and a box. "We should go there and look for any clues". Ino nodded at her husband. "Some people have said that up 'til May 11 two years ago, smoke rose from a chimney on some sort of shack on the island."

"So do we leave now?"

"Someone should stay behind to tell Lee where the rest of us have gone".

"I'll stay" Sai said "My Ink will be useless on these waters anyway so I trust you'll be fine? he asked Ino putting a loving hand on her shoulder. The blonde girl smiled, nodded and pecked a kiss on Sai's cheek. "Be careful Sai" she told him. The pale man smiled sweetly before replying "You to" to his wife.

Half an hour later found the Konoha ninja, minus Sai runnin on the water to Demon island.


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What do you think. Too long? Too short? Too discriptive? More on the way soon. This is just a side project while I think of ideas for Frozen Wood. I also want to keep people in suspense (sorry, I'm sadistic that way tehe).

Okay character profiles on every chapter and pairing before that.





Character Bio:

Name: Naruto Haku Uzumaki II

Age: Five years old

Nicknames: Chibinaru, Haku, Chibime

Name in japanese: ちびナル(Chibinaru), 白 (Haku), うずまき (Uzumaki)

Favourite Food: Pocky

Family: Naruto Uzumaki (father), Isaribi Uzumaki (mother), Aunt Kyubi (adoptive uncle/godfather)

Allegiance: Currently none/ Father only

Weapons: Kyubi-P

Hair: Blonde + red bangs

Eyes: blue


The ideas for his name were easy. I did what Naoko Takeuchi did with Usagi of Sailor Moon and gave the kid the name of Naruto, like his dad, then add 'Chibi' to his name whilst putting 'Naru' behind it. I thought that Naruto might name his children after some of his precious people, so I added Haku there for a middle name which he'll use whilst not writing 'Naruto' as his name is. His character is ment to be used for emotional backround and an easier way to write about the past that Naruto has gone through whilst he was banished. It provides an emotional backstory.

Personal history:

Naruto Haku Uzumaki II was born on Febuary 13th to parents Naruto and Isaribi Uzumaki. He usually goes by the name of Chibinaru or Haku. Is really bright for his age and relies on Kyubi-P (his floating fox head ball) and his father Naruto. Currently he is travelling the elemental nations with his father. His mother died when he was three years old. Chibinaru is an almost exact copy of his father except for the black freckles other than his father's diminishing whisker marks. Chibinaru has shown independance and intelligence which is close to his fathers. He doesn't seem to share in his mothers mutant fish legacy.