Kit: Konnichiwa readers of all kinds! today i have posted a fic for Naruto himself.

Naruto: Hi kit-chan and hi readers. Hey kit-chan guess what?

Kit:What Naru-chan?

Naruto: Happy Birthday!

Kit:Aw-hugs Naruto- thank you Naru-chan, can you do the disclaimer?

Naruto: Ok! Kit-chan doesn't own the anime Naruto or it's characters.

Kit: Thanks Naru-chan, on with the fic.

1. You know what, I haven't seen Sakura-chan in a while.

2. I love it when 'Tachi-kun buys me ramen.

3. When I look in 'Tachi-kun's photo album, there are a lot of pictures of me sleeping.

4. There' are also a lot of me in the shower.

5. Don't tell 'Tachi-kun but I really like that sexy maid outfit that he makes me wear.

6. The real reason 'Tachi-kun doesn't threaten, hurt, or kill Hinata-chan is because I told him not to.

7.'Tachi-kun has been awfully clumsy lately, he keeps dropping things then tells me to pick them up.

8. I've been throwing up a lot in the morning, I'll go seen Tsunade-baa-chan later.

9. 'Tachi-kun is always talking about the two of us reviving his clan, why would he say that I mean I can't get pregnant, right?

10. It's true, I love it when 'Tachi-kun calls me "my Naruto",but he loves it more when I call him 'Tachi-kun.

Kit: Wacha think Naru-chan.

Naruto: I love it Kit-chan!

Itachi: I liked it too.

Kit: Why are you here Ita-nii-san?

Naruto: -Glomps Itachi- Hi 'Tachi-kun

Itachi: Hello my Naruto and I'm here to wish you a happy birtday, so happy birthday.

Kit: Thank you Ita-nii-san. Is Sasuke coming too.

Itachi: No.

Kit and Nauto: Why?

Itachi: um...

Kit: What did you do?

Itachi: -Grabs Naruto and runs- bye Kit-sensei!

Kit: Itachi you get back here with Naruto and tell me what you did with sasuke! oh and readers, reviews will be like a birthday present to me ok bye!