Disclaimer; J. K. Rowling owns all things pertaining to Harry Potter and I am just playing with her toys.

Authors Notes;

Note 1; The action in this story takes place in the summer between sixth and seventh years; it takes little account of book six and none of book seven. It begins the day before Harry's seventeenth birthday also a few days before Bill and Fleur's wedding, which, for the purposes of this story, will be on August the third.

Note 2; It occurred to me that the majority of my perception of the veela was the result of my reading Fan Fiction and not from canon, (my definition canon as being only what is written in the books,) when I ignored the canonical hints and took only the stated facts I was able to come up with the following.

Note 3; The story's main deviation from canon is that has Fudge managed to hang on to his job until about four weeks after Dumbledore's death; so at this time (towards the end of July) the wizarding world is still bickering about his replacement and consequently still without a Minister of Magic; also Amelia Bones is still alive.

The Thing About Veela Is …

Chapter 01 - The Burrow

"Hi Hermione, how are you?"

"Hi Fleur, Gabrielle; I'm fine, what can I do for you?" The veela sisters had found the seventeen year old witch sitting on the grass whilst leaning against a tree at the edge of the orchard in the garden of the Burrow; quite predictably she had been reading a book.

Gabrielle had arrived earlier that morning and she had undergone a remarkable transformation in the two and a half years since the Triwizard Tournament, if possible she was now even more beautiful than her elder sister.

Fleur looked around and noticed that Ginny was heading in their direction and she said loud enough for the young red head to hear, "I see that Ginny is coming to rescue you from the evil veela, do you have any way to get Harry here; we five need to talk?"

Ginny appeared to be fuming at Fleur's comment, however Hermione ignored her because Ginny was now reaping what, for quite a while, she had been sowing; she had been constantly rude about her soon to be sister in law.

"Dobby," Hermione called.

The elf arrived with a pop, "What can Dobby be doing for Mr Harry Potter Sir's Miss Grangy?"

"Could you find Harry and ask him to join us please Dobby?"

"Dobby will be doing that." The eccentric house elf disappeared with a pop.

Harry arrived a short time later; he was still only five foot three inches tall and he didn't weigh any more than one hundred and twelve pounds (Eight stone or fifty kilos); after greeting the four girls he asked, "What's up then?"

"What do you know about the Veela?" Fleur asked the gathered trio.

Two of the three shook their heads slightly and looked blankly at Hermione who said, "There is not a lot about them in the library and I looked when Harry told us that your wand had one of your grandmother's veela hairs in it, I automatically assumed that you were one. Later, after the third task I had seen your mother and father so, judging by your father, who didn't look very much like my conception of a male veela, I thought that you were only part veela. The only information I found in the library was that the veela were descended from the Scandinavian mountain nymphs, which isn't really a great deal to go on, is it?"

"That is about as much as is in general circulation anywhere." Fleur said, "One of the things about veela is that they actively discourage the dissemination of accurate information about themselves as a race, we feel that it would put us at even more of a disadvantage. Everyone seems to ignore the incongruity of a creature that is supposedly, simply descended from a Scandinavian mountain nymph being capable of breeding with a human male or throwing fireballs for that matter."

Ron was striding across the garden carrying a glass tumbler; Ginny saw him and drew everyone's attention to him by saying, "He knows that he wasn't invited, I wonder what he wants?"

"I've brought Hermione a drink." He called.

When he was five or six yards away Gabrielle shouted, "Don't touch that drink it is enchanted!" Then oddly, she hung her head and covered her face with her hands.

Fleur released her full veela power and suddenly Ron was catatonic whilst Harry just looked at the elder veela who asked, "Hermione do you know any detection spells?"

The five of them were now stood in a semi-circle in front of Ron and Hermione cast a couple of spells on the drink in Ron's hand, "That drink appears to have love potion in it." The wide eyed young girl said quietly as she started trembling; Harry immediately put his arms around her.

Whilst checking perimeter security Tonks had heard Gabrielle call out and she was rapidly heading in their direction however Fleur quietly said, "Harry, please trust me and forgive Gabrielle for speaking and give her permission to talk freely."

Ginny and Hermione were looking just as confused as Harry when he did as Fleur had asked, but it resulted in the younger veela removing her hands from her face and she gave him a huge smile; needless to say the three Hogwarts students were now, if anything, even more confused.

"Watcher you lot, I heard Gabrielle call out so what's the problem?" Tonks had arrived.

Being as he knew Tonks better than the others in the group Harry said, "Ron was coming across the lawn and he called out that he was bringing Hermione a drink and when she looked Gabrielle thought that it was enchanted so she shouted out and that is what you heard." Harry had made no more of the situation than the basic facts; he was somewhat worried by Ron's apparent action, but he had left the young Auror to make up her own mind.

Tonks used her wand and a silent spell to float the glass out of Ron's hand, Fleur conjured a small table and the Auror lowered the glass onto it and proceeded to cast several detection spells on the liquid in the glass; she looked furious. "There is a Class 'A' Love Potion in this pumpkin juice, one sip of this and she would have been enchanted for a year. So if Hermione complains then he will probably go to Azkaban for a few years."

"It's not my shout," Harry said, "but if his Mum and Dad, Bill and you Tonks, can find out what he thought he was on, then maybe Hermione will have something more to go on. But as I said first off, it is Hermione's shout."

Hermione was looking distraught and she looked from Harry to Ginny who said, "If Dean or Seamus…well anyone really, tried to do something like that to me then Ron would try to kill them and I don't know how you could ever trust him or feel safe around him again; but as Harry says, 'it's your call'."

She was crying on Harry's shoulder and through her sobs the bookworm said, "See if you can get any sense out of him, but I don't ever want to be anywhere close to him again … ever." Gabrielle had moved across and started to cuddle Hermione from the other side.

Having sealed the tumbler, Tonks put it into an evidence bag which she put into her pocket and then after Fleur released Ron, Tonks disarmed him and marched him across the lawn and into the Burrow.


It took about half an hour for the five to settle down enough for them to resume the discussion they had just started having before the appearance of idiot Ron and the tumbler of doom.

Pulling herself together Fleur said, "I would like to tell you three some things about the Veela that you obviously do not know, but first I would like your promise that you will keep the information I give you confidential."

Having received her promise from the trio she continued, "Contrary to popular belief there are no male veela and ergo there can not possibly be any half veela. All veela are female and they only give birth to other female veela; if we wish to procreate we must find ourselves a human companion. Some of us can control our power far more effectively than others and this has produced the illusion of them being half or quarter veela; we are encouraged not to deny it.

"However not all veela are witches, we can all transform and throw fireballs however we cannot necessarily use other magic, all magical vela are also fire elementals. We were created roughly a thousand years ago by a brilliant witch who was simply called 'Seemab'. She crossed Scandinavian mountain nymphs with Finnish Flamethrower Dragons and a large part of herself. Although she knew that her creation could reproduce she never lived long enough to fully understand what she had created; it was also Seemab who created the original wards that hide Veeland, we have of course added to the wards since that time.

"I believe that during the second task of the 'Triwizard Tournament', because of the way she looked, everybody thought that Gabrielle was about eight years old; again this is a common mistake, she was actually nearly thirteen years old. On, or very near their thirteenth birthday veela undergo a complete metamorphosis and they change from children into adults, it generally takes about a week and it is relatively painful; it is worse than Skele-Grow and pain relieving potions do not help. Veela of less than thirteen years are rarely seen in public for their own safety, Mama took a big risk in allowing Gabrielle to accompany me to Hogwarts for the Tri-wizard Tournament and really, I failed her.

"We encountered one of the big risks; when Harry rescued her from the lake Gabrielle's magic bound her to Harry; this wasn't anything that either Harry or Gabrielle consciously did; it was the veela magic deciding that Gabrielle would never find a better consort. You must not worry about this because it has absolutely no effect on Harry and as far as my little sister is concerned if she cannot have them from Harry she will never have children. If I had had any idea of what Dumbledore was planning I would have forfeited my magic and quit the Tournament rather than subjecting her to the risk. It is because of the binding that, excepting in an emergency, Gabrielle was not permitted to speak in front of Harry until he gave her permission, this would not normally be a problem for a veela of her station.

"It is quite likely that Harry would enjoy making babies with Gabrielle and she with him but Harry is the last of the Potter's and he has to have at least one wife who can give him sons and I think that it would be a good idea if he had at least five or six human concubines as well. Veela magic is somewhat different to human magic and a bound veela's magic is different again; a bound veela can control the sex of her consort's concubines, wife's or wives babies; Veela society is also quite different."

Hermione interrupted Fleur. "Several times you have used the word consort…"

Smiling Fleur took her turn interrupting Hermione, "What is our name?"

"Delacour," Hermione replied instantly then she thought for a moment and her eyes went wide, "Of the Court, of course are you princesses."

Gabrielle and Fleur gave dazzling smiles and Fleur was about to continue but once again Ginny warned them, "Bill's coming."

"It's almost dinner time," Gabrielle said, "and don't forget that all of this is quite confidential." And then with a cheeky smile she added, "Especially the bit about Harry and six concubines."

"What did he have to say for himself?" Ginny asked as Bill came closer.

Bill shrugged his shoulders as he sat down beside Fleur, he had a look of disgust on his face as he replied, "I don't suppose that it's much of a surprise, or consolation, but he didn't make a lot of sense at all; however it was obvious that he has some serious inferiority issues. Going through the things and people he ranted on about in no particular order; the twins, Ginny, me, the Chudley Cannons, Percy, Harry, Parvati and Padma Patil, Lavender Brown, Charlie, money, Neville and even Luna Lovegood.

"It was also blindingly obvious that he didn't really like or particularly want Hermione, he just didn't want Harry to have her; so he decided to divert her towards himself, with a love potion, whilst he intended using her as a sex toy whilst continuing to chase after other girls. He had previously tried four other love potions, each one was stronger than the earlier one and none of them had worked, I suppose that, that is why he finished up with the class 'A' restricted one from Knockturn Alley. Apparently none of the others would work if the target was already in love with someone else, the idiot should have known better.

"Tonks has taken him to Grimmauld Place and she will lock him in Remus' transformation room, when locked from the outside it is all but impossible to get out of.

"So we should go and have some dinner then tomorrow morning, if not before, Hermione can decide if she wants him put in Azkaban or locked up in the Secure Psychiatric Ward of St Mungo's; whichever he won't ever be allowed out without Hermione's consent."

Hermione looked back and forwards between Harry and Ginny then said, "I think that it should be St Mungo's, don't you?" When they both nodded the decision was confirmed and they all went in to dinner.


The conversation over dinner was somewhat strained; Molly and Arthur didn't know how to apologise for Ron's behaviour, and all Hermione wanted to do was try to forget about it.

All in all it was a relief to everyone when dinner finished and the five of then adjourned to what was nominally Ginny's bedroom, it had been magically expanded and was currently being shared by all of the girls.

"I am not even sixteen for a few weeks, for goodness sake, why am I even being included in this discussion?" they had each been ruminating on the afternoon's conversation throughout dinner and this was obviously top of Ginny's quiz list.

Fleur looked at the young redhead and said, "In Four days time I am getting married, however in the greater scheme of things tomorrow is a far more important day because it is Harry's seventeenth birthday and he will be of age. You are being included in this discussion because despite your best efforts to the contrary I am trying to treat you as an adult; if you are to participate Harry, Hermione and Gabrielle need you to grow up."

At the same moment as Ginny exploded she was hit by a silencing spell from Hermione, she had known how the volatile little redhead would react to Fleur's statement. After about half a minute Harry told her sharply to be quiet because she was only proving what Fleur had said to be correct by showing her immaturity; nevertheless it was another couple of minutes before the silencing spell could be removed.

Carrying on as though Ginny had not reacted Fleur lectured, "As I said earlier that Harry needs heirs and either one or both of you two are the most logical choice to provide them for him, if you do not wish to be considered then please say so now; there are probably a lot of other girls who could be considered."

As the elder veela had been speaking the three students eyes had been getting wider and wider, Harry's were winning.

Quite unconcerned Fleur continued, "Because tomorrow is his seventeenth birthday Harry will go to the top of every eligible bachelor list in the country as well as most of the international listings; so if you two want to stake a claim now is the time to do it and he won't have to put up with any childish tantrums." Fleur wasn't pulling any punches, "You both already know that Gabrielle would like to share him with you."

It was quiet for a couple of minutes and Ginny said very quietly, "I really don't think that I would ever want to share him with anyone."

As Fleur said 'Sleep' Hermione said, "We haven't asked Harry what he thinks about all of this." As had been her way since they first became friends, Hermione was always trying to take care of Harry.

Having laid Ginny comfortably on her bed whilst Harry was getting over his initial shock looking at Hermione he said, "As long as my life has you in it I am pretty easy about all the rest, if it hadn't been for Ron making like he wanted you, I would have tried to date you before I considered anyone else and I would like to, at least, date you now."

"What do you want to do about Gabrielle?" she asked with a happy smile.

"I think that you and she could be great friends however anything more would be entirely up to you. Through no fault of her own the veela magic seems to have dropped both her and them in the mire and it would be up to you if we simply left them there, I don't appear to have the option of releasing her, if indeed she would want to be released."

Smiling Gabrielle said, "I see before me exactly what I would like in my future and I have no wish to be released; by either of you."

Hermione playfully pouted, "So it's all down to me as usual; of course I want to, at least, date you and I think that we should give due consideration to Gabrielle as well. Where we go from this point, at the moment, I do not know and what do we do about Ginny?"

Both of the veela had big smiles and Fleur said, "Before we leave the room I will cast a selective veela memory charm on Ginny so that she will not be able to talk to anyone else about what we have been talking about. Also she will remember that it was her own decision not to even consider being with you and then she fell asleep; in a couple of years, if you allow it, she might reconsider her position, hopefully she will not blame you…too much.

"Unfortunately I don't think that I can be of very much help to you in the short term, somebody might have mentioned to me that I am getting married in a few days and if that is the case then I will be a trifle busy. Because he will be seventeen, Harry must go to Gringotts tomorrow to see about his inheritance from his parents and Sirius, you two should go with him, probably Remus and Tonks will want to go with you as well…whatever." Fleur waved her hand dismissively.

"If I get some money then I want to buy a load of new clothes, I am totally fed up with the rubbish I normally wear." It was obvious that Harry was a little excited at this prospect.

"Remember that you will be seventeen and as such, unless it is a legal requirement, you have the right to decide for yourself if you will or won't do something. On top of everything else I know that Molly is planning to give Harry a birthday party tomorrow; before or during it Hermione should let it be known that she is not feeling too comfortable because of Ron. So, being helpful, Gabrielle will volunteer to take you to our home until the morning of the wedding and the three of you can leave as soon as the Birthday party is over; I would also suggest that you go back there when the wedding is over. Apart from anything else it will keep you out of all of the infighting over who should be the next Minister of Magic; personally I think that Amelia Bones is the only person who I would trust with the job; despite what several others around here think."

Harry and Hermione were looking amazed and she asked, "How long have you been planning all of this?"

Apparently Fleur started with a non sequitur, "By veela rules Gabrielle has been an adult for about two and a half years; it took us, my mother and I, the first year and a half to convince her that she couldn't simply go to Hogwarts, sneak into Harry's bedroom leap into his bed to have her wicked way with him." Fleur's very dry exposition seemed to have convinced Gabrielle that Weasley red faces were fashionable and actually Harry wasn't far behind her; meanwhile Hermione wasn't helping either of them with her barely controlled giggling.

"Back to the original question," Fleur also had a big smile, "We knew what we wanted to achieve but we didn't know how we were going to achieve it and now this opportunity has presented itself I thought that we should try to make use of it. So, as today has developed I have gradually fleshed out a plan, as it is, it's probably good enough, if it were much more detailed it could interfere with the wiggle room. As it is we all know where we are starting from and where we want to finish up, so provided Harry remembers that he is an adult and refuses to be bullied into something he doesn't want to do, it should work itself out."

"What is wiggle room?" Harry asked.

"It is the freedom to manoeuvre around things that we think might happen but we don't know precisely if, how or when; like how many guards will they try to send with you, even who they are will alter how they behave. Think of the difference between Tonks and Mad-eye, if you were to tell them that you are going clothes shopping; with a little encouragement Tonks would probably help you pick out clothes, Moody would probably want to call out all of the aurors and limit you to ten minutes in the first shop he could find.

"There could well be a hundred things like that throughout the day which will, in some way vary what is going to happen next, so you need wiggle room.

"Oh and Hermione, try not to make it obvious that Harry is going to our home with you and Gabrielle, if you give the so called adults time to think about it you will probably finish up having to hex someone to get away."

Harry asked, "So is there anything else we have to sort out this evening?"

"There is one other, rather important, thing." Gabrielle said with a demure smile, "You two have been dating for absolutely ages and you haven't even kissed yet; I have been waiting to . . . well more than snog Harry senseless for two and a half years and I don't stand a chance of starting before you two have at least tried it a few times; so please sort out this deficiency very soon."

This time it was Fleur and Gabrielle who had to hold each other up because they were laughing so much at the couple's expression.


Hermione and Harry had thoroughly enjoyed spending an hour kissing the previous evening and at breakfast the next morning Harry casually mentioned that he would be going to the bank a bit later that morning. The three of them noticed that Harry's comment had been studiously ignored by the quasi adults. It was apparent that the Order members still believed that Harry would only be going anywhere as and when they allowed him; neither of the Veela, Hermione nor Harry was particularly amused.

After breakfast they had gone back upstairs to dress suitably for the muggle shopping they were going to be doing after they had been to Gringotts; the three of them came down stairs at the same time.

Walking over to the fireplace Harry said, "We are going to the bank now, we will be back later."

"You can't go there on your own." Molly called.

"Why not?" Harry replied, "I'm seventeen now." He threw some floo powder into the fire and said 'Diagon Alley' before disappearing; he was quickly followed by Gabrielle and Hermione.

As the three of them made their way through the back wall of the Leaky Cauldron Hermione told the other two that by the time she had left, there was total pandemonium in the Burrow.


In the bank Harry discovered that he was obscenely rich and as such he was now the owner of five vaults, one holding only cash and one heirloom vault for the Potters and a corresponding pair for the Black family; these were in addition to his original trust vault. His trust vault would comfortably hold three quarters of a million Galleons so he set half a million as the nominal float and that was to be balanced on the first of every month using an equal amount from both family vaults.

At this time he couldn't imagine ever spending, what was to all intents and purposes, two and a half million pounds in a month.

He also obtained credit cards and self filling money bags for himself and Hermione; Gabrielle refused the same for herself point blank stating that a princess heir apparent should never need such a thing. (Later Hermione explained to Harry that Gabrielle would never normally go out alone and whoever was with her would take care of paying for anything she wanted.)

The goblin handed Harry a flat leather covered box, it was about six inches square and an inch deep; intrigued he opened it. It contained two family rings, one each for the Potter and the Black families; two engagement rings paired with wedding rings, again one pair each for the Black and the Potter families. There were also four other rings which he was told, much to his embarrassment and the girls giggles, were for his concubines.

He cried off going into too much detail about the two islands, seventeen houses and what at first glance appeared to be a large wagon load of shares. He promised to make every effort to return soon; when he had more time, although he did take up several of the codicils to Sirius' 'Will'.

One of them gave 12 Grimmauld Place, minus its library which, much to her delight, came to Hermione, to Remus along with a quarter of a million Galleons so the last marauder wouldn't have a problem with its upkeep; none of them acknowledged the existence of Scabbers. The goblins agreed to move all of the books into a book vault prior to handing over the house to its new owner, for a fee of course.

One thing that both Hermione and Harry had found odd was that when they first arrived Gabrielle had initiated and held a heated five minute conversation, in gobbledegook with the first goblin they had been directed to. It had resulted in their being transferred to a senior goblin in a far more salubrious office; the beautiful young veela princess promised to explain later in detail what had transpired. (When she did explain it later, Gabrielle told them that she had asked him if, when a senior Goblin visited the Veela court, would he be happy being seen to by a clerk in an outer office, he realised that it was the bank's mistake and corrected it; but basically the bank still owed them because of the perceived insult.)


The prospect of shopping for muggle clothes had been mooted during their conversation so when it was time for the three to leave the elderly goblin told them that two order members, namely Tonks and Lupin, were waiting for them in the entrance hall. He also told them that they could use a floo that would place them just outside Harrods Bank, which was in the basement of Harrods department store; a squib would meet them there and help them with their shopping.

Harry was feeling devilish so three minutes after having a quick conversation with the senior goblin another one went up to Tonks and said, "Mister Potter has asked if you would care to come muggle shopping with him?"

"But someone has just taken my companion away." Tonks said anxiously.

The goblin smirked, "Your companion is receiving a legacy and will be some time and Mister Potter will be leaving in about one minute."

Tonks made an instant decision, "I will go with Harry and will you please tell Mr Lupin where I have gone."

Two minutes later a very surprised looking Tonks was stood in the basement of Harrods with Harry, Hermione and Gabrielle smiling at her; another young lady was stood respectfully a few yards away; her name tag identified her as Anika.

"What are you playing at Harry?" Tonks asked quietly.

Equally quietly Harry answered, "I am not playing at anything; I had to go to the bank so I have been there and now we are going shopping and we invited you to come along with us; I do not belong to, I have never been invited to and I have no wish to, join the Order of the Phoenix, ergo they have no dictatorial right over me or my time."

The Auror tried again, "You are staying in Molly's house you should do what she tells you."

His aspect darkened, "I have only been staying at the Burrow for two days and this morning I have inherited half a dozen houses, I am reasonably certain that one of them will be suitable for me to live in."

"You could stay at number twelve." Tonks said hopefully.

He smiled cheekily, "Actually number twelve was left to Remus, as well as some money so he could afford to live in it," he said with a wink, "that's where he was taken off too this morning." Tonks had been both pleased and shocked by the news of Remus' good fortune but before she could say anything Harry carried on, "As the new head of the Black family I have brought your mother back into the family, which, if you wish, makes you Tonks-Black, or I could use the dreaded 'N' word. Now we have invited you to come shopping, we could easily have left you to wait for Remus and come here on our own; so lets all get on with buying some clothes and things."

When Tonks next checked her vault she would find that a quarter of a million galleons had been added to it, her mother and father would find that half a million had been added to theirs."

First off Anika provided Hermione and Harry with bottomless bags before they went to men's casual wear; it took Tonks less than two minutes to completely get over her snit as the four women set about dressing Harry; he had changed into the first outfit they had chosen and dumped the old clothes he had been wearing. During their foray they had also bought some clothes for Hermione, Gabrielle, Tonks and quite a lot for Ginny because she had been very helpful dealing with Ron the previous day.


The four of them had had their lunch out and mid afternoon they arrived to a frosty reception back in the Burrow; Molly declared that being as he was so inconsiderate the party she had been going to have for him was cancelled.

Feigning still being upset at Ron, Hermione turned to Gabrielle and pleaded, "Can we please go to the place you talked about until the wedding?"

The young veela agreed and the two young girls followed Harry up the stairs, Harry had started up the stairs as soon as Molly started carrying on like she owned him, even before she had declared his party to be cancelled.

Two minutes later Fleur stated imperiously. "I will go and see what they are doing."

Harry had gone straight to his room where he banished all of the old ragged clothes he did not want and then he shrank everything else he owned and put it in his bottomless bag; that done he went down to the girls room. Fleur had arrived, she and the girls were whispering and had just finishing packing all of their things into Hermione's bottomless bag as Harry arrived ready to leave, he took Hermione's bag and after shrinking it he put it in his own which he then shrank and put into his pocket.

The three who were travelling took hold of the silver silk cord that was a portkey and after she had kissed each of them on both cheeks Fleur said, "Take care of each other," and then after kissing each of them on the cheek again she activated the portkey.

The elder veela took a quick look around the room to check that nothing had been inadvertently left behind and then she went back down to the kitchen, she said, "They have gone to our home."

"So Gabrielle and Hermione have already left?" Molly sounded peeved that they hadn't said goodbye and she was making like she was going upstairs to have it out with Harry.

"No," Fleur said quietly, "Gabrielle, Hermione and Harry have already left."

The Burrow exploded into chaos, eventually Bill said, "Toulouse is not safe enough for him."

Fleur gave a small laugh, "They will be in Toulouse no more than five minutes; the three of them have been invited to visit Veeland."

Chaos had become absolute silence and into it Remus said, "But Veeland is a myth; it doesn't exist." Realising from Fleur's expression that what he had just said was nonsense he tried again, "Sorry, of course it must exist if they have just gone there although I have always thought that is was a myth; where is it?"

"I can not tell you." Fleur answered somewhat sadly, "You can only go there if you are invited, and those three have been invited, I have not been…invited that is, because of the wedding and I was borne there. Anyway they did say that they would probably be back in time for the wedding."

With his normal bluster Moody said, "So we've just bloody well lost Potter."

"No and mind your language Moody." Tonks was looking serious, "I think that it was Dumbledore who was the one who lost Harry.

"He neatly diverted Remus this morning and then invited me to go shopping with him; the three of them could very easily have gone shopping without me; did any of you know that there is a direct link from Gringotts to Harrods?"

Even Bill was shaking his head and he worked for the bank; Tonks continued, "He told me that if he wanted to use it, he had enough money to buy the biggest army in the wizarding world and he has at least six houses…"

Moody interrupted belligerently, "Then he can live at Grimmauld Place…"

Remus interrupted Moody, "Actually he doesn't own Grimmauld Place I do; Sirius left it to me in his 'Will' and a quarter of a million galleons so I could afford to live there."

There was confused mumbling around the room, eventually Arthur said, "But we went to the 'Will' reading."

Tonks was getting slightly annoyed and having talked to Harry then being reinstated in the Black family she was very much on Harry's side, so she took over again, "Bumbledore set up the first 'Will' reading without the known principle beneficiary being present; you all know what the goblins are like if they think that someone is trying to put something over on them. So, thanks to Bumbledore, all we would have been given was a skimming over the surface; for some reason the Bumble didn't want Harry to know that he was exceedingly wealthy. Don't tell me that none of you have noticed the rags Harry usually walks around in and don't tell me that Bumbledore didn't notice either and for his own reasons, he chose to ignore it."

All of the adults were looking really sheepish but the young Auror carried on.

"He was a brilliant wizard but his people skills weren't much better than Umbitch or Snivellus and something else Harry said; that if the order thinks that something they want him to do is a good idea we should discuss it with him and if he thinks that it is then he might well do it. Oh and he also told me straight that he had never been asked to join the Order, therefore he wasn't in the Order and from the way that the Order normally carried on he didn't want to join the Order."

"Miss Tonks," said Minerva severely, "It is not very polite to use such derogatory names for people."

Still not backing down Tonks answered the headmistress, "My name is now Ms Tonks-Black and the names I used are the names Harry and Hermione use and when I called them on it they both told me that the names mildly reflected their opinion of the people to whom they referred."

Ginny, who had been sat quietly in the corner, started giggling, it only took thirty seconds for Fleur to join her; the pair stood up and holding hands, went for a walk in the garden.

It had only taken Fleur those thirty seconds to relegate the thought of Veeland back to the realms of myth in everyone's mind; however they did all remember that Harry was safe and out of their reach.

When they were well away from unwanted ears Fleur whispered to Ginny, "Hermione and my sister told me that the goblins had given Harry the Potter and the Black family rings; also they gave him the engagement rings for Lady Potter and Lady Black. Also he was given four rings for his concubines; I believe that Hermione will soon become Lady Potter; so we need to make a list and start inviting unattached single girls to the wedding for the other five positions…" Anyone who saw them would have wondered just why the two young girls had burst out laughing.

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