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Gibbs lay on his side, spooning with Jasmine as she slept.

He was amazed at the way they had come together, hot and heavy. He also liked the way she took the lead and the way she talked about how he made her feel. He planned on asking her to elaborate on the various visions she'd had of him. Maybe, if she wanted, they could even act out those visions.

He ran a hand down her back and over her hip as he leaned forward and placed a warm kiss on her shoulder. She sighed and he smiled. She was beautiful, sexy and passionate. And he was enthralled by her. And that was dangerous, very dangerous. And in their blind haze of arousal neither one of them had thought to use protection. Shit!

Then he heard it again, the buzzing of his phone. Slipping out from behind Jasmine he reached for his phone.

"Yeah, Gibbs."

Abby filled him in on the dead teacher found at the nursery school. He swore as he roused Jasmine. They had been frolicking while an innocent woman had been killed. Never before had he lost focus of a case the way he had tonight. He didn't like it.

Jasmine dressed in silence. Her joy at their coming together fading with the news Gibbs gave her.

"I should have tried harder to find her. Now that we've been together…" she surprised him by blushing.

"I'll be able to concentrate better, no more sexual … tension to deal with." Just saying the words made her hot. She turned her back to Gibbs and dressed quickly then.


Ziva watched Tony. Although he did a pretty good job of trying to cover up the pain, she wasn't fooled. In addition an uncomfortable silence settled over them. As Ziva got onto the Freeway that would take them back to the navy yard, the sky lit up with lightening and it started raining. A moment later, Tony's cell phone rang. Ziva listened to Tony's side of the conversation.

"Head to Toddler Land Naval Nursery School." Tony said when he hung up.

"That's about twenty five minutes away. You need to go to the ER. Your leg's still bleeding." Ziva said.

"Ziva, we have a dead teacher to take care of and Ducky's on his way to the scene. He can take a look at my leg there." Tony said.

Ziva got off at the next off ramp and then headed back the way they had come. She planned on keeping a very close eye on her partner.

The bad weather turned worse. Rain lashed down on the crime scene, soaking Ziva and Tony within seconds. They found the vehicle of a local LEO parked nearby. He must have been the one to call it in.

"Tony, I told you to stay in the car." Ziva shouted.

"We have to secure the scene, Ziva. Or did you forget why we're here." Tony replied.

His leg throbbed mercilessly and he wondered just how badly he'd hurt himself. Moving forward he shone his flash light down an incline at the back of the school.

"NCIS!" Tony shouted, trying to be heard over the rain and wind. Now in addition to the throbbing in his leg, he was freezing.

"Officer Perry, Sir." The local officer called up. "She's over there. I tried to cover her but the rains just too strong."

"Yeah, and it's washing all our evidence away." Tony growled as he stepped cautiously through the safety gate just in front of the incline. Tony moved slowly, holding on to branches of the trees that lined the muddy path down the incline. Unfortunately his weaker leg slipped out from under him.

"Tony!" Ziva shouted as she watched him fall backward and roll down the hill.


Gibbs drove fast despite the rain.

Jasmine sat next to him, her eyes closed. He wondered if she was sleeping or if she just wanted to avoid talking about what they'd done, shared. They had to discuss the possibility of her falling pregnant.


"Shhhh," She whispered. "He is close."

Gibbs looked at her sharply and realized that she was having vision. Her fists were clenched, her brow furrowed and her lips drawn. Her shoulders were tense and her eyes moved rapidly below her eyelids.

"Describe him." Gibbs ordered.

"Mean, cruel… ah, needs to inflict pain. The scent of tobacco surrounds him. He's close… so close."

"Describe the surroundings."

"Wet branches… mud… rain… lightening… he's close. His watching…"

Gibbs removed his phone.

"Damn it DiNozzo, answer!" Gibbs growled. But Tony didn't answer.

"He's watching them… watching her…" Jasmine warned. "In her NCIS jacket…"

"Who is he watching?" Gibbs demanded.

"Ziva… Officer Ziva David… She will be next…" Jasmine confirmed what Gibbs' feared.

Reaching for his phone again he called Ziva… but she didn't answer.

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