The beginning is done from me (author's) perspective. This chapter is a little short.

I could write a long, overdone description of Captain Tramun Clogg. I could say many things about him. I could be poetic, factual, or humorous. But I'm to lazy. Instead I consulted Wikitionary.

The definition is:

A useless pirate with a very dark sense of humour.

It would have been quicker just to write a description. I got sidetracked for three hours, then almost put down this:

Vala Mal Doran

A quirky member of SG-1. Formerly a space pirate, host of Qetesh before that.

But that's what happens with wikis. They have so many links and pages that you get sidetracked super easily.

In any case the two pirates bantered a lot. But that's not the reality. This isn't either, by the way. Clogg was a bit of a jerk, and a source of unfounded rage.

"Blow em' to bits!" That was his command. Seconds later his ship, the Seascarab, opened up with a broadside of four twin 14 inch gun turrets and nearly twenty-five four- and six-inch light guns. Added to the mix was a fair complement of 40 millimeter Bofors and twenty millimeter Oerlikon autocannons.

Badrang's Fortress Marshank wasn't undefended, though. It immediately opened up with twelve inch heavy batteries, as well as the light six-inchers and a moderate complement of fifteen-pounder field guns. Two F-14s streaked off from a concealed runway and arched towards Clogg's ship. Yes I know that the tech level is equivalent to medieval times but I just read Defcon One and no one whined in the original Fight for Freedom. The jets streaked towards the Seascarab at full military thrust. One was hit before it could launch it's missiles. It spiraled out of control, lighting the pilot's parachute on fire. The stricken aircraft smashed into it's target, ripping off a turret and setting a tank of aviation fuel on fire. The second aircraft turned around and returned to base. Chicken.

Then the landings began. Clogg sent 100 of his best troops against Marshank in landing boats, armed with cutlasses (yes I've decided to go canon). But then they were all cut down by machine guns. Whoops. Should have thought of that before I went canon. Oh well. That gives me an interesting opportunity. I'll let Martin have his story back now.

Thank you for giving my story back. I was sharpening my sword while you were blabbering off. Oh yes and polishing it too. Now it's all nice and sharp and shiny. Don't touch it. You might cut yourself. But that's not why. I honestly don't care if you cut yourself. It's because you might get fingerprints on it. I always wear gloves when I handle my sword so I don't have that problem. But enough of that. Now it's time to explain how we got off that beach, and how we got separated.

"Go, go, go! Back to the gate- I mean get to the landing boats!" I yelled, firing at our pursuers. All of Marshank seemed to be focused on us, which was quite ironic as Clogg managed to get his troops ashore. We saw the Seascarab on our way out. It was burning in many places and it looked like it had lost its engines. We all jumped into a landing boat and I got in the driver's seat. Felldoh was having trouble getting in, so Rose and Grumm were pulling like crazy (with Rose yelling at Grumm). Brome was using the machine gun, but he had really crappy aim. Finally Felldoh was in and I slammed the door shut, beheading an enemy ferret. I hit full reverse, then turned around and slammed the throttles full forward.


Now it's me, the authors turn. Alas, it was not to be. Just look at the name of the story. Has there been a big battle yet? No there hasn't. Now back to Martin.

"Oh crap," said Brome "They're chasing after us.

"Let me take that gun," said Felldoh. Brome seemed happy to oblige, but Felldoh nearly pushed him off the boat anyway. Felldoh was a much better shot. He took the machine gun and aimed for the boats' contents- vermin.

Rose was yelling at Grumm again. "Why are you sitting there, you useless mole! Shoot at the enemies!"

"I can't. There's a hole under me."

"Great. Of course we chose the boat with the biggest hole." I yelled.

Felldoh had taken care of all the boats except one. It streaked towards us, then the driver changed his/her mind and drove back to shore. But that wasn't the biggest problem. The biggest problem was the boat that kept going, sans driver. It smashed right into the side of our boat when I was trying to avoid it. The boat was fine but the door came open. We barely had time to grab floats before our boat sunk. The boat that rammed us sat unmoving right beside us, seemingly mocking us. Rose and Grumm were with me. Rose wanted to leave Grumm, but he was carrying a survival pack. Felldoh was with Brome. Brome was also carrying a survival pack.

We drifted off in different directions. "Meet you at Noonvale!" I called. "Wait, what's Noonvale again?"

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