Hello dear readers! This is a short drabble-ish fic. I'm sure you can guess the subject from the title. )

I do not own Harry Potter, or any other characters from the series.

If I did, Neville would have married Luna, Remus and Fred would still be alive, and Hedwig would have eaten "Scabbers" for breakfast.

...And so, the lovely couple waltzed under the pale moon, surrounded by floating candles. The wind carried the fragrance, no, wait, stench of…dung bombs? The candles turned into floating potion vials, and upon closer inspection, the lovely couple, wasn't lovely at all. The male was Snape, wearing his usual ebony robes…and a familiar Vulture hat. As for his partner, Belletrix was wearing Slytherin robes, and a toad hand bag...

Neville awoke with a start. That has to have been one of the worst, and weirdest nightmares he ever had. After that, he vowed never to eat a bedtime snack again.

Poor Neville, that would be a horrible nightmare! Reviews are lovely, and if you'd like to submit a challenge to me, feel free to do so! That's how most of my stories come about. )