Hello! Here is a really short NejiTen oneshot. This idea came as I was thinking about my new story coming. I think "ji-san" means uncle in japanese. Tell me if I'm wrong! Enjoy!

In this story Kuma is 5 years old, Hinata; 25 and Neji and Tenten are 26.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Pick up

I arrive at the Community Room and wait to them to finish. I am happy yet mad that Hinata-sama had gave me the job to go pick up Kuma, her son, after his activity. Only because she is going on a shopping day with her friends and that her husband is busy (if he is really busy, knowing him).

I sigh as I look around. Parents who waits for they children to finish. It's the only reason to be there.

"Neji-ji-san!" I turn to see Kuma running toward me. "You came to pick me up?"

"Yes." I respond. "Take your things we are going."

"Wait! Wait! I have to say goodbye to Tenten-san!" He then run the other way and come back with a tall woman, with brown eyes and brown hair. Her hair is up in two buns and she is smiling brightly. She is cute, in an innocent way. Still, she looks fierce and bold.

"Tenten-san! This is my uncle, Neji. Neji-ji-san, this my choir teacher and future wife, Tenten-san." I nearly choke when I heard "wife" as this Tenten woman starts to laugh.

"I told you already, Kuma-chan, I will not marry you. You are too small." She says in a soft voice.

"But, one day, I'll be taller!" He exclaims.

"Then, we'll talk about it when you'll be taller. Now, go take your things, I'm sure your uncle have other things to do." He nods strongly and run away. "He's really cute." She says, smiling. "Tenten." She says as she showed her hand.

"Neji." I respond while shaking her hands.

"So, you are Kuma-chan's uncle? I know Hinata and she never told me about a brother."

"Well, I'm her cousin."

"Oh, so you are the handsome cousin."

"The handsome cousin?" She laughed. I must say she looks beautiful when she laugh.

"Oh, you know Sakura and Ino?" I nodded. "Well, when they saw you, they said you were Hinata's handsome cousin, or sexy cousin, depends. I never saw you so I couldn't say if it was right." I smirked.

"Then, now you saw me, is it right or false?"

"It's right. You are even more handsome then I thought." This is getting interesting.

"How come?"

"Well, I can tell you that the first moment I meet you."

"You're right. So, are you interesting in taking a coffee with me, Saturday at one?" She bits her lip but smiles.

"Ok. Do you have a cell phone?" I nod then give it to her. After a moment, she give it back. "Here, you have my number."

"I'm ready!" screams Kuma, arriving to our feet.

"Ok, let's go." I say to the kid.

"Bye Kuma-chan! Bye Neji. Call me." I smirk.

Damn yes, I'll call her.

I've never been so happy to pick up Kuma.


"What's wrong Kuma-chan?" Hinata asks her son, worried to see him sulk like that.

"Mommy, I think Neji-ji-san stole my future wife."

The End

VoilĂ ! Hope you like it! And I did on purpose to not say who is Hinata's husband. Like that, if you have a preference, imagine it's him! Review!