Note: Yeah, don't think into how they come across each other in this. And spoilers for 408!


by: ohwhatsherface


Sakura hid her smile behind her hand.

Naruto shamelessly laughed out loud.

Sasuke glared at them both.


"I like your…" Sakura bit back her giggles, "um, cloak. It… brings out your eyes…?"

She and Naruto had been travelling to some faraway land with the frog Jiraiya sent as their guide. Naruto was going to get some extra training in hopes of becoming strong enough to defeat Pein and Sakura was offered the opportunity to learn some more medical jutsu. It was simply by chance that they came across Sasuke.

And his outfit.

"DAMN, SASUKE!" Naruto cackled. "Do you even realize how completely stupid you look right now?!"

Sakura elbowed the blond in the stomach as she flashed Sasuke a fake smile.

"No! No, Sasuke-kun! It's very um, dignifying."

"Shut up," Sasuke hissed. His eyes were closed as his new Sharingan tended to turn on when he was getting close to losing his temper and he didn't want to accidentally mind-fuck one of the two no matter how annoying they were. "I do not need your patronization."

Naruto clutched the sides of his stomach as he slowly asphyxiated.


"And that's very rich coming from he who wears orange," the Uchiha growled back.

Naruto immediately stopped laughing and glared at him. "HEY! I'll have you know that this jacket is—"

"A piece of crap," Sakura giddily cut off. She shrugged when Naruto looked at her, betrayed. "I mean sure, Sasuke-kun doesn't know how to dress, but um, Naruto, you're hardly any better."

The blond turned on Sakura with a huff. "Well… YOU HAVE PINK HAIR. NOW THAT IS DIGNIFYING, RIGHT? HA, I THINK NOT."

Sasuke nodded. "Yeah, seriously."

Sakura bristled at their words and slowly counted to ten to calm herself. "Whatever, the point is that Sasuke-kun has reached a new level of lame with his new little outfit, okay?! Seriously, I mean, Akatsuki?" She snorted. "Couldn't you at least have gotten one of those high collared ones, like your brother's? Now that would've looked nice."

"Yeah, really, you bastard," Naruto said. "Yours looks like a freaking raincoat…"

And as his former team mates laughed their asses off, Sasuke turned around and stared to walk away.

When he was a good distance past them, Naruto grinned.

"Do you think we made him cry?"


As the two of them walked in the other direction – forgetting about the whole Let's Bring Sasuke Back to Konoha plan that they'd been working on for the past bunch of years – Sakura slowly began to let her laughter die down.

At least it covered up the ass-ribbon.




EDIT: Yeah, thanks, I forgot that it's under his cloak. I was too caught up in LOL-ing to notice. Ha, the douche.