SUMMERY: The first chapter is just pretty much a memory the brothers share and Sasuke finally realizes he needs Itachi sort out more things than just revenge for the clan…

WARNING: Contains yaoi! That means boy on boy action. Don't like, what the hell are you reading it for!?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Naruto or its characters! The pale moonlight shining through the window illuminated the satin sheets covering Sasuke's bed. The crickets chirping outside sounded peaceful. The moonlight was peaceful. Everything was peaceful in the middle of the night.

'Everything's too damn peaceful!' Sasuke thought. He was sitting in the corner of his room, holding one knee with his hands. A single sliver of moonlight pooled across his chest like a silver scar. Sasuke lifted his head and placed it against the wall.

"Why is everything so fucking peaceful while I'm so restless and confused?!" The raven-haired ninja wondered aloud. Sasuke had been thinking of the past. About his brother… 'Damn him! Why did he do what he did?! Why did he let me live? He pisses me off so much! I swear I'm going to get my answers then I'm going to kill that fucking bastard!' Sasuke let his head down in a deep sigh. He sat like that for a few minutes, his body only making movement to breathe.

After awhile, he got up and walked to the open window, bathing himself in the light of the moon. He jumped up and sat on the window sill with his back against the window frame. The fresh air and powers of the moon helped calm him so he could think more clearly.

The only thing was that Sasuke knew he couldn't kill his brother. Not because he was incapable of killing his brother- which he hopefully was capable of by now. It was because he had feelings for his brother. He knew they weren't just feelings of rage and death towards his brother. He knew it was much more than a "brotherly love". His love for Itachi was much greater than the rage stored inside of him. The only thing was that Sasuke had no idea how he had created these feelings or when. One day thinking about his brother dying had caused his heart to constrict, like he would die along with him.

Sasuke sighed again and ran his fingers through his hair a couple of times. Even though Sasuke wanted to kill his brother and get revenge for the Uchiha clan, there was another side of him that wanted to hold him and feel his warm embrace. Just like when they were kids.

Suddenly Sasuke's heart hurt; like someone had stepped right onto it and was digging their heel in deeper. Sasuke grabbed at his chest and doubled over on the window sill. For the first time in years, Sasuke called out his brother's name. Only a whisper at first. Then louder. He didn't care if the neighbors heard him. He need Itachi. He screamed one finally "Itachi!" and hoped that his brother was near enough to hear him.

Itachi walked undetectable through the woods. Patches of moonlight were lighting the way. He had no idea where he was going- no destination point- he was just letting his feet drag him wherever they wanted to wander.

The cool August breeze blew Itachi's hair around his face. He ignored the swirling bits of hair. He was too deep in thought to care about his surroundings. The person invading his thoughts was someone he hadn't seen in years.


Sasuke was invading his mind. Confusing him about what he was doing with his life. Thinking of Sasuke brought up a memory from his past when both brother's were very young and still close.

There was a huge thunderstorm that started in the middle of the night. Sasuke who had been sound asleep, woke up crying in fear from the thunder that was so loud it was rattling the windows. Sasuke cried and cried, sitting upright in his bed. He was too afraid to get off his bed to go to his parent's room.

Sasuke had probably cried for a half hour by the time Itachi came into the room, half asleep and annoyed. Itachi walked over to the side of Sasuke's bed and immediately, Sasuke jumped into Itachi's arms.

"-tachi! Itachi! I'm scared!" Sasuke bawled, tightening his twig like arms around his older brother's neck.

"Let go Sasuke. I just came in here to tell you to shut up. You'll never make it as a shinobi if you're going to make such a big deal over thunder." Itachi's voice was hard and cruel.

"But I'm scared Nii-Chan!" Sasuke sobbed into Itachi's collarbone.

As Sasuke sobbed in his arms, Itachi carried Sasuke back to his room where he laid him on the bed. Itachi got on his bed and covered the both of them with his quilt. Sasuke cuddled up against Itachi's warm chest.

Every time a boom of thunder cracked outside, Sasuke would bury his head deeper into his brother's chest. Itachi just held onto his younger brother, rubbing his back, trying to calm him down. After about an hour Sasuke feel asleep, stray tears drying on his already stained face.

Itachi watched his brother all night. He pushed stray strands of hair off his face, making sure he was covered up well, kissing him gently on the forehead.

Itachi didn't even bother to sleep until the early signs of dawn had appeared. Only then did Itachi finally close his lids and let sleep over take him.


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