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Itachi stopped mid-step at the memory of little, sleeping Sasuke wrapped up in his arms on his bed.

"Little brother…", Itachi sighed, gazing up at the stars through a gap in the great canopy of the trees.

Suddenly he felt a pang in his chest. It was a foreign feeling, yet it wasn't foreign. Like you know what your trying to say but just can't quite get it out in the right words. Itachi had felt this same exact way after leaving Sasuke next to their dead parents. For some reason, at that exact moment in time, all Itachi wanted to see was Sasuke's smiling face. He smirked as the rest of the memory washed over him.

Sasuke was jumping up and down on Itachi's bed giggling.

"Tachi! Tachi! Wake up Itachi! Look outside, get up!" Sasuke's excitement was quite obvious as well was his impatience. He tried pulling Itachi off the bed by his arm with little reward. Sasuke gave up and ran to the window.

"Goddammit Sasuke!" Itachi's voice hoarse from sleep mumbled. "What do you want? I'm trying to sleep."

"Just come HERE!" Sasuke dragged out the last word.

Itachi sluggishly got off his bed and walked to the window. It wasn't a rare sight that he saw beyond the wood framing of his bedroom window, but it certainly was not seen often. Outside the window was a rainbow that stretched the entire span of the village.

"Isn't pretty?" Sasuke asked with a huge smile on his face. Itachi merely nodded. "Why is there thunder though, Itachi? I think it's stupid and loud. We don't need it." A sour expression furrowed the lines of Sasuke's brow and Itachi couldn't help but smile.

Itachi turned his head, smile now masked, to look at his brother who was staring at him with now questioning eyes. He placed his hand on top of Sasuke's head and ruffled his hair.

"Hey!" Sasuke's sour expression burst into a smile.

"The answer to you question little Sasuke," Itachi nodded at the rainbow outside. "We need bad. Then something beautiful will always come to help out those affected by the bad things. Just like you were scared of the thunder last night, you're happy at the sight of the rainbow it brought." he turned back towards Sasuke. " Do you understand now? That's what mother told me when I was little anyway…"

Sasuke looked up from the window to Itachi. His brow was furrowed in what looked like deep concentration. Slowly, he nodded his head up and down. "Yeah. I do get it now. Like when you steal my candy- that's the bad thing- mom buys me more-that's the good thing! Am I right?" Sasuke just seemed so sure of himself that he had fully understood Itachi's explanation that Itachi couldn't tell him he was wrong. After all, the whole candy thing was kind of true.

"Yeah. You got it." Itachi smiled. Sasuke's face lit up like a firework and dashed out of the room yelling for his mother to tell her how he had figured out the reason there was thunder and candy was a good thing.

Itachi climbed back into his bed with the image of Sasuke laughing and smiling replaying in his mind.

Those days were over though. Gone. Never to surface again. No matter how bad Itachi wanted them back. He couldn't. Not with everything he'd done in the past. Even now he wasn't walking the path of a saint.

As Itachi lifted his head to see where his feet had brought him, he heard something. It was so quiet, he thought it was in his head. He did notice that he was in his home village. He had slipped in undetected or he was so into his flashback that he had killed the guards without conscious knowledge of doing so. He walked on for a few minutes before he heard it again. This time it sounded more like a name. His name.

The voice was not hard to find seeing how the rest of the village was dead asleep, excluding the early morning drunks. The voice was coming from Itachi's right so he turned and started walking down the dirt path. He was in the residential area. Walking between a large apartment complex and some duplexes. He unknowingly made his way towards Sasuke; getting closer and closer with every step.

Sasuke had gotten up from the window and walked to the far end of the room; the shadowed portion of the bedroom. His entire body was shaking with dry sobs. Slowly, he sank down to his heels, his back sliding down the cool wall as he sunk to the floor.

Sasuke was still calling Itachi's name, only now it sounded more distorted as he buried his into his knees. Sasuke ran his fingers through his hair frantically; grabbing handfuls and holding his breath until his vision blurred to prevent anymore cries form escaping his throat.

He kept repeating this until he body stopped shaking. Every few minutes his body would shudder from the violent crying episode.

Itachi had found the apartment building the voice was calling his name from right as it stopped. He looked through open windows on the first floor to see sleeping families. It was the same on the second floor. He was about to give up and call the voice a figment of his imagination when he heard a shuddering sigh from the window to his left and above him.

Itachi hopped up and to his amazement saw a figure resting against the wall, cloaked in the shadows of the night. For some reason, the man in the shadows stirred something in Itachi. The man, who Itachi realized was just a boy once he looked closer, was muttering to himself; talking about someone.

"I just need you to hold me…just need me...Itachi.." at the exact moment, hearing his voice spoke by the mysterious figure, Itachi knew the person wasn't quite so mysterious after all.

"Sasuke?" he whispered from outside.

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