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That would be Joss Whedon

Changing point:

Christmas was coming, Faith was alone

Wandering the streets, nowhere to call home

The Mayor was dead, his plans laid to rest

Buffy stopped the Ascension, won the contest


Remembering her life, the pain that it held

Being abused, while her mom yelled

No one to care for, or be cared by

Learning early on, it didn't help to cry


Everyone wanted something, her body or soul

To never be used, became her life's goal

She shut up her feelings, did not show a care

She became the user, of whoever was there


She used her first Watcher, to get off the street

Then found the Scoobies, and Buffy did meet

They soon shut her out, pushed her away

Left her alone, in a trashy motel to stay


Her second Watcher taught her, only more deceit

This reinforced, what she learned on the street

Then came the mayor, with a promise and a smile

She was tired of fighting, so gave in for awhile


On her he too would turn, this she was sure

It's the theme of her life, to be alone and poor

Before he could, he was taken away

Beaten by Buffy, on Graduation day


She woke from a coma, to find it all done

It took her some time, to find out who won

Angel was healed, he did not die

Everything went wrong, Faith didn't know why


She used the mayor's gift, to try for a new life

Inside Buffy's body, she felt nothing but strife

She tried to reform, tried to do some good

Buffy beat her again, she knew that she would


As she looked around, at the souls that were there

It started snowing, small flakes in her hair

A miracle of Christmas, to everyone out

"Why can't I get a break", Faith wanted to shout


Then from an alley, not far away

There came a small cry, from a kitten stray

Faith went inside, and found the poor cat

It was skinny and cold, on a dumpster it sat


She gathered it up, in the crook of one arm

She would try this time, to keep it from harm

She took the cat with her, they would both go away

Try to find somewhere else, to start over today


She would keep the cat safe, as a promise in her mind

Starting a new life, where she could be kind

Forget all the bad things, that were in the past

Try and build a new life, something that would last


She heads for the train yard, to leave all behind

With her head finally clear, she makes up her mind

With this one small step, Faith will start

To change her life, and open her heart